Humble Request Thread <3 [Seeking M Dom]

Started by Haliax, January 21, 2019, 04:29:58 AM

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Hey everyone and welcome to my humble lil request thread!

I'm female, 27 and from Australia. Time-zones don't worry me too much because I'm a bit of a night owl and tend to post at all hours.

Looking to play as a female submissive to a male dominant in a fantasy-orientated world; with a plot that involves story archs, character growth, and plenty of world building.

Oh and plenty of sexual corruption <3

Some themes I'm currently feeling:

Vampire Coven x Rival Coven
Vampire x Vampire Hunter
Captured Angel x Demon
Incubus x Mortal

Or if you have any ideas that you want to throw out there, feel free to suggest some! Either way, leave me a message or shoot me a PM.

Hope to hear from you soon! xox