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Started by art nova, January 23, 2019, 03:03:59 PM

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I'm looking for a few long term roleplays. They'll be story driven, involve smut and character development, and the activity should be relaxed but steady. Like, I can reply weekly and regularly. If you want to or need to take a little longer to reply, I understand. I love dark plots. I prefer my partners to have decent grammar (though I don't expect perfection, of course) and play male/masculine characters. For more information about me, feel free to check out my ons & off, original ideas, and f list.

Here specifically, I'd like to do a few plots in a specific harry potter universe and I've loved to do them (whether all, a few, or just one of what's described below) with a single partner. A lot of characters will be more brutally interpreted. Some bad seeds will be gentler here and some saints have managed to retain their halos, or at least a fractured version of it. I have a couple ideas in mind (lightning era after voldemort's victory, riddle era during his accumulation of power, far in the future with original characters, etc). Currently, I'll be focusing on the lightning era idea, since I only have so much time. If you're interested in hearing other ideas, I'm open to at least chatting about them in private. Some content might trigger certain people and I'll try to remember to list them here as they come up: Mentions of incest, violence, death, fantastic racism, possibly ooc behavior.



there was never any prophecy

OVERALL ! mauraders era characters are in their 40s. lightning era characters are in their 20s. loosely, there's a hierarchy that goes as follows, from top to bottom: pureblood death eaters, halfblood death eaters, purebloods with death eater relations, other pure bloods, halfbloods with death eater relations, other half bloods, werewolves, muggleborns, other creatures, squibs, muggles.  when SYBIL TRELAWNEY spoke her prophecy, no one was there to listen and VOLDEMORT never began the attack on HARRY POTTER that led to his defeat. she died during the war, forgotten.

EDUCATION ! hogwarts (it might have a different name?) is an international university that includes wizarding students from all of europe, asia, and africa. it has all different houses, except for slytherin (ambition, cunning, leadership). new houses have been created to take their place: chimerath ( loyalty, seduction, instinct, vanity ), beetlescale ( logic, curiosity, apathy, envy ), alpahar ( courage, brutality, opportunity, wrath ), spiderden ( intelligence, imagination, wit, pride ), golemel ( diligence, patience, chaos, duplicity ). only purebloods (given special privileges and the only ones allowed into slytherin) and half bloods are allowed to attend. although, even pureblood wizards who show poor aptitude are turned away and sent to what was once beauxbaton and is now a hybrid of a work camp and trade school. when scouts arrived at mahoutokoro, the school was nowhere to be found ( it's everywhere, and nowhere, at once ). and uagadou, once its defenses had been broken past, was found half empty of both "stolen" magical items and students. koldovstoretz remains lost, though a team has been sent to find it and claim all its treasures in VOLDEMORT's name.

INTERNAL AFFAIRS ! the formerly democratic government has been found obsolete, dismantled and replaced with an imperial system, ruled by the dark lord, overseen by his high lords and ladies. there's no more need for elections and balance. VOLDEMORT's reign will never end and it's right that his power be complete. rumors spread of discord within his inner circle fed by wariness of a full on assault on the mundane world, the dissatisfaction of some with how they'd been rewarded for all their service, and VOLDEMORT's apparent disinterest in issues that don't personally improve his own situation. which, consequently, most acts of governance fall under.

from the ashes of the fallen order of the phoenix, new sparks of insurrection arise. ran by an enigmatic burned man with fiery eyes, the dregs stick to the shadows and focuses on subtle forms of sabotage. as many former members, or those with ties to those members, had been reached out to. but given that many were unable to reply (whether because of death, imprisonment, or worse) or refused to reply, much of this new gang is full of fresh faces.

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ! loyalists were easily able to ransack major institutions in europe, asia, and africa. they have sent emissaries as representatives of the new death court to the americas and austraila. the former of which welcome the new order ( gotta love a good revolution ), meanwhile north and south american wizards discuss alliances behind closed doors, and the latter of which hems and haws.

THE NIGHT LEGION ! an exclusive group comprised of the orphans of the slain who were prominent members the order of the phoenix. they need only be young enough to be easily indoctrinated and put on the correct path. this’s considered an honor bestowed to few, as most orphaned children of blood traitors are left to umbridge’s orphanage or, if they’re lucky, die for the sins of their parents instead. but the children of exceptional traitors ( and, especially, those traitors kept alive and tormented by their children’s destiny ) are kept as young acolytes to VOLDEMORT. the night legion, as they’re called, is comprised of HARRY RIDDLE, NEVILLE LESTRANGE, NYMPHADORA BLACK, CHARLES MALFOY, and CEDRIC CARROW. the house whose name they carry, they must guard and protect. their training begins before they ever arrive at hogwarts and is focused on both the martial and intellectual, and VOLDEMORT plans for them to one day make up his inner circle and most trusted generals and body guards. both social climbers such as POPPY PARKINSON and prominent members of pureblood society such as LUCIUS MALFOY, desire to curry favor with them.

MARKS ! all citizens wear VOLDEMORT's brand. it sits on their right arm. a silver ouroboros devouring itself for purebloods and a bronze gordian knot for halfbloods. all others aren't considered citizens and therefore bear no mark. muggleborns and blood traitors wear a collar that inhibits their magic and makes them immediately identifiable.

MISCELLANEOUS ! perhaps his appearance never changed or he found a way to reverse it ( the former seems more plausible as i don't consider him someone who cares about his appearance anymore, if he ever did, but who knows ), VOLDEMORT looks like a fairly normal, if ageless man. ( also: i tried to keep the "lore" here fairly sparse, because i wanna keep it open and flexible. if you're interested, but there's something or a few things you'd like to change or toss out, please feel free to message me! )

there was never any hope

JAMES POTTER is dead and SEVERUS SNAPE owns LILY EVANS. he couldn't tolerate the presence of JAMES POTTER's son in his home and so sent HARRY away to live as a ward of the ministry.   

the noble house BLACK is one of the most prominent of the high council families and has been satisfied. they slew TED and ANDROMEDA TONKS. and now have retrieved NYMPHADORA under the house banner, if only provisionally. after all, she still does have the stain of betrayal and rebellion on her brow. covetous whispers circle their heads and they wear them like crowns. VOLDEMORT is often seen in the company of REGULUS BLACK and BELLATRIX LESTRANGE. she's not such a surprise; no one is more zealous in their dedication to the VOLDEMORT than her, but her cousin? he always seemed lukewarm; his access screams of favoritism and special treatment.

ALICE LESTRANGE (or CROUCH) is the LESTRANGE brother’s (possibly along with BARTY CROUCH's) opheliac love slave; they find her madness makes her quite charming and fascinating. FRANK LONGBOTTOM is kept around as a tool (he couldn’t protect her before and is now being trained as her werewolf guard dog.) their son, NEVILLE, has been taken from them and often times, they can’t even remember he existed. the group are currently on the hunt for lost ruins and schools, a quest that exhilarates most of them.

less excited are the CARROW twins, who've been sent to america to play nice, along with WALDEN MACNAIR, CLIO ZABINI, and ANTONIN DOLOHOV, who insisted on escorting her. some believe that MACNAIR travels with them as a vague threat, though others worry that there's nothing vague about the presence of VOLDEMORT's favorite executioner and DOLOHOV, one of his most decorated general. the threat is real and present, they need only discover what it is. to do just that, they've assigned FIONA GRAVES and EVANDER GOLDSTEIN as their ambassadors. ( alecto and amycus's dynamic unsettles everyone. there might be love triangles involved, depending on how you'd like to shake it. )

MULCIBER keeps MARY MCDONALD around as his personal assistant. he claims to find her misery amusing, as the first hobby that consumes his life is the pursuit of the dregs and he's chosen MARY as his bait and informant.  her impossible assignment is to grow close to THE BURNED MAN and discover his true identity. the second hobby are his frequent visits to an underground veela brothel, where he goes to visit FLEUR DELACOUR, dancer and dreg sympathizer.

before HERMIONE WILKINS could be collared, she was rescued by MINERVA MCDONAGALL, who gave her a new identity as HERMIONE GRANGER, a halfblood native of france. she's fallen in with an infamous group of students, following a chance meeting with NEVILLE LESTRANGE. he's the kindest of the bunch, which doesn't say much. as shown by his willingness to blackmail her, once his fixation on her yields fruit. the group includes NEVILLE in addition to HARRY RIDDLE, who many say is the dark lord's protege, VIKTOR KRUM, and CEDRIC CARROW. recently, NEVILLE and HARRY have begun to gnash that their teeth at each other over the foreign girl while CEDRIC CARROW plays with the increasingly desperate DRACO MALFOY, instructed by his father to do whatever it takes to get in his good graces.( harry and neville are obsessed with hermione. viktor is somewhat infatuated but as time passes, his gaze travels to a new distraction. with harry, i see him fulfilling his prophecy and taking voldemort's place. )

PERCY, and RON WEASLEY are all raised in secret by their paranoid and widowed mother, FABIAN PREWETT. eager to attend hogwarts, PERCY runs away from home and betrays them to the authorities. when the hit wizards arrive, FABIAN sends away RON, who eventually runs into the familiar but half forgotten outlaws, FRED, GEORGE, and their shared mistress, GINNY. FABIAN is interrogated by CHARLES MALFOY. (this will need to tense scenes between fabian and charles, both of whom are unaware of their familial relationship with each other, maybe because they've never met or charlie's Scarred; may all end in blood and tears. no one's underaged. ron's very disapproving once he finds out what's happening between his three siblings. the twin's have the morals of pit demons, and ginny's not much better. )