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November 30, 2020, 05:05:20 PM

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Author Topic: From City Slicker 2 Boot Licker (MxM)  (Read 559 times)

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Offline Twisted iN TuxTopic starter

From City Slicker 2 Boot Licker (MxM)
« on: January 13, 2019, 12:19:30 PM »

GENRE: Original Characters in a Contemporary or Modern Setting
TYPE OF RP: Forum-Based, Extreme, One-on-One
# OF PLAYERS DESIRED: 1, Maybe 2, Open-Minded Individual(s) with a High Tolerance for Extreme Kinks

THE WHO: Ideally, an Affluent, Alpha Male and His Equally Masculine Date (My Characters) vs. a Rough and Tough, Leather-Loving, Motorcycle Gang of 3 or 4 Predators, Hellbent on Having a Good Time (Your Characters)!
THE WHAT: MCs are spending an evening out on the town, something along the lines of, a five-course, gourmet meal at a posh restaurant, drinks at a private gentlemen's club before attending the theatre, and a long, romantic walk or nightcap after; however, throughout the course of the evening, MCs keep crossing paths with YCs, perhaps one at a time, maybe in groups of two, but certainly the entire gang by the end of the evening. As the night progresses, YCs' taunting and teasing becomes more targeted, more intense, and far more physical, as well as brutal. 
THE WHERE: I foresee this taking place in a variety of locations - a Street Corner outside of the restaurant, a Back Alley behind the theatre or bar, an isolated corner of a Public Park or Restroom in the park - in a big city setting like New York. I also see this taking no more than Three Acts to complete, over the course of a single, in-game night. So it's not necessarily a long scenario, unless we become attached to our characters. I'm never opposed to taking things further!

STYLE OF PLAY: Freeform with an Open Dialogue Throughout the Game
PACING: Casual to Steady, Semi-Committed, Quality Preferred Over Quantity, Posting Every Few Days

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I'm looking for this to get dark and I'm not against it becoming a sort of cat and mouse, psychological thriller!

Kinks that could be included are: Anal Deflowering, Boot Licking, Clothes Marking, Cock Worship, Copious Amount of Bodily Fluids - such as Cum, Piss, Pre, and Spit - Cuffs, Degradation, Double Penetration, Facials, Fisting, Flogging, Forced Masturbation, Forced Piercings, Hair Play, Hand Jobs, Knife Play, Muscle Worship, Name Calling, Needle Play, Non-Con, Oral Deflowering, Public Humiliation, Public Sex, and Whipping. I'm not opposed to adding Castration, Mutilation, and Snuff, if those things interest you, although, I know they're usually considered taboo.   

Please contact me via a Private Message if you are interested in exploring this scenario. Come prepared to draft up a semi-detailed PC (or three), including what they look like, what they are wearing, their general disposition, etc. etc. etc. I do not mean for us to use a formal character sheet, per say, but I do like to banter a bit back and forth, via PMs, to nail down a few of the more important details before we kick things off.

Also, if some of the kinks listed are outside of your comfort zone, I'm totally open to having a conversation about that. They are not written in stone. That being said, I don't want to water this scenario down too much, so please be mindful of that when striking kinks from the list. If you feel like it's going to be more than three or four, this is probably not the scenario for you.

Lastly, if the idea of juggling multiple characters worries you, we can certainly make this a strict one on one; however, I do also have an idea of how multiple characters can be used, but not all at once. Oh, and, just to reiterate, I'm looking to play the role(s) of those who get ganged, not the gang member(s).

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Offline Twisted iN TuxTopic starter

Re: From City Slicker 2 Boot Licker (MxM)
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2019, 08:47:59 AM »
Bump ('n Grind)!

Offline Twisted iN TuxTopic starter

Re: From City Slicker 2 Boot Licker (MxM)
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2019, 06:29:52 AM »
UPDATE: I clarified the role(s) I'm looking to play, since I received several PMs asking if I would play the dominant gang members. Am I open to this being a dom vs dom sort of scenario, where the alphas are vying for the top position? Sure. I am. But, for the most part, at least to start, I want my character(s) to be the one on the receiving end of most of the acts performed. Thank you! TNT