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November 26, 2020, 08:54:45 PM

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Author Topic: Female Seeking Male or Male Character Writer for Supernatural Chicanery  (Read 564 times)

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Offline LaPietaTopic starter

Hey, I'm a female roleplayer who enjoys playing ladies on the submissive side in romantic and smutty RP; I have a few plots in mind I'd very much enjoy finding a partner for. Message me if you're interested in any of these, or something along the lines of them, I'm pretty flexible and always looking to hash out plots with people.

Title: Light a Candle, Light a Votive

FC has disguised herself as a dude so she can join the army and fight for her faith and country. Or if fantasy setting, just straight up joins army. Battle with vampire/demon lord's army ensues, where her side's ass is thoroughly kicked and she is wounded. Vamp lord either sees her on battlefield/smells her blood on battlefield and grabs her and takes her to his castle, or she is knocked out for a while and wanders to vamp's castle to try and find any survivors/get her wounds tended to. Cause her blood just smells/tastes so great, ya see. Bonding ensues while she recovers at the castle, although there is friction at first because of the whole fighting on opposing sides of a war thing.

Title: Dogmatic Desperation

Modern setting, FC's average everygal, but she has weirdly intense dreams of a lady and a dude in ye olden times together. One day she stumbles across a guy who looks like the dude in her dreams. Turns out he was her lover in a past life! And is also a vampire. He recognizes her and begins courting her, but then hunters attack him while she's present and he reveals his supernatural-iness. FC freaks out, hunters take her to heavily guarded safe house, but dude keeps visiting her in dreams trying to convince her to come back to him, and promises to come for her. Dude ramps up attacks on the hunters, and in response the hunters gradually start getting crueler and crueler to her and she start getting convinced to try and escape. Escape attempt ensues, and hunters start active torture, cause they have a religious, puritan bent to them, convinced she needs to be purified through suffering. Dramatic rescue ensues.

Title: Most Emphatically Not Ravenloft

So, backstory time! In what is most emphatically not a Ravenloft ripoff whatareyoutalkingabout, back in ye olde times, vamp falls madly in love with past incarnation of my character. Only problem is, she doesn't love him, and is in fact in love with his brother. So, vamp makes deal with dark powers to become vamp and make her fall in love with him, in exchange he kills his brother. But twist! She dies before he can really spend time with her!

Oh the irony! She keeps getting incarnated, he keeps finding her and trying to court her, but she dies tragically every time!

Cut to hundreds of years later, could be modern setting, could be standard historical, could be typical medieval fantasy. But hey, whaddya know, MC's been incarnated again! Vamp begins laying charm on and courting her, and from there it's negotiable! Maybe it ends tragically with the cycle continuing, maybe they die in each other's arms, maybe he dies, maybe they live happily ever after!

Offline LaPietaTopic starter

Am of course open to any ideas you wanna throw my way! Shoot me a message if you have something you think may be remotely in a similar vein.

Offline LaPietaTopic starter

Re: Female Seeking Male or Male Character Writer for Supernatural Chicanery
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2020, 04:25:05 AM »
9. A cult yoinks a gal as a sacrifice to feed and/or please their master, a supernatural entity who metes out small snippets of arcane knowledge to followers so that they may serve him and his goals. But wait! Said lady turns out to be the master's mate/bride/soulmate/supernaturally connected to him in a way that encourages romantic feelings! Setting could be anything, no particular direction in mind, quite open for discussion.