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May 06, 2021, 07:55:54 pm

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Author Topic: Lissa's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi / Fantasy)(F for M)  (Read 1257 times)

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Lissa's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi / Fantasy)(F for M)
« on: January 22, 2019, 07:36:04 pm »


For more information about me, my writing style, favourite genres/pairings and what makes me go OOH! (and EWW!) please see my ONs & OFFs. I will RP via e-mail (preferred) or forum. If you have an interest in trying a variation of any of my taken ideas, please do pitch it to me. If, having read my Loves list you think I might be interested in something not listed, shoot me a PM.

I crave someone with a similar outlook. I'm looking for articulate, literate and creative partners who like to build stories and character relationships that have the potential to be memorable. I have a small handful of RP partners that I have written with for years, in some cases over a decade. If our chemistry as players is right I will cherish you for as long as you'd like to stick around.

Frak the Competition
Our characters are both bounty hunters, and both hellbent on acquiring the same target. Cue chance meetings during this race for the prize, some cutting (or flirtatious) banter, perhaps a side wager or two while they pit their wits and skills against each other. The beauty of this simple idea is that we can base it in any ‘Verse; Star Wars works, as does Mass Effect, or even Trek to a lesser degree.

Needed: This will be MxF, so I’ll need someone to play the male bounty hunter. How this pans out between our characters is totally up to us and dependent on what our individual tastes are. I can see this being light and fun, or a little darker with some bondage or even dubcon integrated into the chase. Whatever we decide, you should enjoy some snappy dialogue and be comfortable playing against a strong and intelligent female character.

Notes: Ideally I’d like this to end with a bounty being placed on one of our characters' heads, leaving the other with a big decision to make. Dun dun dunnn.

Something sinister stirs aboard this deep space transport. Bound for a far-flung colony with a ship full of civilians, scientists and security personnel, Deep Five has only just reached the halfway point of its journey. Its passengers have long since settled into a quiet, mundane sort of routine, but there’s something else lurking out there, something with a different kind of plan for our crew.

Mayday, mayday. But wait, there’s nobody out there to hear you. At least, nobody you’d recognise.

Needed: Someone to write this romp up with me! I’d like this to be MxF, but also possibly have a little NPC fun, too. I’d like us both to guide the direction of this one. YC could be any sort of passenger, though I rather like the idea of him having military training of some sort, as that will give him an edge and some power over MC, who will likely be completely untrained. You could even go the prisoner route. As far as content goes, I’d like the story to take precedence, but I am open to anything that doesn’t flirt with my hard offs.

Notes: Let’s make this an original setting. Start with a little slice of life, establish our characters, and then gradually introduce our nasties until we’ve pushed it all tits up. Let’s shoot some gross/scary aliens! Pew pew.

The End Of The World As We Know It (WT. SCI-FI/SURVIVAL) - IN DISCUSSION
- Well this is a bit close to home now, isn't it!? Paused.

It began when everyone got the flu. At least, it was something that presented just like the flu, at first. It was pandemic of massive, global proportions, and the world's population halved in the space of one month. The delivery system of the virus was major water supplies; something that hadn't been determined until it was too late. Contagion was spread through direct contact and was fatal within five days. The outbreak quickly grew beyond the control of the World Health Organisation, and as governmental bodies and world leaders fell to the illness, so too did the infrastructure of society. There was widespread panic, riots, looting and violence. With no sight of a cure the population continued to dwindle rapidly, until the human race faced an extinction event. Late studies estimated that a mere approximate of 0.214% of human beings were immune. There were those who had the foresight to bunker down and wait out the infection, but even at that, our species was on the way out. We'd been softened up.

That's when they came.

They appeared one morning over the populated cities and areas and fired their electromagnetic pulses. We had no power, no transportation, no way to defend ourselves. Once it was established that we were sitting ducks, they descended.

They can be killed. I'm telling you that we can fight back. Without their advanced tech they're even squishier than us. Aim for the head and steel your heart, because they're not getting our planet without a fight.


Needed: This is wide open. MC will be a biology student. She'll be smart as a whip but not at all your typical hero. Aside from self-defense classes she took as a teenager and an affinity for yoga, she'll start out this experience completely untrained and green. She'll be pretty nerdy, and while very easy on the eyes, may also be somewhat socially inexperienced. She's survived because of a combination of early warning (from a father who happens to be a prominent virologist) and sheer dumb luck. You can play anyone you like, though it might be a good idea for YC to have some sort of weapons training, possibly former military.

Notes: Full disclosure: This is an old idea/premise that I tried with another partner via email, but we just could not get it together for long enough to make it work. I also gave it a try last year on E but unfortunately my partner kind of ghosted. The post is here if you're interested: Aim for the Head. I just love this idea and I cannot let it go. I have some more information and detail if you'd like it, but essentially I'm looking for a partner on this, someone who really wants to get involved in this world and help me build. We can start the story at any point; the beginning of the outbreak, the violent aftermath, the arrival of the mysterious aliens, or afterward when what remains of humanity scrambles to survive. I'd like to focus on story, and specifically, on the tempestuous relationships that form as a result of waking up every day knowing it could be your last. I like to throw very different people together under life and death circumstances and see what happens. I'm open to a lot in that regard (it is the end of the world, after all), but I'd rather avoid any NC elements between our two characters. If you'd like to play with that concept within this environment it can be implied or NPCed.

Ideally, my partner in this would be comfortable writing science fiction, survival or horror. Must be literate, must agree that PLOT > SMUT (although there will be smut, no doubt), should be accustomed to writing fight scenes (or willing to try) and enjoy a little occasional humour sprinkled into the action. If this tickles your fancy, please PM!

From far across A Sector came a fleet. A fleet with one purpose – domination, and one destination – Earth. The mysterious Xlinv had their eyes on our planet, for deep beneath the surface, close to our planet's core, they believed lay the answer to a problem they had long since agonised over. They believed Earth held the secret to a source of power that would grant them complete control over the galaxy.

There was no warning, no mercy.

For those fortunate enough to own a ship there was a hope of escape. For the others there was only total annihilation.

Over three thousand ships launched into space that day. Only fifty-six survived. Ships of all shapes and sizes joined the small government owned convoy stationed around the Sol system, and together they set off to wander aimlessly through the stars, grieving for the home and the billions of people lost and searching for an adequate alternative. It would be almost two centuries before they found one.

The finer details of the Xlinv attack on Earth have been forgotten. But the stories exist, passed down from generation to generation, and still the Terran people feel the injustice. Some still live as travelers; all together in huge space communities, travelling from point to point, living from day to day and gleaning whatever resources they can possibly get their hands on.

Most decided to settle. Once a suitable planet was found Terrans began to put down roots, and now the bustling capital city of New Albion has begun to develop. Along with increasing numbers the Terrans have returned their attention to the sciences; the enhancement of which had been greatly stunted. A new government, the United Terran Federation, has been borne, and the powers that be are intent on their new home's defense. Nobody wants a repeat of 2236.

During this new era there has been a boom of another kind. From entrepreneurial minds comes economy and business, and from that comes crime. Far beyond the reach of the Terran Defense Forces, the new law in the human worlds, the pirates, the smugglers, the petty criminals, the slavers and the whores exist. Somewhere in C Sector an enormous space station welcomes criminal miscreants of all types, shapes and sizes. Run by The Diego Syndicate, this space station offers you anything and everything even the most depraved mind can imagine.

The Terran Defense Forces are spread too thin as it is. To break their ranks would create a chink in their armour, and so the newest criminals of the galaxy remain untouchable. Add to this problem the growing rumour that the Xlinv have been reappearing while scout ships have been disappearing. Is it possible that they've finally had a breakthrough? Was the secret to Faster Than Light travel indeed on Earth? If this is the case, then the new, fervently hoped for, peaceful future that the Terrans dreamed of is in jeopardy. And not just for the humans, but for their many allies too.

Notes: The above is a starting-point blurb that I used for an original sci-fi RP that I ran years ago. Within that setting I established a fighter squadron, a criminal syndicate, various original alien species and a traveling fleet called the Rovers (think Migrant Fleet from ME). It's a very broad and simple outline really, and it's open to all sorts. I'd love someone to explore the world with me and implement all of our favourite science fiction elements (and tropes! *wink*) for our own amusement/purposes.

Needed: We could do anything. I'm doing a SW RP with an X-wing pilot at the moment, so I'm really feeling a little flyboy action/competition with a squadmate right now. Below are all the pairings I'd be interested in developing:

Pilot x Pilot **
Squad Leader x Pilot **
Smuggler x TDF Officer
TDF Soldier/Officer x Captive enemy
Rover x Rover
Rover x TDF Pilot

PM for more info!

His Puppet (Smut Focused) - IN DISCUSSION
That morning started out just like any other. The college town of Orono, Maine, woke and rose with the sun, or at least, what they could see of it. A heavy fog blanketed the streets, making the air thick and heavy and carrying something a little strange. It wouldn't be until twelve hours later, when the strange weather finally lifted, that approximately half a dozen individuals began to feel a little… different.

YC is one of those people. A confident, good-looking and charismatic man, a bit of a player and no stranger to the darker side of his desires, finds that he's suddenly been gifted with an interesting power. Following the 'event' he discovers that he can control others via vocal command. YC has never really struggled with getting people to do whatever he wanted, with one notable exception. A particularly damaging rumour is circulating about YC, and he's traced the source back to MC, a young woman who always seemed impervious to his charms, and spurned any advances with public derision. He decides to pay her a visit and get some truth out of her, finally. And a little revenge.

MC is an angel in the streets. She has a sensuality she's not aware of, is something of a prude, but hidden inside there's a curiosity; a darker side scratching softly to get out. She spied YC in an act that she deemed to be depraved, but even though outwardly she was disgusted, it was a bit of a pretense. With this new gift he possesses, can YC draw out her untapped inner freak?

Needed: Someone to play the dominant, fledgling super. This won't be a typical 'Yes, Master' scenario, even though he has the power to make her actually say that. I'd like the D/S dynamic at play here to be so much more complex. I'll be looking/hoping for some bondage, d/s play, teasing, control, orgasm denial, general rough stuff, voyeurism/exhibitionism, definite DC and some elements of NC (the extent of which will have to be discussed between us, but I'm essentially of the 'No but oh yes' school of NC thought.

Notes: I think this is the most smut-heavy plot idea I have currently and it'll likely be straight down to business, which will be something of a departure. I have a lot of ideas rattling around in my head for this one and I'm pretty excited about it, I even think that it could be a series, exploring others that may have been affected by this strange phenomenon, what powers will they suddenly manifest and how it may impact their bedroom performances.

If you're interested in talking this through with me, hit me up!

P.I. Power (WT. Possible Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mystery) - ON HOLD
I have no set ideas for this whatsoever, other than the fact that I'd like to play around with a "Private Eye" premise. I've been binging on Jessica Jones and had a thought that it might be a lot of fun to give a P.I. story a whirl. It would of course be open to any fandom or original setting within the realms of science fiction or fantasy, though preferably not within the Marvel 'verse. OC only.

Needed: Someone to hash this idea out with me. Would prefer M/F pairing for this one.

Notes: YC could be the hardened private investigator that MC comes to with troubles, and a case. Or we can play it the other way around. I'd love something dark and seedy with fantastical elements.

This Means War
Ares, the indomitable God of War, has sired many offspring throughout the aeons of his existence, and he largely ignores the majority of them, seeing all as useless half-breeds. That is until a resourceful young woman snares his attention. His Irish daughter is wilful and aggressive and with her wicked temper and sharp tongue he sees in her a reflection of himself; and a well of untapped potential. She, however, refuses to be dominated, refuses to succumb and bend the knee. Ares will employ his considerable forces of persuasion and charm, but it will be to no avail. He's willing to go as far as he needs to in order to ensure she submits. He will own her - mind, body and soul. He must dominate.

Needed: Looking for someone to play Ares.

Notes: This story will contain intense verbal sparring, as well as the odd physical altercation. Must be comfortable writing a dominant character, as Ares completely embodies this. NC elements (initially), possible bondage, control, possessiveness, general rough and tumble. Their relationship dynamic will be unusual, to say the least. It's also worth noting that this is the only setting I'd ever really consider playing with an incest theme, so I am willing to replace daughter with an unrelated woman/mythical creature should any interested party be uncomfortable with said theme but keen on participating otherwise. This is all very much up for discussion.

  • Star Wars - SW is always on the table. Perhaps something to do with the complexities of a Master/Padawan relationship, or maybe a little corruption? Also enjoy plots with characters of an independent nature.
  • Star Trek - Trek RP is my bread and butter; I write it almost every day. Unfortunately it's more often than not strictly PG-13, and I'm just dying to explore the darker side and themes of Trek. Get in touch if you're similarly inclined!
  • Daredevil - Mmm, Murdocky. Admittedly I've only just been introduced to the comics, and so the extent of my DD knowledge is all Netflix/MCU TV, but there's certainly something about this character and his world that has drawn me in. This pairing would most likely have to be DD x OC; with attention paid to the darker side of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Make haste, before I resort to gratuitous fanfic. - TAKEN
  • Dragon Age - I'm feeling all sorts of yearnings for some Thedas RP. In particular the dynamic between Templars and Mages always interested me, so perhaps something to do with an escaped/on the run apostate. I've also predominantly played rogues for my initial plays of all DA games, meaning I wouldn't be adverse to a little sneaky cut-pursing gone wrong. - TAKEN
  • Mass Effect - Andromeda may have been something of a disappointment, but that doesn't detract from how fun and inspiring this 'Verse is. It occurs to me that I've never managed to get any decent ME roleplay off the ground. Help me remedy that travesty!
  • Survive... OR DIE! - Yay, survival and horror! I'm looking for some dystopian fun. This can be a simple zombie apocalypse scenario, or the aftermath of war, or the death of the Earth. Or even out among the stars on a scientific, military or passenger vessel that's lost all power and has been boarded by some insidious, blood-thirsty aliens.

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Master / Apprentice*
Hunter / Prey*
Hunter / Hunter
Scientist / Experiment*
Captor / Captive
Angel / Demon*
Demon / Human

*Possible switch

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Re: Lissa's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi / Fantasy)(F for M)
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UPDATED: Fandom.
ADDED: Original cravings: The End of the World, Terra and His Puppet.

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Re: Lissa's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi / Fantasy)(F for M)
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UPDATED: Refreshed following absence.
ADDED: Re-added previous cravings.

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Re: Lissa's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi / Fantasy)(F for M)
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UPDATED: Refreshed following absence.
ADDED: New originals to come.

Open to discussing options via PM!