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Author Topic: Tons O' Scenes [[UN]]  (Read 911 times)

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Tons O' Scenes [[UN]]
« on: February 09, 2009, 07:08:29 PM »
Hope someone likes this scene...

My Mom The Pimp
Kate, and her 16 year-old son, Casey, lived in a two bedroom home just south of Dallas. She worked as a waitress at a greasy spoon which didn't come close to paying the mortgage. Kate worked the streets a couple night a week to make ends meet. It was getting harder and harder to pay for the necessities much less think about any luxuries. Then one day her pimp, Rico, mentioned that if she really needed extra money he could easily hook up Casey with guys who would pay well to get into his pants. At first Kate laughed it off, but the more she thought about it the more she warmed to the idea. She knew a bit of arm twisting would be needed and maybe if she gave Casey a big enough cut of the earnings her teenager would at least give it a try. Maybe whoring ran in the family. Actually the idea of Casey being used by a man turned her on.
I can play the Mom, or the son. The idea can be used with a big sister instead, or even a girlfriend instead of a mom. Or even a dad or older brother can take the place of the mom and be Casey's pimp themselves.

Mom's Boss
A man becomes obsessed with the son of one of his employees. No details worked out here. The man can use money and drugs to seduce the boy and maybe some NC.

Living With Dad
I  prefer to play the dad in the following, but will consider playing the son...

16 year-old Cody Hunter was not a happy boy the day his mom got nailed for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the insurance company she worked for. He had been living a good life with his mom in a spacious home in the suburbs. Before Ms. Hunter had been sentenced to 5 years she had spoiled her son buying him almost anything he wanted. Cody had few responsibilities and spent most of his time playing drums and flirting with girls. The day she was led away he was brought to the trailer park his dad lived in by a social worker. The two had had little contact in the past 5 years. Carl Hunter was a drinker and at this point in his life was not too thrilled to have a teenager moving in with him. One thing was sure, he was going to change the boy's attitude.

I'll work out the details with whoever is interested.

The Dealer and the Runner
Jake was 33 and living in a trailer park on the outskirts of Austin. His business was peddling mostly pot near the Austin bus terminal. It didn't make him rich, but he got by. He had pimped girls a few years back, but had stopped that when some serious thugs moved into his territory and took over. But that was fine with him. He had become lazy anyway. Jake was fine selling just enough weed to make the rent and keep his car on the road. The only problem was he knew the cops were onto him and selling had become more nerve wracking. He was getting more paranoid that each sale to someone who wasn't a regular was a cop. He'd have to sell somewhere else or find someone to turn deals for him, or they'd nail him. It was only a matter of time.

Dylan was 16 and lived in the same trailer park as Jake. He was small for his age and a bit too cute which is what made him skateboard. Dylan thought it would make him seem more bad boy to the chicks. So far most of his dealings with girls were with two that lived in an adjacent apartment building. Both were nothing he'd ever want to get serious with. But they treated him like a prince and they were pretty good and sucking his face off and making out so, he held on to them. His dad had left when he was 4. Dylan would tell you he never missed him, which was true. But he did miss the bonding with and the guidance an adult male would provide. He didn't have any uncles and his mom didn't date, so  sometimes he would try to make friends with a teacher, or the guy at the 7-11, but that never went anywhere. He knew Jake who lived two trailers away. He knew the guy had laid his mom a few times. And he couldn't prove it, but he was pretty sure Jake had got into his older sister more than once.

Dylan sees Jake as the older male he's always wanted in his life. Jake sees Dylan as a possible runner for his pot and maybe a piece of ass.

I can play either role.

The Skateboarder and The Preppy
The Skateboarder-He is all about his skateboard. His wardrobe consists mostly of long tees, cargo jeans and hoodies. Girls and school have little interest to him. He's kissed one girl and his grades are just good enough to get by. He has fooled around with a few of the guys he skates with, but that has only involved jerking-off and humping, nothing too gay. The Skateboarder wanted to do more, but he didn't want to be to be found out. Besides there was this preppy pretty-boy that was more his type. Tho the chances of laying him were remote he could always dream.

The Preppy-His thing is the girls, good grades and looking good. He is not a jock, but the girls consider him major eye candy and a master flirt. He is rarely seen without the company of at least one girl. He prefers having different girls to kiss and make-out with instead of tying himself down to a girlfriend. While he's had a lot of fun he hasn't gone all the way yet. His wardrobe is mostly Tommy Hilfiger. He likes khaki cargos, a polo shirt and a really nice pair of clean Nike high tops. Being a pretty boy a few of the guys had made attempts to get into his pants. One was a friend who he turned down cold. The other was a cousin that he let get in a few feels before stopping him.

The skateboarder and the preppy are both 16yo and have two classes together. They know each others name, but that's pretty much it. I can play either boy. And of course we can change a thing, or two, and add details

The Tomboy and The Preppy
The Tomboy-She is on the girl's basketball team at school. She skateboards.  She knows more about football than most guys. Her wardrobe is almost exclusively boys clothes including hand me downs from an older brother and a few things she has picked up from a cousin. She is bi, but prefers guys. She likes the cute and smaller guys she can dom and feel more like the man in the relationship. She's been saving a brand new strap-on for a boy that fits her desires, like the Preppy.

The Preppy-Same as the preppy from above.

Older Sister/Younger Brother
A 24yo woman moves back to her hometown in California after finishing college on the east coast. After finding most of her friends have moved or unavailable she gets her 16yo brother and a few of his friends to help her pick up some second hand furniture and necessities she needs for the new apartment she just rented. The next day her brother returns to help her unpack, move things around and to do some painting. Her eyes had almost popped out when he read the shirt he had worn. It was a white tee that said in bright read letters, 'I Like Girls Who Like Girls'. If he had only known who she had spent most of the last 5 or 6 years with different girls in her bed. When she had left home girls had still been on his yuck list. Now he was a little perv. A brother and sister get reacquainted. I would like to play the sister, but will do the brother if you'd like.

The Goth and The Cheerleader
The cheerleader has the football captain for a boyfriend. Most of the guys think she is the hottest girl in the whole school. Her parents think she's a princess. She has given oral a few times, but has otherwise kept her virginity. Her study habits could be better but doing a little flirting time with the teachers keeps her grades in the top quarter of the class. But recently things have started to change. The relationship with her boyfriend was on the ropes. He wanted more than just oral and there was a rumor she had heard that he had banged one of the other cheerleader a couple times. That was after he had blown up when he found out that she had given one of the geeks head in exchange for money she needed for pot. Our cheerleader had become a bit of a pothead. Then there was the problem with her clothes. Outside of having become more slutty most of them were shoplifted. Our goth dyke had all the juicy gossip from a cousin who ran in the cheerleader's circle. The goth girl was bitch, chubby, and had a thing for pretty cheerleaders who seemed to be vulnerable. I would like to play the cheerleader, but I will play the goth if necessary.

Hollywood Brat
John Milano is an agent for actors in Hollywood. He has been in business for 10 years now and has found a little niche representing teenage boys 16 years-old and up. He was now 34 and had always been interested in the younger males, and not just as clients. Most were willing to crawl into bed if they thought it offered them a chance at getting a worthwhile part in a movie.

Today on his schedule was Garrett Messman who had just turned 16. He had a few small parts in grade B movies when he was younger, but had hit a dry spell. The kid had no talent. He was just another pretty face. He tried explaining this to the mom on the phone. But she insisted on coming in for an interview. He finally relented. If mom wanted to make money off her kid he could help her out.

I would prefer to play the agent, but I can play Garrett. The agent can be a female. Tho I prefer the person who plays Garrett to be bi.

Black Caddy
42 year-old Ms. Johnson is recently divorced and the CEO of an insurance company. With her husband gone Jennie was ready to start enjoying her freedom. Sex was something she hadn't enjoyed in some time. That's what brough her to an arcade that was known for it's teenage hustlers. She parked her black Caddy and waited. She watched the neighborhood thru her tinted windows. Most of the boys she guessed came from the nearby trailer park. Most were in groups of 2 or 3. Many were too young. Eventually she saw a boy of about 16 carrying a skateboard. He went into the McDonald's on the corner and came out with a soft drink he was sipping thru a straw. The boy leaned against a pole seemingly in no hurry to go anywhere. When she saw the boy look down the street her way Jennie flipped the lights on and off a few times. A moment later when he again looked her way she did it again. This time his gaze lingered on her car before again turning away. This will be a story about a boytoy and his sugar-momma. I can play either role. The woman could also be a man.
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Offline BigBuckBob

Re: Incest Or Not-F/M M/M [[UN]]
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2009, 07:17:02 PM »
Sounds predominantly m/m. Is that set in stone, or might the unknowing boy get pimped out with some ladies?

Offline traci80Topic starter

Re: Incest Or Not-F/M M/M [[UN]]
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2009, 08:06:54 PM »
Yes, that part I'm not really looking to change.

Offline terajones98

Re: Incest Or Not-F/M M/M [[UN]]
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2009, 02:05:39 PM »
like the first one! would love to begin!

Offline traci80Topic starter

Re: Incest Or Not-F/M M/M [[UN]]
« Reply #4 on: February 10, 2009, 03:09:33 PM »
when you are approved maybe we can

Offline Nadir

Re: Tons O' Scenes [[UN]]
« Reply #5 on: February 17, 2009, 07:11:24 PM »
I'm interested in the first three, with the order of preference being 'Mom's Boss', 'My Mom The Pimp' then 'Living With Dad'.