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April 16, 2021, 06:52:11 pm

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Author Topic: [M seeking writer for F characters] Chaplain of the girls dormitory  (Read 473 times)

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Offline pianoman17Topic starter

Hey there! I’m a male writer looking for a detailed and literate writer, either male or female. I’ve been roleplaying and writing for about twelve years, and I love coming up with a plot in partnership with another writer that is enjoyable and satisfying for both parties! There’s a particular plot I have in mind at the moment, details below- but if you have another idea and want to contact me, feel free to and I may well be interested!

The plot I’d love to explore is one I started with another writer a few years ago which unfortunately died due to inactivity. It involves both of us playing multiple female characters, and one of us playing one male character.

In the plot, one of us would play a male chaplain in his late 20s or early 30s who moves into a live-in chaplaincy role in an all-girls college dorm. He lives in one of the rooms in the large house which houses ~10 college girls (the number is negotiable). I’d love to play out the interactions between this Christian chaplain and the variety of different college girls in the dorm, as well as the dynamics between all the different girls. The large story arc will be that some of the girls (probably led by Josie, whose character description is below) will be trying to corrupt or tempt the chaplain as well as some of the actually religious girls in the dorm. I love to explore the ideas of characters being tempted or corrupted toward what they know is wrong, but the sexual allure ultimately being too strong to resist.

Here’s an example of a bio (and she is one of the characters I’ll be playing):

Name: Josephine Anderssen ("Josie")
Age/Major: 20, Sophomore, Law
Personality: Josie is the kind of girl who won't put up with any crap, and has issues with authority. She knows she is stunning, at 5'8", a generous D cup chest and intense dark bedroom eyes, but doesn't have the patience to put up with people fawning over her. She likes a challenge, so in terms of boys, she often will lose interest in a guy if he doesn't prove to be a challenge to her. She is confident, outspoken and used to having the upper hand over people. She is also bisexual and likes trying to make some of the other girls uncomfortable, or to make them question their religion, or even seduce them into her bed.
Religious interest: None. She's learnt to rely on herself and not on God. She does enjoy toying with religious people though, and playing devil's advocate with them.

What I’d like from you: If you’re interested in playing this out, I’d love for you to make up some of the girls in the dorm! Send through a bio modelled after what I posted above for Josie: name, link for a picture, and brief personality description for each one, as well as their religious interest.

I have some other characters in mind, and can share them with you once we get plotting.

Please message me if you’re interested! I’m keen for this to be an in-depth and long-term RP with plenty of character development. If you’re not up for that, maybe look for another prompt somewhere. But if you are, I hope we can do some amazing writing together!

Offline HarrytheCat

Re: [M seeking writer for F characters] Chaplain of the girls dormitory
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2019, 08:43:00 am »
I'd love to give this a shot. I've written female characters several times before and love the challenge.
I see the story stalled once due to "lack of activity"  ............ that's such a common problem hereabouts.
Ten girls! Presumably I'd have to "create" five? Hopefully not all at once?   :)     Presumably there be interaction between YC  the chaplain and a girl, MC and perhaps, concurrently a pair of girls, YC (girl) and MC (another girl).

So ........... I await your reply, hopefully positive. ........................... HarrytheCat

Offline bondagegirlsarah

Re: [M seeking writer for F characters] Chaplain of the girls dormitory
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2019, 08:46:40 am »
Just a thought, could you not involve more than one female player to play out the girls? I prefer to only play one or maybe two as a max at any given time n an RP.

Offline pianoman17Topic starter

Re: [M seeking writer for F characters] Chaplain of the girls dormitory
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2019, 02:48:11 pm »
Thanks for the thoughts! I’ve replied via PM to both. (For the record, I’ve found group roleplays more risky as there are more people to potentially drop off to inactivity, and I’d prefer to play with minimum 6 girls in the dorm.)