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Author Topic: Shes Back! She is me btw {fxm}  (Read 666 times)

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Shes Back! She is me btw {fxm}
« on: January 13, 2019, 01:10:39 am »
Hey guys I've been gone for awhile, long story short my life imploded badly and I was far to depressed to get on here. Its taken awhile but im finally in a place mentally that I can now put effort toward the things I enjoy and make me happy instead of just basic self maintenance. Id like to apologize to all of my GMs and partners I didn't mean to ditch but did when I stopped logging in.

Below I will be listing my plot ideas, pictures I enjoy, and pairings. But first the dreaded rules.

*Though I didn't mean to I broke this rule which is to not ghost. *No one liners please *Stick to the plot *I am currently interested in mxf with me being the f. *Do NOT post on thread please, message me.

That's it. Now plots!

I keep my plots pretty basic unless I have a super specific idea of what I want to happen so we can create an unique story every time together.

(Also not many yet sorry will post more soon!)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Don't care who plays which

FlowershopxTattooshop (flower shop worker or owner x tattoo parlor worker or owner)
BookstorexBar (same as above)

Fandom Plots
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1) Weasley Twins

MC is a quite shy girl who is a secret prankster that is often over looked, after spending yet another evening in detention for a prank that wasn't theirs the Twins Fred and George decide to find out who is getting them in trouble and take action. That is when the discovery MC and their punishment takes a different turn.

2) SuperHero
Super general hero RP here but putting in Fandom because I was rewatching Marvel movies when I thought of it.

Mc and OC are superheroes, MC is the antihero of their fair city often only getting involved if forced to while OC goes out of his way to find and stop a crime. Well one day and pretty well known group of Meta  human thugs come to town and cause trouble drawing OC out, well they use MC for bait and it ends badly for them and worse for MC because now you know who I am out of the costume and refuse to allow me to continue on my path of not caring.

3) Bigger on the Inside
It was a pretty normal day for an American Tourist traveling Europe when she saw a strange man running down the street looking quite frantic. Now, a normal sane person would probably go on their merry way but she prided herself on being nosy and decided to give chase. Of course running into a grotesque looking pig humanish thing wasnt what she was expecting but a kick in the 'No No' area had the same effect as it would on a human. When the frantic man laughed she couldnt help but smile, and when he offered her a trip through space and time she had to say yes.

4) Bow Down
MC was rather surprised when in the dead of night she was awoken to the sound of breaking glass, even more so when she ran down stairs with her fathers old shotgun in hand to find a disheveled black haired man standing in her living room who was apparently undisturbed by the gun. Of course, she wasnt really afraid until she shot at him after he refused to leave and missed because he suddenly wasnt where he had just been. Being afraid quickly morphed to terrified when he was able to yank the gun out of her hand as if she hadnt had it in a death grip, after appearing behind her. So when he told her to bow, she bowed.

5) Fallen Angel
It not surprising that with the amount of times the world has almost been destroyed that some 'normal' people have taken notice; She is a young college student with her majors being history and religion. When the Apocalypse(s) happened she noticed. Delving deeper into the how she starts asking far to many questions and catches the notice of Cas who sees it as his duty to put a stop to her questions, especially when he realizes that he isnt the only one to notice the pretty young girl with far to many questions. With dangers looming, can they stay safe?

Magic/Sci Fi Plots
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1) Tattoo Shop
In a world much like our own, every person alive has a power that is unique to them. The powers can be placed in a spectrum that goes from 1-Meaning that they are weak or non aggressive in nature to a 5- which is the strongest and typically means the power could cause major chaos.
To keep the populas safe, the government has made registering they power and its strength necessary. A special team handles those who either dont register or are beloved to have falsified their test results.

Your Character is one such task force and has been sent to rent the room above a little tattoo shop in the art district of town, your boss believes the Owner of the shop falsified her test results and that she is stronger then she let on. Your character is to determine if she lied and if her powers could be considered dangerous.

2) New Type of Hero
Being a super hero is a big responsibility that not many can handle. To help teach the growing number of people with powers the government has opened small schools all over the country, Your Character is a new recruit who is placed in a school ran by My Characters father. You dont want to be here, refuse to go to the classes, and try desperately to escape only to be stopped by the powered guards. Hoping to earn some freedom you set out to seduce my character by any means necessary.

Slice Of Life Plots
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1) New Girl
MC the new girl, she is tiny and small and has already gotten a lot of attention for being far smarter than everyone else. YC is the bad boy, dangerous and mean, he has been watching her from afar because he gets a vibe that something just isn’t right..

MC jumps off the nearby bridge into the semi frozen lake. YC sees and pulls her out, then YC locks her in his apartment until he hears why she tried to die.

2) Coffee Girl
YC was a regular at a near by coffee shop, nothing special about it really. The décor is simple; warm rich browns mixed with cream and some copper accents. The workers are pleasant, always willing chat if they have the time. The coffee and pastries and above average and always delivered quickly.

MCwas always there from noon to one, drinking her iced white mocha and eating an artisan sandwich, always with her dainty little nose in a book and her hair pulled up into a bun that she always undid before she left. She was a freshmen and a nearby college, he knew that because of the emblem on her book bag. He had always watched her from a far until the day she was late, with no where else to sit she asked to sit across from him.
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Re: Shes Back! She is me btw {fxm}
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2019, 03:28:10 pm »
Added a few more plots!!