LD's Most Desired! (Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Fandom)(F for M)

Started by Lissadell, January 22, 2019, 07:36:04 PM

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For more information about me, my writing style, favourite genres/pairings and what makes me go OOH! (and EWW!) please see my ONs & OFFs. I will RP via e-mail/docs or Discord (preferred), forum at a push. If you have an interest in trying a variation of any of my taken ideas, please do pitch it to me. If, having read my Loves list you think I might be interested in something not listed, shoot me a PM.

I crave someone with a similar outlook. I'm looking for articulate, literate and creative partners who like to build stories and character relationships that have the potential to be memorable. I have a small handful of RP partners that I have written with for years, in some cases over a decade. If our chemistry as players is right I will cherish you for as long as you'd like to stick around.

Star Wars: Fly Right - IN DISCUSSION
Two pilots, two different sides, engaged in the age-old dance of battle. Caught up in a dogfight in a contested system, the pair break off from their squadrons in pursuit of each other. Their fates become bound together when they crash-land on an inhospitable jungle planet. With their ships all but destroyed and no sign of rescue, can the pair stop trying to kill each other for long enough to find a way to survive?

Needed: Someone to play another pilot! I would like this to be MxF, but apart from that I have no preference as to who plays Alliance/Rebel or Empire. This will be a typical X-wing vs TIE Fighter scenario in battle, but once they crash, it'll hopefully eventually turn into Players vs Environment.
Notes: I'm hoping this will contain plenty of action writing, and hopefully plenty of snark. And maybe confused hate-fucking. Or something. The planet will be mostly uninhabited, but that doesn't mean we can't throw in some pirate or barbaric NPC types that help to move our *romantic* sub-plot along.

Dream A Little Dream - OPEN

Alora has always been at home in the world of her dreams. In her sleep she is the architect of a different kind of reality; one that is limited only by her own will and imagination. But something happens after her 18th birthday, something that pushes her influence further than she ever thought possible.

She is a dreamwalker. She slides effortlessly from one dreamscape to the next, visiting others, creating for them, manipulating them. It isn't long before she catches the attention of one who is much more powerful than she.

The Master of this Realm is drawn to this human girl and her blatant disrespect and disregard for the natural order of this unconscious World - his World. It might be time to teach her a lesson.

Needed: Someone to play the Master! This can be anything. Demon, mythical creature or character, old god, angel - whatever works for you! We can build the lore together.
Notes: As this would take place in dreams, the settings are kind of limitless. Much like the pairings; it could also be possible to explore the taboo side of things. The Master can be curious or cruel, or both, but there should be an element of obsessiveness at play. I'm really into this idea at the moment, so if it speaks to you do hit me up!

Something sinister stirs aboard this deep space transport. Bound for a far-flung colony with a ship full of civilians, scientists and security personnel, Deep Five has only just reached the halfway point of its journey. Its passengers have long since settled into a quiet, mundane sort of routine, but there’s something else lurking out there, something with a different kind of plan for our crew.

Mayday, mayday. But wait, there’s nobody out there to hear you. At least, nobody you’d recognise.

Needed: Someone to write this romp up with me! I’d like this to be MxF, but also possibly have a little NPC fun, too. I’d like us both to guide the direction of this one. YC could be any sort of passenger, though I rather like the idea of him having military training of some sort, as that will give him an edge and some power over MC, who will likely be completely untrained. You could even go the prisoner route. As far as content goes, I’d like the story to take precedence, but I am open to anything that doesn’t flirt with my hard offs.

Notes: Let’s make this an original setting. Start with a little slice of life, establish our characters, and then gradually introduce our nasties until we’ve pushed it all tits up. Let’s shoot some gross/scary aliens! Pew pew.



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