Bells Is Confused Again: Play-By-Post Categories

Started by Bells of Nevermore, January 10, 2019, 04:40:29 PM

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Bells of Nevermore

So I have a roleplay I would like to start. Thing is... because I don't have much of an idea who will join, it's hard for me to tell where to put the thing. Some of the NPCs I have are going to just be humans and humanoids, but for all I know, we might have someone want to float something closer to the Exotic category. I think I have an idea on where to put it as far as the levels of D/s-ish activity, but the human-to-exotic scale has me shook. I don't want to start this in the wrong spot. Can anyone help? ♥


Generally, the 'rating' scale is a bit more important than the Human/Exotic scale - but should you find that your characters are moving farther from 'Human' (or that your content level is evolving differently) any staffer can shift a thread in two shakes!  It's honestly one of the easiest things we're asked to do.
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