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June 25, 2021, 06:11:42 am

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Author Topic: F craving NC/EX Freeform Roleplaying  (Read 483 times)

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F craving NC/EX Freeform Roleplaying
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:49:57 pm »


General Information
I am returning after a month and a bit away (if you were in any of the games I was running, please check the OOC thread or PM me if you un-bookmarked it).  I am not certain what my schedule will be like in the near future, so in general I only guarantee (well, aim for a minimum of) one post a week.  I hope to be able to do more, daily and even multiple daily can happen, but if it is something you require do please be forewarned that I am probably not hugely suitable.

I am, at least for this thread, looking for people interested in one-on-one freeform games (see my other thread for system) but who are willing to play multiple (male) characters.  I am willing to play multiple female characters, or try and work out something where we are both playing male and female characters, but in general I am interested in having my character interact with multiple men at once. 

I tend to go very smut-heavy for freeform.  That isn't to say I am opposed to plot, just that it isn't where my mind tends to start for most of these ideas.

I don’t have a lot of limits, you can obviously check my on/off for some idea, though even that is not always accurate depending on the context.  I am more flexible in some areas, less in others.  In general however I am looking for non-consensual as a minimum, and have little interest in romance focused stories. 

I tend to prefer to come up with story outlines, plot hooks, or something similar before discussing a character.  I struggle to create a character from a blank slate.

Finally, before I get into the ideas at least, I do have a couple of pet peeves that I thought I should mention.  Please don’t send a one line message that says “I like the ideas!” or something like that.  If you are interested in something, please express specific interest!  If you have variations or plots that come to mind, please mention them!  I also like to discuss back and forth about an idea.  If I send a couple paragraphs and get a line back, or if I asked questions and they are ignored, there is no faster way to kill my interest.  I don’t need an immediate response, and I don’t necessarily need a long response, but I do need to feel like I am having a discussion and not just talking to a wall.

The bulk of the ideas start with a specific smutty situation, and we can work out for as much or little plot as we want from there.  All are open for discussion, and I am open to new/other ideas that hit my ons/requirements.

I have two variations for this one in mind, but they both basically follow the same plot.  A woman is wronged by some men somehow, and she then attempts to destroy them (she might aim for jail, kill them, or something else).  It would hopefully be a good mix of story, smut, and action. 

The first variation is that she is attacked by them herself, preferably in a drawn out smut scene that we roleplay, but they are never caught and/or punished for some reason.  A few years down the road she runs into one of them and that begins the plot.

The second variation is that someone she knows was attacked and/or killed by them, and she is attempting to hunt them down for revenge.

The first variation is very front-loaded on the smut.  But in either case I would want it to be a bit of a give and take as she gains and loses the upper hand.  The story would probably be rather long-term, and might get rather dark especially towards the end. 

Porn Star
Porn Star
A woman, she could be a business owner, a corporate manager, a trophy wife, or some other variation, is pressured or blackmailed into starring in porn.  It could be due to debt, bad deals, her partner's failures, or something else. 

I envision the porn people she is dealing with as being as sleazy and criminal as possible, and the porn as being as extreme and degrading as possible.  I am interested in exploring how she deals with it, probably coming to like it, and how it impacts everything around her.  Is she a restaurant owner who has been gang-banged by all her cooks?  How does that change her future interactions?  That sort of stuff.

Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap
A woman on vacation is either attacked and kidnapped, or has a one-night stand that gets out of hand.  I would like to take this into an enslavement angle of some variety.  It could be that she is imprisoned in a heavily extremist/corrupt country, that she is taken by modern slavers, or something else. 

It would be very smut-heavy, with a focus on probably being trained/broken/enslaved, or similar. 

Highway Horror
Highway Horror
A pair of teenagers, (16+ of course), are involved in some sort of car accident on a rural road.  The accident is relatively minor, but the teenage driver is at fault.  When she can't immediately produce insurance the person/people she is dealing with get increasingly upset.  They refuse to let the teenagers leave, and demand that they pay the damages in 'other ways.' 

The driver is fucked and abused while the other teenager has to watch and listen.  She, whether due to her own fantasies, threats, sympathy, or something else, eventually gets involved as well. 

I would like to make this someone an interracial thing.  The two teenagers are minorities wherever they are.  It could be that they are white and no one else is, or that they are visible minority in a primarily white country.  They could be on vacation, or they could live there.  I am fine either way.  I would also like to drag it all out.  They are either kept for some period of time, or they come back for more. 

Vacation Request
Vacation Request
A woman, after years of certain fantasies, puts up a request on a website for men to come and rape her while she is on a business trip to a sunny locale.  She doesn’t actually think anyone will follow through.  She is sunning herself on the beach the next day when a man walks up to her and shows her just how small the world can be.

I would like to start with something public, literally a man forcing her on a sunny beach as people walk by and avert their eyes.  Probably with the use of a concealed knife or gun, but bonus points if he can work in handcuffs or other equipment without anyone seeing. From there it could go a few ways, depending on the identity of the man and how absurd we want some aspects to get. 

A scientist is effectively kidnapped and locked away to work on some secret project for a villain, government, corporation, etc.  The guards are responsible for ensuring security, preventing escapes, maintaining productivity, and almost everything else.  They have no personal stake in the project and, anyway, if things fall behind they just get to have more fun punishing people.  So they take to ‘enjoying’ themselves with the attractive female scientist.  Whether that be changing her uniform, injecting drugs, or just a good old fashioned gangbang.

Alien Abduction
Alien Abduction
A woman is abducted by aliens for a rigorous 'probing.'  A bit of a silly idea but I would like to play it serious.  I see it probably starting as being a series of switches between smut and some sort of plot.  Her trying to figure out what is going on, since her memory is constantly wiped, or something else.  It could then go in any number of different directions.  She could discover a grand conspiracy.  She could be impregnated with the first generation of alien-human hybrid.  She could be taken away from the Earth to some distance locale to be in a galactic zoo or brothel.  We could stick with one character, or switch to others.  etc.