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June 27, 2022, 12:05:52 am

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Author Topic: Lumberfoot Seeks Wood Elf (Warhammer RP; M for F)  (Read 626 times)

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Lumberfoot Seeks Wood Elf (Warhammer RP; M for F)
« on: January 22, 2019, 01:30:15 am »
If you understand my reference, a warm welcome to you. If not, well... welcome, anyway.

"I expected a bit more. Can't say what exactly, but truly great heroes never settle for delivering exactly what you want. They go one step further, and give you something more precious - something you didn't even realize you truly wanted."

It is the End Times. The Ruinous Powers, the Dark Brothers, tire of their long game and have selected an Everchosen to lead one final assault against the forces of Order. The mighty defenders of Kislev, that bastion of the North, home to the bear riders and ice-witch Tsarina, have already fallen to the armies of Chaos. Even now, the armies of the Empire marshal under the banner of Emperor Karl Franz to march northward and meet the Chaos threat.

As just as this defense of the Empire is, the departure of Karl Franz's army has left parts of the Empire dangerously vulnerable. The Reikland, the heavily forested and mountainous southwestern section of the Empire, buckles under the invasion of the Pact-Sworn, an unholy coalition of the diseased
Rotblood Northlander barbarians
and the ravenous, vile
skaven ratmen
of Clan Fester. These savage, merciless raiders kill any who stand in their way and burn entire towns to the ground. Worse still, the unfortunates that survive are taken captive to serve as slave labor in the construction of the sorcerous Skittergate... or as sacrifices to power the infernal machinery.

Far away from the threat of the marauding Norsemen and blind to the threat of the skaven, none of the towns' defenders are prepared for the horrific onslaught. Guards are cut down where they stand, hacked to pieces by Norse axes or buried under the biting fangs and scratching claws of clanrats. Disease itself is weaponized against the Reiklanders as the Rotbloods call upon the awful power of their god, Nurgle, to spread his gift of plague and blight. Horrid monstrosities,
Chaos spawn
, and
rat ogres
serve as living battering rams. Skaven ingenuity and cruelty culminate in the sickly green flames of
that melt flesh, wood, and metal alike. For those that flee for their lives, with the harsh laughter of the invaders at their backs, it seems that there is no hope...

In these dark times for the Reikland, one tiny spark of resistance remains. The Ubersreik Five have returned, ready to oppose the skaven once more with Chaos thrown into the bargain. These five heroes, while they quarrel among themselves and confront their own demons, gaze steadfastly into the hungry eyes of their foes and eagerly reach for their weapons. They wage a guerrilla war against the Pact-Sworn by assassinating chieftains and sorcerers, sabotaging supplies, and freeing captives wherever they can. The Rotbloods and Clan Fester have offered untold riches for the death of even one of their number, let alone all of them.

Our heroes have made their secret base within the ruined confines of
Taal's Horn Keep
; only powerful magic by their resident witch Olesya allows the party to sally forth from and return to the keep without being noticed. Isolated as the fortress is, the heroes only have themselves, Olesya, and their mysterious patron Franz Lohner to keep them company. It is in the quiet moments, when all the screaming and blood and crack of black powder have gone silent, that any sort of peace can be found... and perhaps, at the beginning of the end of the world, comfort in the arms of another.

Markus Kruber

A former soldier of the Empire, Markus grew disenchanted with his occupation after watching his unit fall victim to a necromancer's spell. Denied an honorable discharge, Markus's dissenting voice might have earned him a noose had it not been for the surprise attack on Ubersreik by the skaven. Along with the other heroes, Markus showed bravery time and time again in thwarting the invaders' plans and securing desperately needed supplies for the towns' survivors. In recognition of his bravery, the Order of the Reikshammer extended an exceedingly rare offer to a man of Markus's common birth: the honor of becoming a knight.

After having lost his family to the plague spread by the encroaching skaven, and becoming the sole surviving member of the Order of the Reikshammer, Markus is fully dedicated to protecting his new team and the innocent people of the Reikland. While he respects and encourages everyone around him, Markus has always found himself fascinated by the mysterious wood elf among their number. Her sharp tongue and sarcastic remarks have him convinced that keeping his distance is the best course, but their brushes with death are ever more frequent and Kruber has only found solace at the bottom of a keg- er, bottle. Little does he know that his curiousness about her does not match her feelings toward him...

No one knows why this Wood Elf journeyed into the Empire. As a member of highly xenophobic isolationists, Kerillian looks down on all those around her. All that is known is that she counts her kills, though she insists that it is not for any contest. Insults fly as freely from her lips as arrows do from her bow. "Lumberfoots" and "mayflies" surround her, their ignorance and incompetence only overshadowed by their disgustingly short lives. Her eyes are black orbs, hard, harsh, and judging.

Why, then, has she fallen so hard for this human? This meathead, this trained dog, this drunkard, that is blind and deaf to the magic inherent in the world? Perhaps it is his constant efforts to bring them together and keep them focused on their objective. Perhaps it is how he throws himself selflessly into the enemy ranks again and again, swinging away with sword or hammer. Perhaps it is that, despite the unending tide of the Pact-Sworn, he has refused to give up hope. Perhaps it is how he marvels at her skill with a bow and asks to be taught. The real reason, perhaps, is that he is the only one who has ever looked close enough to see the hardness in her eyes.

Whatever the cause, Kerillian has fallen into the trap of infatuation. Of course, she could never tell him about her true feelings. He is mortal and she is of Athel Loren. Worse still, he might become close, ask her about her terrible secret. Despite her attempts to sow dissent into Kruber's mind and get him to leave, however, Kerillian's barbs prove ineffective in swaying him. Now, she fights not just for the count, but to protect him until he can finally come to his senses... all while avoiding her greatest fear: capture and a ratman's cage.

This RP is about two badass heroes and their moments of emotional vulnerability. Kerillian is an exile, a stranger in a strange land and mistrusted by everyone. Markus is a war-weary soldier denied his peaceful retirement and an alcohol abuser. In the midst of all the destruction, death, and despair, the sanity of our heroes balances on a knife's edge. I want to explore a forbidden love at the end of the world, where suppressed feelings come to the fore and mutual protection on the battlefield evolves into a passionate, secretive affair. Sound carries within the old keep, however, and who knows how long our lovers can keep a secret?

As far as the pacing and tone, I am open to this either focusing solely on their moments in the keep or also including their sallies out against the Pact-Sworn. I am expecting this to be a slow burn with the two of them opening up more and more to each other, letting the barriers fall away and eventually an explosion of passion.

I am open to writers of any gender, so long as they can portray Kerillian's character well. I would say that knowledge of Warhammer lore isn't required, but... if you didn't know anything about Warhammer, how would you play a character from it?

Story is always important to me, but especially so in this case. It is Kerillian's slowly softening sarcasm and contempt and Kruber's rediscovery of romance that make this story sexy to me.

If you have any questions, or are intrigued with by the characters but unfamiliar with the setting, PM me and we can work something out. Just remember that the Ubersreik Five are ready to sally forth once again.