Looking for an interracial story (Seeking male character)

Started by Blinkin, January 22, 2019, 07:35:41 AM

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This is a bit of a cliche', but they're cliché's because they usually work.

MC is a young woman, perhaps married for less than a year, more than a few years, single or divorced. For whatever reason, she has been out of the workplace for a while and takes a job as an admin assistant in a small business. It could be a bank, a law firm, construction company, just about anything that requires someone to work under an employer works. She's attractive, sweet, a little niave and potentially sexually frustrated with a man who doesn't give her what she needs, and probably doesn't really know what that need is.

YC is MC's boss. This can be any number of positions or jobs that requires an admin assistant for whatever reason.  He's big, black, well endowed and has his eye on MC for reasons yet to be discussed. He's financially secure, confident and perhaps enjoys seducing married white women.

The gist of the story is that YC seduces MC, takes her in a way that she's never been taken before and scratches that itch that she's had for so long that she's almost forgotten about it. Perhaps he dominates her, perhaps he just shows her what a "real man" can do to a woman; regardless, she can't resist him even as she tries to do the right thing. In the end, she's sleeping in his bed, sometimes her bed and pushing the limits of her comfort zone to please him and feel him inside of her. Perhaps it's behind her husband's back or it can be brought out into the open and she is fforce to choose between her relationship and her black lover who may of already of gotten her pregnant

I'm open ttoo a very wide range of directions and plot elements to make the story fun and interesting to write and I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind playing the occasional role with her husband/boyfriend/ whatever as she's converted into a woman unable to resist the lure of black cock and will do whatever it takes to get more of it. Everything is open to discussion and few things are off limits. If you're interested in fleshing something out, drop me a PM.
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