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Author Topic: Searching for partners [mainly MxM]  (Read 583 times)

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Searching for partners [mainly MxM]
« on: January 08, 2019, 03:59:47 pm »
Hello!  :-)

I’m really bad at introductions and explanations but I’ll try and sorry if this post is -ugly- and a mess :3

Note: I’m sorry for the « », when I’m on my computer, it sometimes immediately changes " " into that.

About me

Me me me

* I’m a University student, 20 years old.
* I got used by using feminine pronouns even if I feel myself more like a non-binary person.
* I am shy and introvert but I am really kind, friendly and understanding. So that would be nice if you are the one who PM me, starts the conversation because I’m always so stressed.

Me and RP

* I roleplay 1x1 or I’d try with 3 people (counting me) like a love triangle.
* I roleplay in third-person and past tense.
* I can roleplay in English (not my native language) or French which is my first language. I guess I can write more detailed feelings, thoughts in French, but I’ve actually never tried  (tho- for smut I think I’d prefer English).
* Compared to most people here, I write fewer paragraphs but I try to adapt to my partner. When it’s too short (4lines), I don’t like it and when it’s too long, neither. I need the rp to be quite « direct » and I sometimes stress about finding enough to say. The maximum I’ve ever written was about 450 words. I’m not a novella writer.
* I usually play as a male (MxM) but I’m okay with being female (MxF, FxF)
* I’m sometimes busy with University work and sometimes I have a loooot of free time. So I usually have a lot of time to RP. If you are patient with me, I’ll be patient with you too of course.
* I’m living somewhere in Europe but I’m used to going to bed way too late- and I can answer every day if I’m not too busy with University.
* I’m new here so I’m still a little bit lost but it’ll be okay.
* I’ve been used to roleplay via Amino’s private chats so I’d rather rp by private messages here than forums. But I’m open to other « places », we can discuss it.

What I’m looking for

* Dominant male or maybe female for FxF, third person, past tense, semi-literate to literate.
* Kind, understanding and patient partner.
* If you are a really great role player, novella writer, you’ll maybe be bored by roleplaying with me because I’m still new to it (1 year), I still need to learn a lot but I’ll talk about it on the next point.
* I’m not an English native speaker so I’m not really a grammar nazi (but I am a grammar nazi in French, oops). I don’t really like typos but if the sentences are understandable, it’s okay. I’m sorry if my vocabulary isn’t the best you’ve ever seen- as I said English isn’t my first language so sometimes I can’t write as many details as I would have done in my first language. Roleplaying is also a way for me to become a better writer in English. If I make some kind of grammar mistakes, again and again, you can tell it to me! But please find a kind way to say it, I can be sensitive/touchy sometimes :d
* I’m okay with roleplaying with anyone regardless of their gender.
* I’m fine with talking out of rp, I usually like talking with my partners and getting to know them a little. Of course, without forcing, I won’t ask any personal details but I’ll always be happy if you talk to me, even to tell me that you just ate pizza or that you love your cat.


I’ve already ticked most of the detailed options in the matrix but here are some more explanations. Go check my rp preferences which are more detailed (especially for sexual preferences).


* Being submissive: I’ve already tried being dom but I’m not that much comfortable with it. So I’d prefer a dom partner! I can sometimes make my OC act like a brat (not too much tho), I like teasing so the other goes further.
* Romance mixed with some drama, mystery,… : Romance is a must! I usually don’t like when it’s only fluff, I need sometimes something a little bit frustrating. You’ll see some examples in the plots. I prefer the plot to start when they are meeting / still only friends so we can build up their relationship, I want to do their first kiss, first time,…
* I need smut in the rp, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the main point of our rp but when my oc and my partner’s oc are getting flirty,… I can't help but want them to do stuff-
* Modern setting. I’m not really creative but I can maybe try something not modern (science fiction: cyberpunk like Psycho Pass) but you’ll notice that I’m not experienced with that so it’s better if we do a modern setting.
* Plot twists. I don’t have examples but I like when my partner is creative so- ^^
* Ask me if there’s anything you aren’t sure if I’ll accept/feel comfortable with. Communication is important even if I’m usually stressed about saying something (introvert, shy thing-)
* For some reasons, East Asian or mixed blood OCs. Basically, you can search ulzzang boy and you'll see. And of course, it's not mandatory that your oc is East Asian.
* I like males who are quite thin,… I don’t know how to explain but I feel uncomfortable with very very masculine guys with big muscles, more than 30 years old,…
* Here are some examples of men who are a huge turn on for me :d (and my OCs usually look like those men).
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Yeah I'm sorry those pics are quite huge oops-


* Furry, elves, werewolves, zombies, fae, pirates, princesses…  For the moment I feel comfortable only with playing humans
* I don’t do western, fantasy.
* Meat. I am vegan so if our OCs are eating something, I won’t be really comfortable with making them say « wow bacon is tasty ». So if we can simply not saying what they are eating or adding « vegan » just in front of the meal, it’s okay. Examples: vegan pizza, vegan cheese, …
* When my partner doesn't know anything about the main topic. If we are doing something like therapist x patient and you don’t know anything about the patient’s illness (depression or whatever), it’s frustrating so I’d do it only if you are a bit aware of what kind of problem it is and not the stereotypes linked to it.
* Emotionless partners. This may seem weird but when my partner’s oc is like not giving any attention to mine, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m okay if your OC's personality is like a « strong » man trying to hide his feelings but- I don’t like it when it’s like they don’t care about my oc at all. For example, I remember making my oc opening up and my partner’s oc didn’t answer to that or anything.
* « Too masculine » characters. I don’t like too muscular, hairy,… guys.

Some Plots

1- Online flirt (MxM)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Muse A (me) and Muse B met in a chat/game/... Muse A said he’s a girl but is actually a guy. They are chatting all the time, telling each other about what they are doing, what they are planning for the weekend, what went wrong with their friends, absolutely everything that passes their minds. They get closer and start getting flirty. When they discover that they are living in the same city, muse B asks to meet muse A irl.

What will muse A do? Will he tell him that he is a guy and that he lied? Will he accept and go to the meeting (boom surprise)? will he just disappear or keep it online?

What will muse B do? Will he accept to meet muse A even if he is a man? Will he accept his own feelings even if he is straight?

* They are living in the same city or one of them are visiting (or moving to) the other’s country/city.
* It can start when they are meeting or when they are already friends and start getting flirty.

2- Girlfriend’s brother (MxM)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Muse B is dating a girl who has a little brother, muse A (me). Muse A and B are meeting and B is getting quite interested in the other. They start getting quite flirty and have to hide it from A’s sister.

* I’m okay with also playing the sister when needed to but we can mix (you do it, then me,…).
* Muse A and his sister are really close to each other.

3- Burglar (MxF or MxM)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Muse A (me) is an average person, having a house and a job. Muse B, however, has a real skill for stealing and has a natural charm. One day, Muse A is working late and walks back home and finds that his door is unlocked. He knew he locked it when he left for work, so he carefully goes inside. He closes the door quietly behind him and slowly creeps into the room, touching the wall, searching for a light switch. Over the light switch is Muse B's hand, and Muse A is startled by the feeling of someone's hand. Muse B puts a gentle finger to Muse A's lips and says. “It's alright...I'm only here for a little while. Stay quiet and I won't have to drag you down with me."

!! this one isn’t from me. I remember that it comes from Tumblr but I don’t know who wrote it! so credits to the author.

* Can become something like pet,… You can be creative.
* I can be muse B who is a homeless boy and muse a then maybe tries to help him.

4- ? (MxM)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Muse A (me) is dating a girl for quite a long time. When he had to check something on her phone, he noticed that someone (Muse B) was texting her all the time and said he was his real boyfriend. Muse A gets completely confused and texts the guy back (still with his girlfriend’s phone), asking who he was and what was happening. Then muse B sets a meeting with muse A to explain the situation. It is actually a way to get muse A and flirt with him.

* It is not well explained but Muse B will have to be manipulative.

5- Savior (MxM or FxM)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Muse A (me) has been in a difficult situation with their dad (or significant other) for quite a long time. One night it even started getting really violent. Muse A quickly walks out of the house, completely scared. They runs, not knowing what to do until they can’t run anymore. They decides to knock at someone’s door, asking for shelter or just some help. That person is Muse B and accepts, being shocked, not understanding how someone could do act like that towards Muse A. The next day, when Muse A wakes up, they gets a call from the hospital telling that their abuser is there. …

* So basically, Muse B is a gang/mafia boss whatever and beat up A’s abuser. Muse B can tell muse A immediately after the call or keep it as a secret for a bit more. Muse B has to be somehow mysterious, may seem scary but actually just wants to protect muse A.

6- That’s what friends are made for (MxM or FxM)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Muse A (me) and muse B met through a chat or something. They are talking together all the time and became « best friends ». One night, their discussion was about sex and how much they wanted to do it, especially since Muse A is stil virging. They discover that they are living in the same city so they decide to meet irl and become friends with benefits, as Muse A would say « that’s what best friends are made for ». They set one, unique, rule which is ‘no romantic feelings’ but muse A slowly starts falling for Muse B.

* Can be linked to my first plot, like Muse A tells muse B he’s a girl but is actually a guy.

7- Erased anime (MxM or FxM)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Don’t have fixed ideas but, something based on Erased, the anime but with late teenagers (18+) when they were at University.
Muse A gets the ability to come back on the 25th of July 1999 and tries to save Muse B (me) who was supposed to be dead on the 1st of August. …

8- Hacker (MxM or FxM) I'm craving for thiiis

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Here is an interesting plot I wanted to come up with. It can be MxM or MxF(me) and it is romance mixed with angst, drama, however, you could call it. I already posted it on other roleplay 'places' today, I didn't steal it, check the name of the user, it'll be Asu or Asuka ^-^

Let’s get started.

Muse A’s background:

Muse A is a professional hacker. He started cracking codes, accessing people’s computers when he was young and he became so talented. Computers didn’t have any secrets for him.

A big company somehow got in touch with him and asked him to work for them. They absolutely needed muse A, it was central for their business. They had to gather information about competing companies before launching a product or stealing their ideas in order to dominate the market and control the small independent manufacturers.

Muse A accepted to work there and spent every day accessing other business’ sensitive information, it was so easy and funny for him. No cyber attacks, just an invisible man who steals the information he needs, that’s what he loved and wanted to live for.

One day, he gets bored of how he is treated in the company, especially since he doesn’t get a decent wage even he works all the time and is the major contributor to the strategies of the company.

As an act of revenge, he lets go some important information to the competing industries. It immediately changed everything. The company he was working in, lost their power on the market and gets accused of hacking during the previous years. Hopefully, Muse A was so talented and cautious that had never let any evidence after his acts. No lawsuits, nothing.

For the sake of the dying company, Muse A gets fired and doesn’t even want to try to get a new job. He hated people, even working for them was something he won’t try again. And why stopping illegality? Illegality was the only thing giving him adrenaline, legality was the most boring thing ever, isn’t it?

After a while, he starts working independently, still having the same kind of job. Infiltrating systems, adding bugs, threatening of sending sensitive information through the web for ransoms. All of that became his daily work and he loved having power over people.

One day, he accessed Muse B’s computer and got quite obsessed with them. He started gathering all the information he could, spent all his time sneaking everything that the other was doing on their computer. Muse b doesn’t know anything about it until a message from Muse A popped on their computer screen, telling that he knows everything about them ……..

Muse B’s background:

Muse B is living what we would define as a ‘normal life’, they don’t know anything about computers, only uses them for work and watching some stupid youtube videos when they come back home.

During the day, they are working as the top level managers in a company. They are intelligent and have a really good sense of business. You know, that kind of people who understands how everything currently works, thanks to their sense of observation, understanding and their multiple degrees in high ranked Universities.

From here, there are different options to the story, check the numbers to follow the link between A and B in the next point.

1. Being alone

Besides their perfect career and career chances, muse B is living alone, in a big apartment. No significant other, no cats, no dogs, no one, they are living completely alone. When they come back home, really late, they feel like they need someone to care about them. But of course, it is so hard for muse B to spend at least, a little bit of their time, going out, meeting new people. So they got used to their loneliness.

2. Being Abused

When it comes to their private life, muse B tries to ignore the subject. Being abused by their significant other is not necessarily the best thing you would dream of. Every day, the same fears and concerns. They don’t have the courage nor the strength to try to escape this nightmare.

3. Trying

Higher up in the organizational scale or in the hierarchy, the number of women is ludicrous or more simply, non-existent. Muse B is one of the only who reached a high-rank and tries her best to stay, even if some men try to pull her down so other men could take her place. One day, one of her obnoxious colleagues threaten her and tries, even more, to get her out of the company.

Muse A and Muse B:


« Meet me at xx hour, xx day at xx place. If you don’t want to lose your stupid job, do what I asked you to. If you decline my offer, I will send the most thrilling little details of your pathetic life to your boss and colleagues »

That is the message that popped on Muse’s B computer screen. Muse B doesn’t believe it and asks him to stop. Maybe it was just a troll? A joke? Unfortunately, muse A shows some pics of them he got from their computer, tells them what they ate and which websites they went on the day before.

Muse B starts stressing and finally accepts to meet him, wanting that nightmare to finish.

It is actually a way for Muse A to get into some kind of relationship with the other.  Spending almost all his life in front of his computer, Muse A never thought about building relationships with people. Being in control of people was what he loved but never thought about doing it in real life. He wanted to get Muse B and would do whatever it would need to get them.

—> Muse A is really manipulative and obsessed with Muse B but of course, doesn’t want to harm Muse B.


While checking all the could about Muse B, Muse A notices sensitive information, researches on the Internet about domestic abuse and how to get out of it.

After more time gathering information, he understands that she is actually being abused by her significant other. He feels really bad for her and wants to help her. But how? legal ways? no, as said previously, it was not something Muse A, living in illegality would do. Threatening? Harming? Killing? maybe, maybe… Anyway, Muse B’s life gets way much better when muse A helped her.

—> Muse A sends Muse B a message, telling her that they did it or what they are going to do.
—> Muse B keeps contacting him and they build up some romance from there and maybe start working together.


While checking all the could about Muse B, Muse A, somehow notices that one of Muse B’s colleagues threatens her. He finds it despicable and wants to help her with that. (it is similar to the second option). But how? legal ways? no, as said previously, it was not something Muse A, living in illegality would do. Threatening? Harming? Killing? maybe, maybe…

—> Muse B is against violence and illegality but accepts what muse A wants to do/did. Then romance can show up and maybe something like they both start working together.

- I’d like you to choose which option you want.
- I will roleplay as Muse B.
- It can be a MxM or MxF(me), we can adapt some options.
- It can become some kind of Bonnie and Clyde thing but I don’t want it to end up as a tragedy. (Rip Bonnie and Clyde).
- For the OCs, I don’t have one who can fit muse B for the moment but if someone wants to roleplay this, I’ll try to do one, at least finding some pics.
- OC: can be realistic or maybe anime-ish.

Some random other pairings:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

There is a ++ next to those I mainly want.
Actor x Director 
Photographer x Model
Brother x Brother’s best friend (MxM) ++
Patient x Therapist
Student (18-20 years) x teacher  ++  (this is honestly one of my major kinks-)
LGBT+ activist x unsure/abused young gay
Feminist x feminist (I don’t know exactly for this but I’m studying sociology with a minor in gender studies so I think I’d like something with suffragettes or some modern random girls fighting for women rights)

Other linked to fandoms:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Of course, I love more animes,… but here are those I’d maybe try to role play (even if I’m completely inexperienced with that kind of rps) 

Series/shows: Dark, Ru Paul’s drag race.

Anime: Devilman crybaby, Psycho Pass++, Erased, Ajin, Steins;Gate, Naruto.
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Re: Searching for partners [mainly MxM] [Hacker Plot added]
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2019, 02:52:33 pm »


I just added the 8th plot "hacker". I am really craving for it. Go check it and send me a private message if you are interested.

(I'm sorry if this is considered as an 'excessive bump', I will just delete it)
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