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November 13, 2019, 09:08:52 PM

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Author Topic: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.  (Read 5433 times)

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Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #25 on: January 08, 2019, 12:51:32 PM »
So as random and fun note; a female ninja who later instead turning invisible learn to turn ethereal (and thus enter immaterial realm) has random chance encounter a tentacle monster which can very well mind control ninja and tentacle fuck her :P. As ethereal plane now is immaterial state of the world and there are aberrations/quori and other creepy stuff in there. So that permanent see invisibility ain't that fun anymore (unless your okay occasionally see cthulhu wave 'hello' at you). So for a reason most diviners are drug addicts. Or drunk most of time.

Offline Kimera

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #26 on: January 08, 2019, 12:53:51 PM »
Love the custom races so far.

Will it be custom races only?

Offline Sain

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #27 on: January 08, 2019, 12:54:58 PM »
Neat cosmic geometry explanation.

Also woe to anyone with truesight ;D Kinda cool though. Reminds me of how some modern cultures view ghosts and monsters existing right here with us.

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #28 on: January 08, 2019, 01:05:01 PM »
Will it be custom races only?

No, it can be any races from race series books (races of wild, destiny, stone) and fey'ri are listed (albeit needs some damn powerful reason for fey'ri be in surface alone and cut off from their home as sun itself is lethal to them). Drows will be there as well albeit less of underground dwellers and more 'shadow land' elves from creepier corner of elf lands and are in sort constant skirmish war with regular elves.

There will be humans, illumians and so forth. I may create some new custom races besides ones already if something shows up. But overall try inhabit all races from 3.5 splats (or most of them anyways). Killoren from races of wild could be natives in Feunia (or homeland, as Killoren could be anywhere where is feywild presence).

Shadow plane = shadow land and need explain more detail what feywilds usually do (so far leaning to that feywilds may have wild magic zone of effect on non-fey origin magic or druidic magic).

Offline Re Z L

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #29 on: January 08, 2019, 06:46:49 PM »
Zaer's world building is always wonderful, I'm liking how it's all shaping up  ;D

So as random and fun note; a female ninja who later instead turning invisible learn to turn ethereal (and thus enter immaterial realm) has random chance encounter a tentacle monster which can very well mind control ninja and tentacle fuck her :P. As ethereal plane now is immaterial state of the world and there are aberrations/quori and other creepy stuff in there. So that permanent see invisibility ain't that fun anymore (unless your okay occasionally see cthulhu wave 'hello' at you). So for a reason most diviners are drug addicts. Or drunk most of time.

Makes me think of the Alienist PrC  ;D

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #30 on: January 08, 2019, 10:49:25 PM »
Yeah, alienist PrC is contact with immaterial entities (or more the third unseen moon). May or may not adjust PrC a little but as it is it's quite good already (makes perma adjustment to summons and turns summoner creepier).

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #31 on: January 09, 2019, 06:10:06 AM »
Ok, as advance announcement I am going today trying squeeze 2-4 posts (or just 4 details) of countries in detail. Brief history/culture info about them (even my case brief could be +5 paragaphs long :P). But for quick spoilers the countries by short titles will be; Karmandu (land of the dragons, some similarities to council of wyrms very much mixed with feudal/asian dynasty thematics with some avatar elemental nation stuff going on), Zandaria (human centric nation who worships Zarus as god king, super racist and bit Warhammer human fanaticism mixed in), Namael (nation founded by sentient undead and is consistent large shadow land mass) and Caor'rinthiir (a elven kingdom split literally half between regular elves living in feywild radiated areas and dark elves, drow, in shadow land radiated lands).

Then perhaps 5th tibit about fey'ri (and their underdark kingdom) as they sort relate to Caor'rinthiir as part of their history info. So lots typing awaits me.

Offline Re Z L

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #32 on: January 09, 2019, 05:32:17 PM »
Karmandu (land of the dragons, some similarities to council of wyrms very much mixed with feudal/asian dynasty thematics with some avatar elemental nation stuff going on)

Some kind of L5R motifs for each of the dragon colors perhaps?


Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #33 on: January 09, 2019, 10:39:33 PM »
Some kind of L5R motifs for each of the dragon colors perhaps?


Yeap :)

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
« Reply #34 on: January 10, 2019, 02:45:17 PM »
Basic nation entry

(late because mom hogged computer yesterday + it really takes long while write these so 4 of these nations in one post was over ambitious of me :P)


Background/History/Origin: Karmandu is close to southern (or rather fire/heavy metal volcano) zone of Garthalla, it's massive land mass with strong diverse elemental energies and overall there is no winter but snow is found in land in borders of water and air influenced zones in Karmandu. Land is itself unique that it has so extreme elemental nexuses in them and so close one another. Thus resulting elemental creatures all kinds make home to this land besides regular races.

However Karmandu's tale does not start in there, but rather in mainland where once dragons lived since great Collapse. Not many dragons survived after great Collapse but once things calmed down they started live like regular dragons do and wage eternal war one another as usual. This era is known in mainland as dragon wars period, where dragons battled one another. However their numbers dwindling the dragons gave up on fighting....however the other races were fed up with dragons and they hunted them down to both secure their lands and pillage their treasuries! So dragons then led in event which became known as dragon flight, which haven't seen since. Many artistic portrayals of event do exist but no doubt they do not capture majesty of massive flight of dragons of all colors, metallic and chromatic dragons flying together in harmony towards south/fire pole. Along the way they found Karmandu, the diverse heavy elemental influence was inviting to dragons. As elemental influenced zones matched with many dragons preferred places to live.

However as dragons settled they found besides elementals there was other natives in the island....they feared they will be hunted down and they were very close to exterminate the tribal people of these lands for their own safety. But the tribal people instead attacking offered them gifts, spoke words of worship and bowed their heads to the great dragons. In that act dragons felt....nourished somehow with these people's devotion. In that moment history was born to Karmandu. The act tribesfolk had done they offered what dragon calls khruma, a magical energy born from devotion and worship to them and said magical energy nourishes dragons who are literally living magic of the world. This deed solved one problems what dragons had pondered on Karmandu; how feed themselves without depleting local living population.

With that deed, giving khruma, the population earned their right to live and spared from combined flight's wrath and adopted by the dragons. The tribes worshipped dragons first as gods, as eldest of dragons occupied most powerful of Karmandu's nexuses and became deified figures. However overtime civilization was born and evolved from peaceful exposure to dragonkin. Kingdom of Karmandu. The dragons formed clans, based on their species and they started slowly prosper and multiply in the new lands. Dragons formed council by ancient wyrms who occupy nexuses of Karmandu and thus make them immortal, all dragons part of council also giving up their treasures to ascend higher power and become new type of dragons; ascended celestial dragons. So thus council seats are permanently occupied, however council members by oath do not occupy seat of rulership of ancestral clan lands, instead a dragon daimyo is chosen among dragons of same clan and then daimyo rules until grows old and makes a final flight and search place to die. Some even fly back to mainland, fall there to die and become part of local landscape. Some cases they disperse into immense powerful arcane energy and become a elemental nexus somewhere and other times they disperse in powerful burst of incarnum.

Culture: Culture is very similar to feudal japan, instead of shogun there is ten shoguns who govern and rule as a council. However shoguns do not directly control lands in Karmandu but rather command clans and solve also clan conflict based issues as council is made from original dragon flight members and thus their agenda is always for peace for Karmandu. Below shoguns are daimyos who rule the ten clans of Karmandu which are split by dragon species. There's more clans (small splinters off from main clans or from intermarried clans which stand neutral between two clans). But for this short brief we mention only the great ten clans. Each clan has mortal humanoid subjects who treat true dragons as royalty, some cases dragons do pick consorts among their humanoid subjects, lovers, harems, concubines. Unions often result with half-dragons who are treated as 'half-royals', still above humanoid subject yet much less from a true dragons. Often half-dragon children are employed on high leadership rankings in humanoid hierarchy; head priestess, supreme warlords etc.

Draconic presence and knowledge has granted humanoids rapid advance on civilization and on magecraft. Also their lifestyle has created unique magical philosophy called elemental disciplines. There are sorcerers in the land and they all are (with minimal exception) draconic heritage based. There are no wizards but there are wu jen, which are similar to wizards albeit their lifestyle they live as wandering scholar hermits who study secrets of elements and do not get tied down. Shugenja most would view as evolved sorcerers with mix of divine and arcane, but there are traditional sorcerers and shugenja in Karmandu but are viewed different entities altogether. Shugenja is viewed as divine mystic who studies elements to serve communities in roles of priests, people who perform honoring ceremonies for the dragons and some are capable provide healing. Thus there are no clerics but rarely favored souls do appear and they always come from half-dragons than regular humanoids. Favored souls are viewed as divine warriors, saints, compared to shugenja.

There are also though dragonfire adepts; mystic students who study power of dragons and master them in service of their draconic lords. Only rare few are selected to mentored by dragons themselves to able learn their magical powers and then become direct agents of their dragon overlords. So thus all dragonfire adepts are viewed as exalted champions of each clan. Dragon shamans are sort ancient leftover from tribal times when there weren't no shugenjas, but they do still exist and act in role of divine mystics who provide guidance and advice and in smaller remote settlements acts as priests. However at large dragon shamans are more wilderness hermits comparable to wu jen and wander much less, more meditating on mysteries of dragonkin and rarely they accept pupils to pass on the ancient trade. Also some few clans hold dragon shaman traditions stronger and treat them similar to dragonfire adepts.

The Ten Great Clans:

Dragan: Dragan clan's symbol is golden dragon claw in white background. It's clan based on gold dragon Dragan, the founding leader among dragons who talked for peace and then guided great dragon flight to Karmandu and was first dragon to become ascended and told secrets of the process to his brethren. Dragan clan is most honorable in dealings and has strong divine focus and calling to many subjects of the clan. Picking careers as shugenja, monks, dragon shamans and favored souls are plenty as one half-dragon children of Dragan formed a preserved half-dragon line, a minor clan, which entirely devotes being divine warriors (favored souls). A special signature weapon from clan's military is what's called golden claws, a gold forged massive katana, a nodachi, which all are enchanted and they carry brilliance of their founder in them (brilliant weapons). A unit of forty serves as royal guard for clan's daimyo. However sorcery and ways of wu jen, even dragonfire adepts, are more rare in clan and bit disliked. View sorcery as coward's tool (shugenja aren't used for military purposed but they often support them with magic but not offensively, a shugenja entering a battle directly is a taboo). Military arms and divine magic of favored souls are more common in battlefields led by Dragan clan. Dragon clan are close allies to Ivoria. Most members of the clan are half-elves and halflings.

Ivoria: Ivoria was mate of Dragan and is mate still on as ascended dragon. Clan's symbol is silver scaled banner lined with white feathers. Traditionally mates both Dragan and Ivoria come from each other and that alliance has made their clans strong. Compared to militaristic Dragan Ivoria clan is renown more for beauty and art. However the few who do pick the art of the blade are renown duelists, favoring finesse over raw brutal force and speed. They have no troops or armies, as a family they are fairly diplomatic (and most who would offend them fear to do so in case Dragan troops coming interfere) and are keen negotiators for peace between conflicts which aren't meant dealt with by the great council.  Albeit they lack army they do have their own royal guard; forty elegantly dressed maidens which dress on all white are their deadliest duelists chosen for the task and appear unarmed. But each maiden is deadly warrior who is able conjure their weapon out of thin air, a secret technique only members of the guard and their gowns are hard as steel armor but have all comfort and weight of silk. Most members of the clan are half-elves and elves.

Brozar: Brozar clan does not have ascended dragon ancestry and their banner is bronze shield on crimson field with white stripes. Brozar is more a freelance mercenary company than traditional clan, each clan daimyo has been a bronze dragon but besides that daimyo's act more as warlords than rulers. As Brozar is clan who rents services (other clans and other clients) of their soldiers who are all around excellently trained, perhaps best troops in strategic combat and in defending locations or caravans and royal guards of daimyo forms from same stock (but are even better). Brozar clan membership is open to anyone who is willing to take oath to daimyo, despite their background as past sins will be purged by shugenja in ritual where flesh of applicant will be branded with bronze scale. Most members of the clan are diverse bunch; humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, halflings, lizardfolk, orcs, half-orcs and so on.

Bargus: Bargus clan was founded by ascended dragon Bargus, brass dragon herald of the council's will. Their clan symbol is brass harp in white field with brass stars. Clan is all about entertainment and ceremonies, so they have major influx of shugenja who specialize on sermons and are overall best organizers for weddings and other parties. Their skills are so good other clans rent their services as entertainers (and courtesans). However even if at surface clans in military entirely, their not helpless as their shugenja (unlike Dragan) are more than eager wage into battle in front lines and display flashy and aggressive use of elemental magic. Same applies for their sorcerers and bards and Bargus clan has overwhelming number of half-dragon offspring from daimyo (indicating strong libido/promiscuous behavior). Their daimyo has no royal guard but their daimyo is cleverly hidden among the humanoid population and he (or she) if ever rarely shows up. Half-dragons of daimyo's usually handle the public speaking, even in gatherings between daimyo's (it has caused some dragon daimyos feel insulted to talk to 'half-breed' like equal but that's Bargus customs). Bargus clan has wide variety of races as members (similar to Brozars).

Cobor: Cobor clan is not founded on ascended dragon but are inspired by one; copper dragon Iregoza, a provider and supreme skilled healer. A copper dragon who was pupil to Iregoza teachings then founded one great clans and she was Coborianza. Clan's symbol is entwined double copper serpents which are holding a cup together upwards in a white field. Clan overall is very focused on shugenja mysteries but in regards medicine and healing arts. Also some devoted favored souls are less divine warriors (compared to Dragan clan) and act more as front line battle healers. Shugenja of the clan similar dashes in battlefield but they do not strike offensive magic but more guard themselves while they carry on duty rescuing and healing fallen warriors. Cobor may be clan of healers and overall be peaceful but their defenders are most fierce when protecting their land and most fearless and heavily armored compared to other clans and their fortifications are only second to clan Boltamar. It was their clan who developed alchemical formula which allowed humanoid races to grow scales from their flesh like dragons do and it became widely spread among clans. But they hold some own secrets how turn the scaled armor even more impressive and tougher. Most clan elite members are gnomes.

Wirmath: Wirmath clan is infamous clan which was founded on tragedy and madness. Clan's symbol is cracked white dragon skull in black field. Wirmath the great white wyrm was founding patron for group of orc tribes living in frozen wastes but overtime he grew greedier and greedier. Khruma was not enough satisfy his senseless hunger and he started hunt and devour his own subjects! Just hundred years since dragons made peace with Karmandu natives! Other dragons tried peacefully talk Wirmath to stop his mad behavior but he refused, telling he had yearned to taste blood again and he refuses give up on it again! Rest of council elder dragons saw Wirmath's behavior having massive negative impact on other inhabitants and so they decided Wirmath must be caught up. But by the time dragons arrived to capture Wirmath they found only his body....the orc tribes had banded together into single massive army and rebelled against Wirmath, led by a orc hero, a half-dragon son of Wirmath who had grown tired of his father's madness. Final straw being Wirmath eating his own mother before his eyes.

The tribes knelt, apologize for striking blow against dragons and submitted themselves for whatever punishment council sees fit for them. However council spared the orc tribes, instead giving them freedom live as they have before and take and use whatever they want with Wirmath's treasury. All as means to both cleanse council (and other dragons) involvement with Wirmath and also leave lesson to all future daimyos; rule well or else your own subject will strike you down. Wirmath clan took name of their founder because they respect him, but as silent threat that they are killers of Wirmath. In grand scale Wirmath clan lives by itself, in tribal clan communities in mountains who occasion go raid near by clan lands for supplies. But since killing Wirmath they haven't slain dragons and they do not harm half-dragons. However each clan is ruled by son of original dragonslayer who led army to slay Wirmath so dragon's blood carries strong. Also because independent tribes inside clan do not answer ultimate authority, the other clans cannot pressure to cease hostilities by clan wide actions as only portion of the clan (one tribe from dozen) is actually doing hostilities (and universally Wirmath clan do not interfere nor aid hunting down their own clan members). Unique to this clan is the matter they use weapons made from dragon bone. Not just Wirmath's, but any dragon who has fallen and died on old age in their territory or elsewhere on Karmandu. Other clans consider practice disgusting and dishonorable, but Wirmath do not care about it. Also Wirmath only clan who still has strong dragon shaman cultural presence, lacking entirely wu jen and shugenjas and main warriors being barbarians than samurai. When the tribes are not causing trouble they take role as monster hunters for hire from other clans, as in their own tribal customs killing big nasty monsters is means to gain fame and recognition from ancestors. Also if council commands them step down, they always respect council's command, but not from other clans though (rarely). Clan consist of orcs and half-orcs.

Bashu: The clan is located in moist jungle and swamp area, the native homeland of the lizardfolk who were adopted by Bashu, who was not one ascendant dragons but son of one of them. A great black dragon wyrm Ulgarian. Bashu was a whelp in Ulgarian's cluster of eggs and presumed Bashu will be devoured by her siblings, as it was the way of black dragons cut off weaklings. However Bashu crawled and hid on mother's feces, covering it's scale with vitriolic toxin and when only biggest and nastiest sibling remained, Bashu was found but as sibling bited and started take chunk from sibling's meat and devour last sibling and triumph, sibling died instead on poisoning from eatting feces along with flesh sibling tore. Bashu survived for being clever and he never saw horrible scar in his face as weakness but mark of triumph he had over his elder brother so soon after hatching.

Same sentiment followed on adopting the lizardfolk clans, teaching them to survive and master cunning and poison. Bashu's clan symbol is black taloned hand dripping with venom in yellow background. So Bashu clan is renown for poison medicines but most of all virulent toxins which they had harnessed from swamp and further developed and fermented. All clans view Bashu's clan method of figthing, using poisons, dishonorable. As is the way of their fighting; Bashu clan have only very few samurai warriors who use acid coated weapons. But their true army are shinobi who ambush and cripple their foes and strike from shadows and mists. Bodyguard of daimyo is namely twenty samurai, but they are merely visual decoration as true bodyguards are twenty master shinobi which have mastered art of disguise and stealth remain unseen. Bashu clan sees no dishonor surviving, even if it takes dishonorable measures to do so. However some clans hire Bashu clan for specifically for dishonorable deeds; mostly to assassinations but also on stealing, kidnappings and so forth. Most clan members are lizardfolk or subspecies of one.

Boltamar: Boltamar clan lands reside in thunderpeak mountains, mountains where goblinoid tribes touched by elemental of air reside in. Clan symbol is yellow castle cracked by ligthning in a blue background. Mountain resides in middle of a desert region where scorching hot winds, eternally howling, circulates the mountain which cracks thunder from high above. The entire place is impenetrable fortress through fortifications and natural elements used build the single fortress city. This was home residence to one ascended dragons, great blue wyrm Bolthazzar. Lord of thunder and executor of the council's wrath. That's the role of the clan; they act as police for any crimes against council or Karmandu. They are powered by council to act and arrest any criminals from other lands (as means minimize armed conflicts between clans). So long laws of Karmandu or council have been broken. Boltamar clan have samurai but their true skill in steel comes from practicing sublime way, art of the blade. Blademasters of Boltamar clan are most feared warriors, so feared other clans hire blademasters teach their crafts to other clan scions, with oaths which forbid student ever sharing secrets to another. Boltamar is famed for most also on aerial Calvary, they have tamed air element touched wyverns as their mounts which they ride onto battlefield or when pursuing criminals when they are send by council hunt them down. Most clan members are goliaths.

Gruul: Gruul clan is based on one ascendant dragon; Gruulamarth, the great green wyrm. Clan's symbol is serpentine dragon entwined by a large tree painted green on a dark brown background (usually on treebark). He unlike most dragons did not use sorcery but instead had druidic magic in his disposal. He took over lush green forest lands and took elves living inside the forest as his subjects. He taught their tribal society druidic arts and thus unlike other clans there are no shugenja in Gruul but druids instead serving communities roles as priests and sermon carriers. Because of this unique form of magic (to Karmandu anyways), Gruul clan sells their druidic arts to control weather and harvests and their lands are most rich with fruits and also harvests in grain and rice. Naturally being rich bread basket has made clan regular target for raids, so their defense they employ wooden armored dolls (basically wood golems) which they manipulate and move with druidic magic as main infantry where as elven samurai practice art of bow than traditional katana. In close range even favoring naginata (spears) than bladed weapons. Most subjects of Gruul clan are elves and half-elves.

Ragmorra: Ragmorra clan is based on great red wyrm; Ragmorrazzah. Her clan symbol is pair red taloned dragon hands grasping on golden heart in black background. She was unusual red dragon; mastering magical manipulation than brute force and she was greediest of all dragons and last one to ascend. Her clan rule volcanic mountain range with rich ores and metals and she coveted all gold mines in Karmandu and became kingdom treasurer partly by charm (and subtle magical manipulation on votes). Her clan is wealthiest and is key provider for gold blades for clan Dragan, including enchantments. Her clan besides wealth and mines are prime producers of all stone and metal worked objects. Even clan Boltamar used her clan services to fortify and improve their keep. Besides Boltamar and Cobor her clans keeps or rather their treasure vaults, are impenetrable for intrusion. Main defenses come from clever trap mechanisms and labyrinth mazes which only natives know how navigate safely.

For rich clan Ragmorra has rarely own infantry as they have enough wealth to purchase any mercenary services fill out their military needs. They have regular ongoing contract with Cobor to safeguard their caravans and Boltamar for hunting down thieves with aid of Bashu shinobi. All three these clans Ragmorra had courted before ascension as well. However the elite bodyguards for daimyo (which is one Ragmorra's direct descendants always) are twenty heavily armored dual blade wielding dwarven samurai and then twenty kobold archers. Most clan members are dwarves and kobolds.

Ten great wyrms of the council
Dragan: Dragan the Peacemaker, great gold wyrm. Dragan was the dragon who negotiated initial peace between dragons and then led dragons to dragon flight as they departed from mainland and found Karmandu. He was also one who founded great wyrm council and discovered method of becoming ascendant dragon and share secret of the process to others. He is viewed as 'supreme leader' of the council but he refuses accept the title as he views council as means give everyone a equal voice in matters in kingdom of Karmandu. In overall attitude he is honorable and insightful, always thinking what's best for most involved in the matter. He took Ivoria as his mate and they together had clutch of eggs together which formed foundation to both their founded clans dragons. He is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of wisdom and honor' among Karmandu's population.

Ivoria: Ivoria the Silver Knight, great silver wyrm. Before meeting Dragan she was founder of a kingdom in mainland and a order of knights, which both were destroyed in dragon wars and she was vengeful silvery avenger of her people. She bears scars even today from bloody conflicts she did to avenge her chosen subjects. She had confronted Dragan in regards starting dragon flight, but seeing mainland mortal races could not reasoned with she agreed with bitterness. However most her bitterness had faded in Karmandu since founding her clan and she has taken role as knight protector of Karmandu, the bold independent knight who strikes first against invaders if any who seek harm Karmandu. Overall she is viewed as smooth talking and regal, always carrying herself with supreme grace. She is mate to Dragan (love started form once finding Karmandu) and they created clutch together which formed foundation to their clans. She is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of courage and graceful beauty' among Karmandu's population.

Bargus: Bargus the Herald, great bronze wyrm. Bargus role in council is act herald and ceremony master in council proceedings. Depiste his chatty and sociable nature he is most intelligent dragon in the council, lore wise from all of them and is also record and scribe of council so he has written down all council meetings on detail (and painted them as well). He is one trusted advisors from Dragna regularly converses with in council and Bargus had helped great deal organizing Karmandu's society and created cultural norms which persist even to today in society. Bargus is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of wit and generosity'.

Beramiz: Beramiz the Champion, a great bronze wyrm. Beramiz is a bold and courages dragon warrior, excelling in combat and only rivaled by Bolthazzar (and extend Ulgarian who specializes on less direct confrontations) but her mind and brilliance for tactis is unquestionable. Beramiz is among younger members of the council besides Nirvuush, but still she was among flying with all original dragons in dragon flight when they flied to Karmandu. For long while she served as champion and mentor for warriors for many dragons clan soldiers, teaching them basic of tactics, warfare and manufacture of weapons. Despite Brozar follows her ideals she did never become clan's daimyo but was glad guide other her brethren to become clan's daimyos (most of them her students). Beramiz is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of warfare and education'.

Iregoza: Iregoza the Miracle bringer, a great copper wyrm. Iregoza was always compassionate dragon who cured small animals even on her youth and she discarded arcane ways of dragons for divine so she can heal more effectively injuries. In dragon wars she never slew anyone (did knock out few foes but she left them alone). When dragon flight happened she left, as to avoid conflict and harming lesser races in staying in mainland and in Karmandu she focused on healing dragons who had been injured before start of Karmandu and also starting take care of humanoid races in Karmandu. She herself never took a mate but she formed adoptive mother bond with many orphaned dragons from dragon war, one of them was Coborianza who later founded clan inspired by her adoptive mother's teachings. Iregoza is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of healing and kindness'.

Ulgarian: Ulgarian the Cunning, a great black wyrm. Ulgarian had always been more cunning than most dragons, even by black dragon standards. She has highest kill count in dragon wars and is sense most deadliest killer, but she is not warrior. She has used magic, curses, seduction, ambushes, poisoning and traps to outdo and outsmart her foes. A one popular legend in Karmandu is about raven haired beauty from crossroads who will offer night of passion and leave you dead in morning because you have died on poison from her body. Which is further speculated as there are many 'fatherless' black half-dragon daughters and sons who are not descendant of Bashu in clan Bashu. Ulgarian is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of cunning and death'.

Bolthazzar: Bolthazzar the Executioner, a great blue wyrm. Bolthazzar is perhaps most powerful dragon warrior, but not as tactical minded as Bezmir or cunning as Ulgarian. But his overall battle prowess is unmatched in duels and he and Bezmir have often come even in their duels. However reason why Bolthazzar is given duty as executioner and thus supreme law is his devotion to council as during dragon flight some mainland forces followed the flight with airships, so he was the dragon who left behind willingly and fought them headlong to buy flight time to disappear to horizon. No one asked him such sacrifice or deed, but he managed destroy threats and return to flight even if significantly injured (scars which he bears proudly). He is devoted to dragons as whole, with zero compassion to lesser races. He always would rule in favor of true dragon in any given argument. Bolthazzar is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of battle and law'.

Gruulamarth: Gruulamarth the Lifebinder, the great green wyrm. Gruulamarth unique from many dragons because he channeled divine magic (which some gold dragons do as well) but more so channeling power of nature. His original home by his own tales reside at one Garthalla moons; Feunia. He grew in there in lands of fey until he departed to Garthalla to find place of his own. However in dragon wars he mostly hid in forests and then used druidic magic to protect himself or assault foes, always fighting where he had terrain advantage and Gruulamarth is most renown shapeshifter among all dragons. Not just able take human guise of old man but various animal forms as well. Gruulamarth is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of life and nature'.

Ragmorrazzah: Ragmorrazzah the Queen of Gold, the great red wyrm. Ragmorrazzah was since birth different from rest red dragons, where most red dragons were aggressive brutes, she was passionate and seductive and manipulative. Using wits, charms and trickery making other dragons fight one another and her skill to charm and seduce is only contested by Ulgarian. However unlike Ulgarian her partners did not die, unless she manipulated them to attack someone else. She is straightforward, brutally honest at times, in regards her desires. She loves gold and loves carnal pleasures in excess. Thanks her social skills she managed talk most profitable pieces of land with nexus to herself and become treasurer of the council, lady responsible in fair distribution of land's gold and handle few sacred magical artifacts saved from all great wyrms former hoards in the vault. Ragmorrazzah is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of seduction and wealth'.

Nirvuush: Wirmath was original great wyrm from dragon flight, however Nirvuush was among first generation white dragons born in Karmandu. Nirvuush is unusual white dragon as he is exceptionally intelligent for one, surpassing most dragons in intelligence of his age. It's mystery how it's possible but in end even if he had all raw brutal power of a white dragon he had also sharp intellect which turned him most dangerous white dragon among white dragons. In Wirmath incident there appeared clear signs white dragons aren't welcome to the council and for good reason; as all white dragons were vitriolic hostile to other dragon species (as default) and are most barbaric in manners. It was miracle itself Dragna managed get one small flight of white dragons fly with them during dragon flight without them attacking other dragons. Years go by and Nirvuush grows into legend of his own, fairly young age outsmarting other white dragons and stealing their hoards and thus rapidly increase his influence among them. The deed which caught council attention was when other whites realized they had been tricked by Nirvuush (fairly but still perhaps dishonorable manner), it made a full flight of ten adult and above aged dragons fly to Nirvuush dwelling with intents to tear and murder him.

Bolthazzar was already informed of this and he flied to intercept, as whites (even if tricked) had no right carry out their personal vendetta on Nirvuush and matter must settled in great council in proper court! However as he arrived....he saw two dragons from ten were injured seriously and remaining dragons were dead in the snowy mountain range. But what surprised Bolthazzar the most was that Nirvuush claws were clean from blood as were fangs; instead he had used pure magical power to overcome his adversaries. Using magical wards, summons, conjurations and evocations bring down his foes and illusions to trick them. Overall case was dismissed as self-defense all fairness, but Bolthazzar informed Dragna and council about Nirvuush prowess in magic which was stunning shock. As all great wyrms were powerful in magic as usual for their kin, but what Bolthazzar saw once Nirvuush would grow great wyrm his skills in arcane powers would greatly surpass them all.

It lead Nirvuush then inducted into council mentorship, educated by all nine dragons about matters of magic and once he reached great wyrm status he is the only dragon ever who was invited into council and told secrets of becoming ascended dragon by merit alone than just being one original dragons from dragon flight. Since becoming ascended dragon Nirvuush has given up his old holdings (nor found clan of his own), focusing all his effort to study and research and having quarters in council hall where he continues his research and experiments. Only Bargus matching Nirvuush in lore knowledge and Nirvuush case he may surpass Bargus in pure arcane and spellcraft lore. Nirvuush is revered and worshiped as 'dragon of magic and ambition (overcome own's limits and station)'.

Overtime the great dragons grew fond of their followers, some even wishing they would be more draconic so they could earn better station or even outright adopt some followers as part of royal dragon lineages despite complete absence of draconic qualities or strength of draconic blood in their veins. Then council overtime developed ritual simply called Ascension which is for few and rare selected followers only. A highest possible honors in land of Karmandu to a non-dragon to be offered the Ascension by daimyo of your clan.

Ascension as ritual transforms the former non-dragon creature into draconic entity called Dragonborn. A dragon humanoid which formerly was other race but has now reborn fully as a dragon (albeit humanoid one). The process though is a rebirth, as it makes them loose emotional attachment to their former lives as other race and embrace new existence as royal dragonborn. Dragonborns are adamantly loyal to daimyos who offered and provided means to ascension. As ascension ritual asks dragon scale and bit dragon blood bathed on the applicant before they using clay (mixed with dragon blood) build shell with scales. It can involve other dragon scales but majority must come from daimyo. Once shell is done the ritual commences and the daimyo exposes the shell to his breath attack daily for a hour at the time. Imbue the shell and contents inside the needed magical draconic influence to make person inside egg to be reborn.

Reborn as dragonborn any scars or even missing limbs are gone, they are reborn as full mature adults (reverse even effects of old age on their bodies). In Karmandu society dragonborns are treated highly, similar to true dragons and distinction between them is very thin. It's even normal for dragonborns treated as potential mates for true dragons (unlike original release in races of dragon, dragonborn are able reproduce with each other and other dragons and children becoming true dragons if either parent is true dragon).

OOC Summary
A oriental styled setting mixed with stuff from dragon magic, draconomicon and races of dragon supplements. Also include oriental classes like wu jen, shugenja, samurai (homebrew ruled), dragonfire adepts, dragon shamans and ninja/shinobi (homebrew rules) as main spotlight classes. However there's room for the barbarians, rogues, rangers, druids (even one clan specialize in them), favored souls, sorcerers, psionics and knights (homebrew). But their meant more exotic picks and minority from whole. Ascended dragons/celestial dragons are just wyrms who had taken all 12 levels in dragon ascendant, which combined with benefits from nexus which all key ten dragon council members do have, they have immense powers and are close to actual deities this point.
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Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
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Looks nifty. So are chromatic evil in this setting or are the typical dragon personalities toned out (or intentionally controlled by their alliance)?

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Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
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Overall chromatic dragons and metallic dragons usual alignments are toned down or rather made murky; a golden dragon can be absolute asshole and blue dragon honorable etc. But thanks the alliance the dragons aren't in conflict one another, any conflict issues are dealt by great council but skirmishes and battles between clans are common and are handled or viewed by wyrms same as 'children's squabbles' by their perspective when clan daimyos clash and use human 'puppets' to battle each other. However dragons do also care for humans to extend as their devotion and prayers provide all dragons sustenance and thus reduce their need to eat and feed greatly (comparing to effect of ring of sustenance).

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Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
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Basic nation entry


Background/History/Origin: Zandaria is literal creation of one man, man called Zarus. When illumians mastered method transform from humans to illumians, no humans were left in their home dimension. In great collapse many human worlds were devoured by void and so there's many speculations on Zarus claim being 'created' by Garthalla as first human. However according ancient texts taught in Zarus church is that Zarus was born alone in the world, created by Garthalla itself. He embraced many good qualities of many races and he as unique being traveled and studied with many races (and sort discover was he truly alone) to master their arts and crafts. Other races out of curiosity taught him and show of kindness, as he was just one man from a race which is short lived. Zarus in travels watching couples of all races realized his loneliness until one night he howled into night his solitude, then world answered and gave him a bride which according legends is called Lilith.

Zarus spend many passionate months with Lilith and it result with birth of twins; son and daughter. Sign of this event worried all other races 'gods' who had once been mentors to Zarus but now worried this new race will shake the fragile balance the race had been since aeons. So they plotted for his demise and plan was create feast of honor for his children but then poison his wine so he will face his demise. Zarus foresaw the plot, after all he had assumed all knowledge of his mentors and he figured out quickly why feast was made. But for sake of honor and not surrender to paranoia of a doubt to refuse he attended the feast with his wife and children. He shared gifts and good words with his former mentors and other guests and when main feast was presented he toasted for good health for everyone, as he drinked the wine he immediately felt the powerful poison to do it's work and he felt dying. His dying words to his wife were; 'I shall always watch over you and my children, always. I will protect you.' As Zarus drew his final breath he ascended and became a god, a angry vengeful god, angry protector of humankind!

In his ascension he became a god and the founded Zandaria, land of humankind which he had ruled for aeons directly as god king. His perfection allowed him use his diverse skill set build empire which to many rulers shock is overall perfect; economy is smooth, bureaucracy efficient and swift, military well trained and working like well oiled gears in great machine. Art and architecture causes envy on many races as quality in arms and armor done by regular blacksmiths which use ancient forging techniques which have hint of dwarven and elven secrets in them. Spellcraft of magic is evolving constantly with new ground breaking discoveries once every year some fashion and education is universally high and no child is illiterate and all children aim to become best what they can be.

However in that perfection is single huge flaw; Zandarians have zero tolerance to non-humans. They brutally enslave and kill them on sight and they treat most slaves poorly and they are constantly aggressive in expanding and conquering lands of other nations (may they be humans whom they call 'race traitors' and other races). They seek unite all world lands together under banner of Zarus, who is both their god and supreme leader and general. Zarus has personally led many crusade and as expected from perfect warlord he rarely faces defeat but he has faced few defeats, but none defeats have crippled Zandaria and has rather left lingering resentment which is used blow new wind to renewed invasions without loss of vigor for success! Zandaria itself has been build on heavily defensive position, so no country alone has might break through bulwark which protects Zandaria. Some leaders even speculate of Zandarians had moved to full offense than use only one third of their military for invasions, they would had won constantly and conquered world by now with cost of some civilian casualties.

But Zarus is unyielding in regards protecting his people whom he consider as his children so he will never stop protecting them and in return for his unquestionable love his people believe and love him unquestioned.

Culture: In land ruled by godking, religious doghma and education is done to children since birth in form of hymnals which are singed send babies asleep. Once they start walk the children are encouraged to move and all parents are educated on good diets and they compete with other parents get best mentors for their children from distinguished staff and personals from academy or military or from any branch they can get. Excellence is the key but so is diversity; as one year child may attend military academy learn basics, second year may go in studying in academy for sciences, third they may serve in farms in learning agriculture. End result by time child reaches fourteen years they have solid information all branches of the society and how they work and function. At age of fourteen through ceremony led by head priestess the child is given choice where they focus their excellence. The choices are tied to golden items which are presented to child but aren't told what items mean, but most children can figure out what each symbolized object means without being told if they paid any attention to their lessons and lives at past.

Sickle and Hammer: focus become farmer or artisan, be supporting pillar of the empire of Zandaria. Be man or woman who provides bread and items needed for other fields to succeed.
Harp: Be musician, a artist, who inspires population of empire to achieve even greater greatness and be displaying superiority of mankind to other races as well with wonder of your works.
Blade: Become part of military, be sword of Zarus who conquers all under his name.
Hammer: Become magistrate, the man who runs the oiled wheel of bureaucracy to see regulations and laws are followed and respected.
Wand: Become mystic of Zarus, one who wields wondrous powers of magic under his name to vanquish all threats of Zandaria. Be scholar of science and discover new ways improve everyone's life either through magic or science.
Cup: Become part of the clergy and accept Zarus divine will merge with yours and become his most devoted tool, service him and Zandaria through devotion and wielding divine magic.

There is secret 'seventh' items, if applicant instead choosing tool chooses self, they are immediately taught into ways of the monk and become personal divine agent of Zarus, become his most skilled assassin and heretic hunter. But twisted truth is; Zarus did indeed originally die but his body did but not his spirit. So all monks are potential hosts of Zarus when old vessel dies by old age. Powerful monks who achieve perfection and cease aging are most suitable as that way when Zarus possess them he creates image he is undying god. Zarus had no nexus when he died but found one in immaterial realm when he died and bonded with to gain extraordinary powers. He is merely powerful spirit able perform full possession and transforming vessel to his ideals once possession completes.

Either way once child had chosen career they proceed on career with efficiency of strongly lawful society where disappointing their god is same as betraying one self, so overall Zandarians are fanatical and ready to fight recklessly and die for their god king and their divine father. Churches hold regular mass for population to reinforce their beliefs and righteous of their way of life. Overall society lives so that everyone is equal despite path they chose in age of fourteen, only very rare extreme cases someone has been permitted to change their careers or some cases hold two careers simultaneously. All these rarer cases are by Zarus approval. There are some rebels, those who doubt Zarus and hide in shadows and there are also those who sympathize with non-human slaves. Abuse on slaves (including sexual) is common. However sexual interactions with non-humans are viewed to be dirty and deviant, similar how someone would mate with animals elsewhere. But for mighty and powerful no one questions their 'deviant tastes'.

To discourage for men tempted by non-human flesh women long time ago founded the pleasure dens, the women willingly created covens and then organized them into 'divine brothels' ran by female clergy of Zarus. Where pleasure dens purpose is to educate both men and women on sexual matters....and to virgin men and women offer their first times to suitably trained divine servant of Zarus. Who will provide a wholesome one night of experience of ultimate bliss to prove human partners are superior to non-human slaves who know nothing how please humans. Pleasure dens are also places where spouses with problems come meet and solve problems, as marriage is sacred pact between two humans and divorce is discouraged. More so as divorce would display a failure on both parties towards Zarus to uphold a simple oath, so many couples even most extreme problems (including gay sexuality on one partner) instead try find ways to keep their union ongoing and keep the appearances up (even if secretly their spouse has lover or regularly visits pleasure den relieve build up stress).

Trade/Merchants/Currency: In Zandaria it's believed career of a merchant, someone to transport and sell goods on behalf of someone else is....pretty much pointless. So there is no Zandarian merchants nor shopkeeps. Artisans are themselves responsible both production and sales. Often assign their apprentices to handle shop side or themselves stand in shops while apprentice work. Guild has for this reason got difficulty to get any foothold on Zandaria as there is no merchants nor merchant guild to form contact with. Also another obstacle is that Zandaria is largely self-sufficient and anything they would ever desire from other nations they just outright conquer and take by force. Also Zandarians themselves do not wish conduct any trade with outsiders and they consider (not by law but own beliefs) that trading with any organization which have non-humans (or be part of such organization) taints their soul before eye of Zarus. All ambassadors and negotiators send to Zarus himself are ignored politely.

Lastly is also problem in currency; Zandarians have their own coinage they use to trade one another. But they do not view exchanging currencies as exchange of wealth; but contribution points to given individual. Contribution points to society are earned being Zandarian, doing work and trade and given points on physical form. Outsiders cannot earn these as they aren't Zandarians. Zandarians accept only these contribution points, no gold nor silver nor even goods from outside for trade. Also contribution generation is kept carefully memorized through taxes the government does on artisans and everyone; based on yearly income they take some contribution points and record it. Once person grows too old contribute to society at all, that all stored contribution is used for their retirement where they earn retire as revered elders; who are provided everything they need for free as thanks for their loyal contribution (based on amount of contribution they did to society in younger years).

Organizations in Zandaria
Considering the high lawful and complex structure in Zandaria it has given birth to dozens organizations which do need noted here.

Church: Church is one bigger organizations, perhaps most influential and powerful in entirety of Zandaria. It has the public service side where they hold sermons, mass, weddings and also provide curing and healing services to the sick. A sub-branch from public one are clergy who run pleasure dens to educate on sexual matters (and deal with sexual oriented problems in privacy). Church also has military branch made from battle priests who cooperate with military to work together to provide blessings and healing in front lines while smiting heretics and non-humans. The most feared side though is inquisition, the church policy which searches for heretics inside the kingdom and exposes cults and non-human sympathizers. Church is actually the law force in Zandaria which military merely assists in doing arrests and executions. Inquisition does not declare in advance anyway nor warn who are under suspicion, by the time they show themselves they already have church granted permission to arrest and do whatever they want with the subject in question. Reason that all answers and questions and evidence have been double confirmed by divine magic and by Zarus himself.

Hierarchy inside the church is based on seniority, there's only one head priestess or priest which is called Saint Cardinal and position can be held by man or woman. A starting students are called acolytes who then once training completes are called initiates as they start their career and once they gain more experience will be called brother and sister. Most other titles beyond brother and sister are based on duties cleric does in the church but if there is elderly cleric with no signed duties they are called 'elderly' brother and sister.

Magistrate: Church may handle arrests on heretics but to day to day problem solving and crimes are done and dealt in courts and such which do not involve heresy. Military once again supports magistrate investigators and judges. Magistrate besides running day to day laws and regulations also handle much bookkeeping in the empire and keep tabs on supplies and also investigate on foreign spies or deals with foreign ambassadors who are human. Zandaria may be prideful and arrogant and easily call other humans race traitors but if there is human kingdom who do not support large demi-human population or none at all the magistrate would offer them chance join empire as vassal state and form alliance with them. But such alliances have been very rare and never done without presence of head priestess and without inquisition checking for heretical behavior from another country first.

Magistrate there is no differing ranks but senior members are respected more than young ones.

Academy of Science and Art: Academy of science and art is organization which handles day to day education of Zandarian population, teachers are both members of arcane conclave and also those who had graduated as bards and decided settle down as mentors. Academy handles both base and advanced courses for students of various ages. However advance courses are only those who had chosen career in Harp or in Wand. Some few much contributed artisans may study some fields with permission of headmaster.

In academy there are teachers, specialist professors and headmaster but there's no hierarchy besides headmaster controls everything what is allowed and one in academy and solves day to day issues which professors or teachers cannot agree or settle on.

Arcane Conclave: Those who choose career as wands they are moved to special training facility, a tall black tower outside capital city called Black Tower. It's location of arcane conclave's main training facility. They educate all about arcane magic use, they educate on arts of sorcery, wizardry, warlock magics and hexblades and even mind magic like psionics. However in general science and civil education is done in academy which is rare place where arcane conclave members meet students who aren't part of arcane conclave. Arcane Conclave overall does not direct where send their students but most either settle down as researchers, magical artisans or join military. Also unlike most zealous society arcane conclave is bit more open minded but well aware that they cannot challenge church authority nor laws of Zandaria, all comes being for their exposure and study of other cultures magic usage. Of course some students and mages can be zealous like most population are but it's more exception than general rule.

Structure is similar like in church; students are called when they join as students, then initiates when they learn basics of magic and then journeyman mage when they advance and then a mage when they got plenty experience. Mage is title reserved for any caster of around 8-10th level, past that another title is given only those who teach in tower itself; master and headmaster (not confused with academy headmaster). Archmage is also title but it comes from grand arcane achievements and is more outside hierarchy honorific which can be used for foreign archmages as well.

Military: Military is multiple branched network, all who start careers full time are called recruits and then once they are seen fit to serve in field the recruits start to be called legionnaires (which is basic rank to all branches of military). There is infantry, cavalry and archers who also double as melee support unit with spear use. There is then legionnaires who handle using siege weapons (and guarding them and guard supply wagons). Zandarian strongest infantry are called Imperial Knights, heavily armored and shielded soldiers who move in tight formations and move right into front lines under heavy enemy fire. They are always accompanied by one member of Zarus clergy to bolster their confidence and provide unit wide divine blessings and often also a mage from arcane conclave provide magical support as well to units in front line. Some arcane conclave members become full time war mages and they are highly respected and may gain actual military ranks but they aren't given any troops under their command directly but they often get assigned a military commander of lesser rank who answers to them and obeys their commands in battlefield.

Zarus Fists: Zarus fists are secret organization, only known to highest ranking inquisition members in the church and they only know it exist. They do not know members at all. Zarus fists are elite secret agents of Zarus himself, secretly trained to advanced martial arts and sublime way to become ultimate assassins, spies and killers. They have right to slay anyone, even a inquisitor, without permission from anyone. As they present Zarus direct will and they are recognized by unique symbol of golden fist branded on their bodies, fist which clenches and bleeds blood. Youths who do make the gesture towards their hearts or slam fist as their 'tool' how serve empire, it indicates a divine calling greater than anyone else and thus are chosen of Zarus.

Training in secret monastery is intense, brutal and cruel. All meant harness all full potential from every recruit and erase any compassion, even to fellow humans, entirely and only accept Zarus will. Once 'graduation' as such term does not truly exist as these recruits train entire lives until bitter end. However once masters view student ready on field they assign them on simpler assignments and give tougher tasks as time goes by and the experience grows in them. None recruits are told secret that they are nothing more than potential vessels for god king, elite trained, hardened bodies to top physique and perfection. As their wills will be weakened and made submissive towards Zarus so potential future merge will happen smoothly and without struggle nor conflict.

OOC Summary
Overall create a fantasy equivalent of 'god emperor' from Warhammer 40K but also mix in Zarus religion into a empire which is constant source of potential conflict to other lands. Sort like roman empire in feel as well in culture (albeit it has secret order of assassin monks who all are then extra secretly also potential vessels for Zarus when present host body dies on old age and spirit remains and waits for new host to take over).
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Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
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Interesting. Imperium of Man is always a fun addition to any setting ;D

Was there gonna be an undead nation? Any hope of some of the undead being not entirely alignment restricted?

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Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
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Interesting. Imperium of Man is always a fun addition to any setting ;D

Was there gonna be an undead nation? Any hope of some of the undead being not entirely alignment restricted?

Yeah, undead nation is next and then there is elven nation. Then either I work on two another nations (one heavily into wizardry and other a 'mech' city) or focus on further magical lore (example what is Nexus).

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Re: Garthalla: Custom 3.5 DnD edition world.
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Basic nation entry


Background/History/Origin: Namael originally was like any regular kingdom, with farms which lands were owned by nobles who through collecting harvests paid tributes to kingdom's royalty and royalty kept own military as did nobles, largest military was allowed to barons who guarded the borders for the kingdom. Original faith of the land was towards six saints, based on heroes of their folklore who were inspirational icons than true gods themselves.

They had good four centuries of relative peaceful existence if not count occasional skirmishes between nobles and one civil war when bastard attempted take royal throne in ancient past. Then Zandaria invaded the country, they were small and mostly human but they had non-human subjects. Zandaria gave demand give over non-humans and submit to their empire as vassals, Namael refused. They were vulnerable kingdom as they resided in downward sliding valley of rich soil and forest surrounded by mountain range in circular ring, narrow passage to kingdom held very well against Zandaria but they eventually crushed through it sheer attrition as Namael did not have massive military and Zandaria worked some troops around mountains and started strike and raid the farming settlements and thus force Namael to split their forces. It became downhill from there on out.

Namael faced a certain demise, Zandarians no longer offered position as vassals, they sought to exterminate Namael to last man and just take their lands. Blood ran thick on streets in capital and it ran in countryside. However Namael family had a ancient and dark secret, there was in palace throne made from bones. Originally Namael in long history had been ruled by a lich in disguise and the throne had been lich focus for necromancy to rule secretly legions of undead across the land and control them remotely. Upon lich's defeat century later the throne was hid and forgotten. However the throne was originally part of one hidden cabals of illumi after the collapse, the outpost had suffered some incident as there was no illumi around as lich found it but he had found in there. So throne was artifact from first civilization and he had merely tapped mere surface of throne's power.

As it happened the final battles happened when it was night and Shadovar was up in night sky, the throne called upon last remaining living heiress, daughter of the king who had just been brutally murdered by Zandarian legionnaires. In desperation daughter sat on the throne, with bare basics of magic known to her by mentors she felt throne's power but did not know how use it. Unaware the throne had charged up thanks presence of dark moon and was hair trigger away to be activated the heir both whispered and pushed with all her willpower to make throne do something; "Defeat my enemies, help me reclaim my homeland..." With that utterance the lingering echo of lich's will combined with throne's power activated the throne with full power; it swept across the nation, bathing it with shadowy energy and turning land permanently clouded in shadow land. But what followed was then lingering lich's will guiding the heiress use the throne same way how lich had used; animating undead across entire kingdom. Both loyal subjects and Zandarian soldiers all suddenly got animated, slaves to will of the throne!

Suddenly Zandarians were surrounded by zombies and they were surrounded and even disciplined troops like Zandarian looses nerve when facing suddenly corpses of their comrades along with zombies and other undead. Wraiths, shadows, zombies, corpse golems, all sorts unholy horrors emerged from blood soaked streets, warfare and conflict had created ideal grounds for ritual which was activated by using the bone throne. Zandarians fled, more so as shadowy energy of the land made land haunted, dangerous and no longer fertile so Zandarians never returned to try retake the land. Losting interest on it entirely.

This event both killed but also gave Namael a new unholy rebirth. Heiress who had sat on throne renamed herself as queen Morgana Darkhan and she has ruled her country since then with firm grasp. She could had kept all undead as slaves, instead though she brought soul and personality back to the subjects. Animating them as her forsaken subjects, undeads with free will and freedom. She herself had become immortal as well, the event with throne created shadowy nexus where throne had sat when it unleashed shadowy necrotic powers and those had left her pale, undead alike yet still alive as well. She re-established the kingdom of Namael with what remained of the nobility and the subjects, rebuild and restructured it. Now that all subjects were undead one way or another some major changes needed to be made. Since the event Morgana has been queen of Namael for centuries and ruled it alongside the nobility. Now Namael is known necropolis, specializing in unique necromantic services and also provide Guild access to trade and do business in the city of the dead. Over centuries Namael has established trade with unique items they craft and also unique substances, plants and magical stones which appear only in Namael. In return they acquire other goods; books, textiles, fabrics and supplies to maintain their unholy existence.

Culture: Namael had very much given up on worship of the saints this point and replaced it with cold logical practicality and philosophical world views. As undead they do not reproduce (some new undead citizens may show up join the kingdom as kingdom is open for recruits). Animating dead demands kingdom license and done under careful supervision as sentience with animated new undead is not ensured. Namael carries out necromancy in responsible and honorable manner usually.

But besides being undead the greatest hurdle every Namael citizen faces with cold reality that unless their bodies rot useless (which can happen unless they do not maintain them), they live forever. So all people who in life were farmers, smiths, scribes, merchants, they all had to rethink what they plan to do forever rest of their existence. Many took new careers, discovered new purposes to life and even new passions and sources of joy.

So thus in Namael literature and theater is highly respected and valued art forms besides sculptures and paintings which production had taken several years. This art is high demand outside their kingdom even if theme of said art is often dark, gothic and macabre. Also there is issue with citizens who were transformed to more predatory undead; undead who prey living like vampires, wights and ghasts. Very early on kingdom soldiers exterminated those undead as they violently attacked any live survivors from the kingdom (the few which remained). Overtime though a agreement had been found where even predatory undead respect the law and satisfy their urges in tight controlled manner without causing any deaths.

In absence of inheritance through elderly dying and young ones taking over households, noble houses established new method to select their heads; through house inside elections where contestants compete by merits they had acquired and done with their unholy lives to be voted as next head of the house for most cases ten year lasting rulerships. Albeit Namael population is 90% undead, there is small minority of still living subjects in the city (both original citizens or those who had one reason or another moved to live in Namael). For those living they have to take care themselves their needs to eat and sleeping, as overall Namael is constantly active as no one sleeps or rests. At best meditates when they recharge magical powers and such.

Namael is also one first lands where shadow magic became largely popular and common, all as result of nature of land itself. Also one curious discovery changed Namael citizenry forever; through different method of learning and channeling shadow energies undead shadowcasters, those of preying kind, discovered they could sate their predatory needs through shadow energy to help sustain themselves. Even help them overcome some innate undead weaknesses and eventually gain some more alive looking appearance as they use shadow stuff itself create false lively vigor! Able feel sensations like living did! But with all benefits being undead still in place! For this reason shadow magic and shadowcasters rapidly became popular in population, even if sense of being alive is fake, it's better than nothing. So many those who could afford it, became students of shadow magic and formed then dozens of societies based on varied philosophies of life and death. Many living also started practice shadow magic as those powerful in shadow magic had less need for rest and food like normal people did. Eventually forsaking need for both and making easier for living blend in among mostly undead population.

Overall it means those middle class and above practice some way shadow magic in kingdom, but still many undead are still openly undead in land and it does not change despite wearing shadowy mask that Namael is land of the dead. But since regaining ability to have sensations like living it created then need to import high luxury food items to the kingdom, fine wines, fine meat and so on those wealthy able afford such luxuries.

Namael societies
Societies in Namael are viewed like political factions than those who have power. Overall Namael is monarchy with undying queen on top and with nobles forming a undying court who follows her command and helps rule and reign the kingdom. Some the factions do cause trouble outside Namael but they avoid trouble inside Namael, as the queen is rather ruthless in regards stomping out any troublemakers and has zero tolerance for it. But in return queen cares not for other kingdoms and empires, only what would motivate Namael to even move their armies outside Namael if it promises conflict with Zandarians, as both Namael people and queen herself carries serious grudge towards Zandarians.

Cabal of Bleakness: This society believes that entire world of Garthalla should be covered by shadow lands, as shadow lands is greatest form of existence according to them. So they believe life in shadows better than be in sunlight and some members of the cabal seek some insane plots like 'block the sun/Feunia' from Garthalla and they are drawn to Shadovar. Cabal was founded by wraiths and other sunlight sensitive undead who decided 'preach for' embracing eternal dark as philosophy. But overall besides sabotaging any light sources on communities outside Namael or desecrating temples and shrines dedicated to god or goddesses or beliefs regarding the sun, they are at best nuisance.

Immortal Court: Immortal Court is simply said the aristocracy of Namael in entirety, they believe in superiority of undeath and immortality over other existence. They look down living people nothing more than 'pulsing disgusting meatbags'. Queen is not official member but society counts her part of it thanks her immortal mornach figure which they follow and respect. Their goals is to try limit creating sentient undead, that only 'true worthy' individuals should allowed ascend to sentient undead status and rest 'thrash' (mostly common people) can turned to mindless undead when their worthless lives end.

Umbral Institute: A society of scholars who overall focus on matter researching and mastering shadow magic and finesse learning on necromancy. They offer tutelage to all who are willing spare some coin (or influence) to get study position in their academy. Overall once student graduates they hold contact and meetings with Umbral Institute, and Umbral Institute gladly take foreign students. As means to get 'fresh wind' into scholarly discussions. So there is both native and non-native members, aside undead and living members, in Umbral Institute. Overall Umbral Institute covers role of magic guild of sorts in Namael society.

Shadow Wheel Union: Shadow Wheel Union was formed by living and undead common crafters and artisans when Namael was re-established, a union of workers who battle for rights of workers. Both sentient and non-sentient undead labor force usage along with suitable compensation for said services. They are most aggressive towards Immortal Court who views them as 'upstart peasants' and so they often butt heads in courts or in arguments of interests. Where Umbral Institute focuses on arcane learning, Shadow Wheel Union focuses on mastering regular crafts to perfection and take advantage on their undead state to either make mass (or super fast) production of goods while same time carrying tasks which takes decades to finish in name for perfection. Their society has held most contact with Guild and formed working relationship with them.

Dark Saints Faith: The saints faith dissolve with demise of Namael citizens and facing Zandrians who's 'god' was superior to their icons. However all did not forsake faith....but rather establish it anew in form of dark saints faith, where old saints have become now undead icons which could revered. However their society is viewed by others as merely group of fanatics and zealots who cling to old forsaken traditions. But still they hold place in Namael as some Namael folks turn to their aid when they feel depressed or lacking any direction to follow with their undead lives. The six dark saints are following;
A dark god of revenge and justice, encourages seek revenge for those who have wronged you or those beloved to you. A genderless deity, appears in visions either as male or female covered in dark hooded cape and favored weapon is black flame burning kukri.
Just re-named Evening Glory from libri mortis book.
Warrior is labelled as 'first vampire' ever in existence; a god who encourages seek divinity and power from blood (your or your enemies) and seek supreme martial prowess and tactical perfection with immortal lifespan. Warrior encourages use fear and terror against enemies (think if Vlad the Impaler, Dracula or Kas was turned into a war deity).
Wise Crone
Crone teaches on educating and guiding newer generations with soft spoken words and is overall saint of dreams and visions, seeing future yet be silent on details and provide guidance in form of mysterious riddles and advice. A woman of secret wisdom and manipulate of fate and destiny.
A saint dedicated to perfection of craft and artistic values, finding sloppy work a form of blasphemy.
The immortal scoundrel, trickster and collector of stories and storyteller, lore seeker and man of knowledge and wit. A eternal wanderer as entire Garthalla, in all darkness and light, is his home and he wants witness all it's beauty. At times a cruel vigilante and some speculate avenger and wanderer are one and same entity split into two personas.

Namael secret
When the throne activated, it drew power directly from Shadovar and Tarmuid sensed it and thus he came down from dark moon to locate artifact and investigate what happened. So he met with queen who was in shock for all what happened. Once Tarmuid learned what happened he became secret mentor figure for queen of Namael, throne had been once powerful necromancy focused artifact from first civilization which was hidden to one secret cabals. However some reason cabal had vanished (one theory suggested they trapped enemies of void into time bubble and their cabal itself also wandered in time to fade and disappear and it was pure chance lich found cabal and throne). Either way in malfunctioned use throne created nexus and connected throne on it, so Tarmuid assigned queen as 'new guardian' for the throne in return teaching her shadow magic and teach how use throne properly along with nexus granted power up.

The queen of Namael is more aware and educated on first civilization and many unique 'inventions' are more of reinventions from first civilization which Tarmuid had taught or permitted for Namael people to manufacture and sell to buyers. All as means to apologize and take responsibility for the events which led to Namael transform into necropolis.

OOC summary
A necropolis land with heavy influence of using tome of magic shadow magic type and use fix suggested on here and add to sustaining shadow have impact on undead (high level vampire shadowcaster can walk in broad daylight albeit with diminished powers and shadow magic overall being weaker in daylight hours). All variety of undead are Namael citizens, sentient and have varied alignments. Fearing the law makes evil undead to behave and not munch visitors on sight (but can do so by ambushing them in shadow alley or less guarded roads). Overall culture has influence of Victorian era england (minus religion as very much Namael has scrapped religious life if not count one society trying uphold old religious values with a twist).
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The Namael nation looks pretty amazing. You could run an entire undead themed party in there.

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Yeah, Namael idea is introduce place where undead party is natural actually. But also provide nation of origin for undead party members who adventure elsewhere (for whatever reasons). So undead party members do not get 'smitten' unless entering a more narrow minded societies and kingdoms.

Anyways have done small edits to all earlier posts to include some extra infos (in case you missed them). Anyways next comes the elf kingdom.

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Basic nation entry


Background/History/Origin: Caor'rinthiir history is oldest in world as it was literally elven civilization which existed before Collapse but was reestablished after collapse by surviving elves who had some history before collapse and culture as well. So for reason Caor'rinthiir is oldest civilizations after Collapse and most advanced one point.

History starts in surviving elves founding a powerful nexus in deep forest, their leader was a elven druid/sorcerer Alanna Azure, she connected with nexus and became thusly first queen of land of Caor'rinthiir through power granted by nexus. Either by original design (or purpose by Alanna), nexus only connects to female users. Most nexuses make users immortal, however this nexus has option sacrifice immortality in return more power over the lands itself and all queens sacrificed immortality for power over the land and people.

However one later queens children was deadly ambitious, going so far as assassinate elder daughter to become selected next queen as former queen merged with nexus as form of death and passing the crown to new queen. The said queen was Amarra Azure. She was capricious and cruel queen, but also manipulative, beautiful and she used nexus powers turn herself irresistible to everyone. So despite all cruelties she did, her people blindly loved her and accepted her cruel nature and her games. However Amarra knew well she cannot live forever and she someday faces same fate as her mother....fate which she wanted avoid all cost!

So she sought a way overcome the fate and she then found contact with Asmodeus, lord of nine hells as she searched entire Garthalla a being who could grant her power to change and overcome 'feature' of nexus to ask her self-sacrifice for it and pass out the power to offspring. Asmodeus was drawn to Amarra, either by power of nexus or admired her ruthless nature. Either way Amarra formed unholy pact with Asmodeus which overtime transformed her into first of the fey'ri, daemonfey. She slowly corrupted her closest advisors embrace same unholy warping pact with Asmodeus and she intended spread the pact to all elves. As means to overcome nexus asked change elven people and bearing a child, a son, to Asmodeus and sacrifice son on Nexus instead herself to change and corrupt nexus into more aligned to hell and thus allow her become immortal and keep nexus immense powers.

However three heroes emerged who rebelled against Amarra and found about her plans, feys of the forest had spied queen for years and they witnessed as first Asmodeus key devils was summoned by Amarra and details of arrangement was told. Fey ran, got injured in pursuit and was found by three elven youths who had been having fun in forest and then face deadly devil in combat and which they slew together. Dying fey told of queen's plans, despite immense power of Nexus the raw brutal truth stirred and shook of the three heroes from the charm of the nexus queen had inflicted upon them and the elven people. They started rebellion, the first civil war in Caor'rinthiir since it's founding and unlikely impossible thanks powers of nexus queen wielded. But the rebels found way reduce influence of the throne and raw truth was brutal enough break the charm, but still it asked immense willpower to face and battle queen Amarra directly and so the three heroes had to battle her directly.

The three heroes were elven warrior Casomiir, elven twins Deborah (eldest, beautiful with cold heart and gift in sorcery/arcane) and Dalanna (youngest, rougher beauty but heart of gold, had gift in archery and arts of divine). The rebellion faced many obstacles and it would be many days lasting saga to tell their exploits and adventures, but for sake of history they faced queen Amarra after long grueling years and found her vulnerable finally. They found flaw in nexus how to sever her connection on it in key moment. Deborah weaved powerful spell which cursed Amarra permanently 'never give birth to sons nor daughters!' Followed by Dalanna use protective prayers, healing and blessings on Casomiir to bolster his prowess in battle and place a divine vulnerability on Amarra and her people; 'sun shall scorch your flesh!' and thus result reinforce Amarra's already unholy nature be anathema to sunlight. Casomiir being then the one who dealt killing blow to Amarra with his supreme skill with sublime way, on her death connection to nexus was broken and nexus freed from her control (as did most elves freed from her control, just leaving fey'ri tainted supporters of hers loyal to her).

However Amarra did not die, she had made pre-emptive pacts with Asmodeus which ensure her resurrection in face of death. She was merely teleported to safety and seeing rebels were victorious and very soon nexus will have new host...she called for retreat and used secretly build Hellsgate to retreat to hell, to underworld. Gate which was meant bring legions of devils to defeat rebels instead was used incomplete for one way trip and in end use the gate exploded and collapsed and tainted the land around it with hellish influence forever.

However then at hour of triumph a tragedy happened; as Amarra was dealt with the three heroes faced the core of the nexus which had been foundation of Caor'rinthiir. At first twins argued which one should be the queen and bond with nexus, Casomiir then suggested they all three could bond and share nexus but it was then dismissed by both twins and Deborah suggested that a man and woman in union could control nexus together and knowing Casomiir cared for her, Deborah suggested she and Casomiir be that couple. However Dalanna sensed her twins ploy; intending to kill Casomiir in during bonding progress and Deborah did not deny her accusation! All before Casomiir had even time to reply to Deborah's offer which he almost fell for! This made Dalanna leap first to nexus core, followed by Deborah and they both started wrestle for control of the nexus!

Result was building epic scaled catastrophe as nexus was connected to land and elven people, it caused agony to land and people but twins were relentless in their own both sibling rivalry and selfishness to try get nexus for themselves! Dalanna loved Casomiir, but Casomiir loved Deborah but Deborah cared for power only (albeit at heart she was noble in goals but she was ready make even dark sacrifices for it) and was barely better than Amarra! Casomiir then stepped into nexus as well, grasping on nexus as nexus struggled now with three heroes, nexus powers turning against Casomiir as he was male and started burn and erode his flesh away! However purity of Casomiir's heart echoed in nexus brightest as it shouted his desire to end agonizing conflict; split the power evenly to everyone!

This event literally tore once all mighty nexus into three lesser fragments, which all parties received and in explosion were thrown off each other. Only Casomiir remained in original chamber and in royal palace where original whole nexus was located. The event had dramatic effects to people and land itself and Caor'rinthiir shall never be same again.

Casomiir's body had vanished entirely, now his soul, spirit, manifested as pure incarnum bound on his armor. He inherited nexus power over incarnum, elven souls, so he became god of death for Caor'rinthiir. Palace ruins would overtime rebuild and become mausoleum for elven people and place where outcastes could join and live peacefully among the dead. Elven souls would live in ruins in peaceful after life in bliss. But secretly Casomiir, immortal himself, would sacrifice elven souls (after thousand year of bliss) to fill up his nexus and 'gift' extended lifespan to both Deborah and Dalanna, who both believe have become immortal when they haven't not. Casomiir plagued by his guilt in sacrificing elven souls, incarnum, to extend life span of the twins is willing to destroy himself once if the twins would make peace together and grant his nexus shared to both of them. Dalanna had visited him lots of times and asked him join with her battle against her 'evil twisted twin', but all these years Casomiir have refused and rejected Dalanna's feelings on her. Dalanna has felt dozen times hurt in heart being rejected but she holds hope Casomiir may one day realize her feelings. Deborah has not even once visited since explosion of nexus.

Dalanna founded her own kingdom and using powers of nexus manipulate land to become feywild influenced and overtime a new elf caste was born; high elves. They formed nobility among her people where connection to nature and divine were high importance along with personal freedom and sense of personal codes of honor. They became sworn enemies of Deborah's people; dark elves. They have held dozen wars, skirmishes, non-stop for centuries and few times Dalanna and Deborah have faced in direct battle but end result always led to draw between them.

Deborah used her nexus powers turn her kingdom into shadow lands, affecting elves loyal to her turn darker shade and color and eventually give birth to dark elves; who held darkest skin colors and had generally crimson or golden eyes. A counter parts to high elves. deborah's society valued ambition, skill in arcane and loyalty to own's family along with cunning. Likewise her kingdom has waged centuries warfare on Dalanna's people, including raids to kidnap slaves and brainwash them to servitude and carry crueler practices.

Culture: Caor'rinthiir is split to three cultures; one ruled by Casomiir and one by Dalanna and third by Dalanna's twin Deborah. All distinct.

Casomiir has no actual kingdom (he himself was true neutral in life), his lands are far north from both Dalanna and Deborah, but he holds the ancient grounds where Amara's royal palace once resided and he rebuild it into memorial and mausoleum for the dead. Which started sadly become fitting as blood and lives started very soon shed between Dalanna's and Deborah's people. As nexus powers diverted elven race into two halves and made battle each other. Only fey'ri were unaffected thanks their deeper pacts with Asmodeus. However Casomiir held power over elven souls, neither Dalanna nor Deborah holds that power and also it has led place of neutrality to some elves. Wild elves have example split off from both Dalanna and Deborah's kingdoms, declare no allegiance to either party and instead live in small tribal communities along with duskling populations in forests than cities.

So outcastes are welcome to Casomiir kingdom where he does not shape land but he generates with nexus powerful ward that no one can raise dead in his land (necromancy) and any violence is strictly forbidden in his lands with threat of death. If elf sheds blood to another elf, it will slay both of them. This has led Casomiir lands become favored neutral negotiation grounds between noble houses of both Dalanna and Deborah to hold meetings. Negotiate for blood price for prisoners or some even genuinely discuss peace (despite their respective queens literally on each other's throats).

Over time Casomiir's land a one house, founded by two exiled noble houses who once tried forge peace between two kingdoms were banished by their respective queens for 'defiance' for their queens. They settled live in Casomiir and house tradition became then using face paint to paint themselves in grotesque gothic patterns of white and black color, so it makes harder distinguish who is dark or high elf. The house practices both divine and arcane magic and practices necromantic arts but for sake communing with dead and dealing with aggressive undead creatures than animating undead. Also they are only house able to do resurrections which by power of Casomiir aren't allowed to work on neither Dalanna or Deborah's people, to force them more carefully plan conflicts and hopefully discourage reckless killing. Even so said noble house cannot do resurrection unless they plea the case for Casomiir and allow it to happen.

Dalanna's people are more 'traditional' elves (chaotic good) society. However they do not embrace arcane unless it's sorcery. As they view studying arcane as means just seek control universe because of own ambitions where as sorcerers are born with ability to do so. Regular (from PHB) elves and wood elves make home in Dalanna's lands. They have stronger roots for druidic traditions and elven clerics and rangers and closer affinity to nature and feys as their lands are radiating with feywilds life giving powers. Personal freedom is important and elves avoid interfere whenever they can with it. But they aid those who ask for it but rarely elves of Dalanna's people ask for aid. Family concept is fluid and can have multiple partners for men or women alike and children are raised more community manner than by just family unit. Dalanna herself has rumored to have lovers but she haven't birthed any children and her dalliances if any are her own private matters. She often retreats for years into wilderness, disappears and appears again if big battle is coming or her people need her. Her people manage themselves by a council made by elders who rule their respective communities and the communities unite if their lands are endangered by invasion launched by Deborah's dark elves.

Deborah's people are more stricter society (lawful evil). They embrace progress and invention along with power gained practice of arcane. Children are raised in families and noble families plot with each other; to try topple each other to gain other's lands and resources. However they do not openly stage warfare as their shared common enemy are Dalanna's people and so they prefer focus on conquests to their lands (or get prisoners for some fun). Besides dark elves (who make nobility of the land) there are grey elves. Deborah herself has founded own house, have taken over her long life many consorts to breed sons and daughters for herself to support her. So her family rule as monarchs and Deborah is present everyday life and holds tight reign over her people.

What comes to Amarra's people after departure from the surface, it's less known tale. But the two curses affected her and her people greatly. Pact with Asmodeus was that Amarra births son for him, which is needed to sacrifice said son on nexus so Amarra can change nexus in Caor'rinthiir and gain absolute power on it. However Deborah's curse which prevents birthing 'sons and daughters' resulted all Asmodeus and Amarra's unions produce offspring which was neither son nor daughter; but both, as futanari. This affected all fey'ri thanks her connection to nexus at the time when curses were laid down. Also vulnerability to sunlight was carried to her and to all present and future fey'ri.

Asmodeus entertained Amarra's requests for breeding couple of times until he ceased hold regular meetings, loosing interest on Amarra. However Amarra has not given up on regaining the nexus. Even if Asmodeus generously provided her new nexus (albeit much less powerful one compared to Caor'rinthiir, a artificial pool of power). Nexus provides immortality and bit power on Amarra who has renamed herself from Amarra Azure to Amarra Drak'thiir. Amarra founded a new kingdom, society, in underworld and building city there close to hell but resides deepest parts of underworld.

She has over centuries build new gates, portals, back towards to surface and she (and noble houses founded by her futanari offspring and some by her original supporters) launch raids to surface for slaves and resources. Amarra and other noble houses experiment with various breeding programs to overcome their curse, including summoning demons to breed with futanari fey'ri hoping for alternative results. But so far curse has been powerful and remained stuck with them. Over centuries all male and female original supporters died by old age and leaving only Amarra as female fey'ri while all rest fey'ri are futanari thanks the curse. Any offspring which is either male or female and is classified as fey'ri would be great interest to Amarra or any of the noble houses of fey'ri. Ready to burn cities and surface to find answer to their curse and beat it.

OOC summary
Just elven kingdom split three pieces which splits elves by their species (some sticking neutral) and land of light and darkness same time. While fey'ri act more traditional role of 'drow' form other setting being underground elves where as dark elves are merely darker skinned elves who live in surface (and sunlight sensitivity comes from living in shadow lands than underground).

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Basic Magical Lore Entry


What is Nexus? In most simplest terms it's magical wondrous location which grants on attuned person some magical or supernatural powers and abilities. Lesser nexuses need yearly renewal of pacts and rituals to gain their power on the user. Where as greater nexuses bond for life to single user. Also greater nexuses provide often than not immortality on user who bonds with nexus. As all greater nexuses can be magical, divine, psionic or incarnum natured and reside in normal realm, shadow land, feywilds or even in immaterial. But they all greater nexuses are fonts which draw incarnum into them; all souls of deceased are drawn to nexus and once they arrive they enter to realm beyond realms; dimension where all incarnum enters to be purified before they are showered back to normal world. Using same entrance as exit; overall nexus are created by concentration of incarnum or by powerful magical events. Great collapse created many nexuses in Garthalla and some later events had created them through accident or by purpose (the lesser and greater ones).

Creating however greater nexus is not exact science though, it's random chance which asks what most would call 'fate' factor. Lesser nexuses are much easier to produce and some powerful spellcasters make careers out of creating these lesser nexuses to buyers who then build their homes or communities around using a lesser nexus. Finding a untapped greater nexus is one rarer and greater treasures what adventurer can wish to acquire, so many keep eye out for them albeit such thing is rare. Below is list of some greater nexuses and powers they grant upon the user;

Golden Throne: This nexus unlikely was shaped as golden throne room with golden throne in beginning, but now this immaterial located nexus when you reach close to it pulls you into own pocket reality shaped by will and mind of powerful entity who has bonded to it; Zarus. Golden Throne is powerful psychic nexus, which only allows powerful psychic will to bond with it. Which indicates in life (or after death) Zarus became psychic being who found golden throne and bonded to it. Throne has power make mind immortal, bind incarnum enough to mind to keep personality and emotions going but no body unless manifest it in golden throne which is connected in Zandaria's throneroom (so it's no accident where real life throneroom is located; but careful design).

The golden throne grants user able perform absolute possession and take over on a willing victim, 'willing' this case does not necessary mean consensual will. Even mind controlled victim is 'willing' for nexus purposes. As possession completes the throne allows shape the body of host match image the entity desires and grant it 20 to every physical stat (and Zarus own mental attributes are up to 30 by now). Zarus reforms vessel into perfect paragon of self; it has +4 untyped bonus to all attribute and skill checks which comes being perfect. Also Zarus by default is proficient with all skills and languages and able roll checks untrained with his massive passive modifier he has.

But what makes Zarus truly scary is that he can dictate what 20 levels he has in given class and he is gestalt. He has gathered several hosts memories and skills over aeons so he practically has every class mastered and he chooses what classes he possess when he finish possession. Also as he completes possession the host will live three times of regular lifespan thanks constant incarnum flow through host body. During possession Zarus mind merges with original vessel's mind, gaining all memories and life experiences but this point no personality can ever change or overcome Zarus mind which is already amalgam of hundreds of mortal men's minds under control of single powerful entity. Most minds being willing 'servants' of Zarus.

Also throne even if not grant immortality to vessel and normally Zarus is just psychic will, it's practically immortal so long throne exists and his name exists known in universe. In vessel body he can once per day conjure golden throne into world, into reality and pull everyone 60'ft off him into it. For 20 rounds he possess all gathered knowledge and skills of all past vessels, in practice he possess all powers from all classes ever published. All events happening inside golden throne are cut off from rest of reality, to observes they see golden flash and then end results what followed during time in golden throne. After such intense power up he will become exhausted and needs rest for day before he can use ability again.

Also when he sits in real life throne which he himself build he had build nexus connection on throne to allow able commune telepathically with any human across Garthalla, send message form of words, a dream, a vision and able use any mind-affecting powers he knows as vessel. Also those whom he touch and 'mark' (works on humans only), he can check on them similar to status spell effect and there is no limit for such marks. The mark manifests with golden starburst symbol with golden face in middle in touched body part, similar to Zarus holy symbol.

Bone Throne: Bone throne in Namael was once powerful artifact but has now become nexus and bound on location. Throne firstly turns bonded user to have undead subtype without dying, so person in question heals by both positive and negative energy. Throne also allows absolute control of all mindless undead in Namael and allows unlimited animation of any undead corpses without onyx stones. Also it can allow grant sentience to any animated undead by binding incarnum of the deceased on it but throne user looses control over sentient undead. Throne also grants similar immortality of a lich; meaning upon defeat the bonded user will start grow and animate itself on the throne itself. Also anyone who attempts sit on throne without bonded user's permission will immediately be destroyed. Only through shattering throne during rejuvenation of original host breaks the link and throne reforms itself in a year and waiting on new user then.

Mana Fond: This nexus converts incarnum into arcane energy, allowing those who tap into it's powers able refresh spell slots limited manner and enjoy extended lifespan equal to 50% greater than norm. Also Mana Fond can be used to power various arcane oriented magical devices and create such without XP cost component, including permanent spell effects created with permanency. However to benefit from this feature asks a constant flow of incarnum, meaning siphoning life force from living beings.

Shadow Sphere: This nexus resides in Shadovar, the dark moon itself. It's powers allow 'turn imagination into phantasmal reality'. In sort it allows at-will create anything from shadow stuff by user's imagination. It can create life and physical structures but not so much on energy nor magical effects otherwise besides darkness and illusion sort effects. It is key nexus which allowed creating Shadovar itself, the moon and create orbit for it and allows control of said orbit as moon is technically 'alive' entity. Shadow Sphere is bonded with Tarmuid who upon his ascension and dying words created it and thus Tarmuid is immortal as shadow sphere infinitely extends it. Shadow Sphere powers are however limited upon moon itself and do not function too much beyond it. But creatures it create can go outside moon but suffer rapid decaying after thirty days and it escalates to thirty rounds under sunlight. But if creatures reside in Shadovar they live forever as well.

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Race Entry

Now we do not deal with new custom races but rather deal with list of races which already exist in 3.5 rules and have brief mention where they are located and why (overall how they fit to overall whole in Garthalla). I listed as many as I could but this list will get later expanded later on.

Azurin (magic of incarnum): Azurins born here and there randomly, no kingdom of own but people are aware of 'blue eyed' children who grow fast and will suffer/enjoy short yet passionate and intense lives. To some parents it's tragedy to see their child grow up and die far before they themselves do. But usually if things go well a azurin child will accomplish much in their lives, much more than regular humans do and some azurins learn cheat death (finding way extend lifespan or become immortal). Not that azurins fear death; in truth they are quite fearless bunch overall and reason for life extension is for sake of grander adventures, projects or just able continue enjoy the world longer.

Elf (PHB): All elves originate from Caor'rinthiir one way or other in most cases. But in Karmandu and some few other places hold elf communities entirely split up from Caor'rinthiir and their culture. Some perhaps being first explorers set out from Caor'rinthiir in ancient times and are time of before queen Amara's time. Fey'ri naturally originate from Caor'rinthiir but now live in underground and rarely live in surface any extensive amount of time thanks their cursed flesh which burns under sunlight.

Duskling (magic of incarnum): Dusklings live globally anywhere in feywilds and shadow lands in small family/nomadic tribe groups. No kingdom or nation call of them own but largest recorded number of duskling groups live in Caor'rinthiir.

Rilkans (magic of incarnum): As befit for restless race they do not have kingdoms of their own but numerous integrated communities across Garthalla. Preferring wilderness over stuffy cities. They adopt whatever are local customs to their given 'host' kingdom (but often dart around laws or anything uncomfortable to them). Origin of the race comes from illumians (one illumian's crazy experiment with lizard familiar which hatched human babies from eggs) and after great collapse lived in Shadovar before illumians were split into cabals. Only rare Rilkans know they originally came from one the moons but unsure which one (they pick Feunia often just for sake it sounds funnier than gloomy Shadovar).

Skarn (magic of incarnum): Skarns have found several own communities (preferring live in cities/organized settings) and couple kingdoms as well which are lawful and strict. There is even one infamous 'pirate kingdom' in tropical island network where skarns have formed sea faring raiders warrior society (lawful evil society). They dislike Rilkans because they recall somehow that Rilkans once betrayed them and their ultimate master who created them (Rilkans remember same ultimate masters but disagree on notion on betrayal). neither race remembers details of their ancestry and any deep digging meets a impenetrable black barrier.

Killoren (races of wild): Killoren race dwell in feywilds, perhaps most numerous in Feunia. But they are found in Garthalla as well and rarely seen, unless ancient forests are disturbed or somehow Killoren's home forest becomes corrupted by shadow lands (which they dread) or destroyed by natural disaster. They rarely adventure but some individuals do.

Raptoran (races of wild): Raptorans prefer live on ancient forests with tall trees or in mountains. Some large communities or even singular city can exist in Garthalla, but not kingdom per say.

Tieflings/Aasimars (PHB/Monster Manual): They have same default life styles and treatments as usual for their kind. However tieflings and aasimars are viewed less 'odd' because combining planar energies to single reality allows generating a aasimar or tiefling child without any ancestry to outsider entities or pacts.

Hengeyokai (Oriental Adventures): Hengeyokai are simply shapeshifters who turn into animal, animal/humanoid hybrid or entirely human. They are simply animals granted power to shapeshift by magical influences in Garthalla or result of magic rituals random energies or druidic magic or other reasons. Overall they are very common and this has made people across Garthalla be always wary of them or keep in mind some animals may be hengeyokai (at least those aware such beings do exist). Usually hengeyokai are secretive and do not form communities or kingdoms of their own. At best hengeyokai know their parents and rarely meet another hengeyokai and often live either as animals or as humans.

Aventi (stormwrack): During great collapse many human kingdoms were destroyed, including some powerful and magical. One such kingdom was Aventi's ancestral kingdom which was broken and they aren't aware of the truth. But collapse event released magical energies as they were bottom of ocean briefly as water elemental plane collided and formed base of Garthalla oceans and exposure to such extreme energy killed many of them but some changed and evolved from humans and instantly became Aventi. They then formed their own under ocean cities which float in crystal domes according powerful under ocean waves around Garthalla or upon backs of behemoth sized sea creatures (yes, gigantic turtle city with coral city in it's back is one example of such city). Aventi have little interest nor care for surface but some do venture out for reason or another and keep their heritage secret as they blend easily as they look like humans (unless they do not change attire then they look weird humans with weird accent and attitudes).

Spellscale (races of the dragon): Spellscales have single capital city in world and it's renown for it's magic studies and research. However tanks randomness of it's governing the city is unpredictable a mess for any long standing politics. But still it's city of wonder as it literally floats and flies in sky thanks of magic and origin in spellscales were human sorcerers who were persecuted by their peers during era of dragon wars, innocent sorcerers who had nothing to do with dragons were hunted down and killed. Until one sorcerer hero opposed human tyranny and slavery over spellscales and overcame the tyrants and then liberated the kingdom. Sorcerers became universally ruling caste in kingdom and as dragons departed the sorcerer hero developed ritual to honor departing of the dragons (who granted their power through blood to gain liberty) and transforming himself permanently a spellscale; a humanoid who embraces virtue of all dragons. Most sorcerers followed suit and it gave birth to their race as whole.

Asherati (sandstorm): As Aventi were forcefully exposed to elemental plane of water, Asherati people were exposed to brutality of earth elemental plane. Their bodies changed and they came adapt to live hot sandy underworld in small caves and pockets of air in underground and rarely come to surface. They are rarely seen outside hot blazing desert wastelands but they are known exist and peacefully trade with Guild (and same token at night pilfer for goods and some colder hearted tribes raid Guild caravans).

Shifter (races of eberron): Shifters are referred often as children of feywild or Feunia, as those energies are responsible birthing them with animal sort instincts and powers what pushing themselves emotionally causes them physically manifest greater animal traits. Besides mystical energies of feywild and Feunia shifters are results of beastkin x non-beastkin or hengeyokai x non-hengeyokai partners producing a child. Shifters overall do not have kingdom of own are more likely integrate whatever parent culture they were raised in. Some communities do exist in forests and farming communities but not in cities.

Changeling (races of eberron): Changelings are children of dopplegangers, who originate from immaterial realm and realm of dreams. Sometimes humans who become possessed by alien entity and before they are transformed fully monstrous forms they produce children until they finish transformation or go rampage. Sometimes these monsters rape innocent victims and results in changelings or other half-aberration hybrids (daelkyr blooded). Changelings overall are unwanted and disgusted in their natural forms so they hide and blend in when they can, most anyway. Some gives no fucking care and enjoy their innate power given and all short shehanigans they can do and others openly refuse use their shape shifting gifts and earn acceptance as a 'freak'. No kingdoms for changelings exist but some communities do exist (in secret fashion).

Daelkyr half-blood (magic of eberron): The half-bastards of aberration raping a humanoid race births a humanoid child of aberration ancestry which since birth displays freakish unnatural appearance and mutation since birth which often evolves different form later in life. These children are unwanted and often killed on sight since birthed, but those who revere immaterial realm's nightmare lords or are servants of void or otherwise deviant or ruthless exploit these unwanted children for their own darker purposes. In sense daelkyr half-blooded is despised perhaps slightly more than tieflings, as tieflings can be born just mere echo of fiendish energy influence where as every daelkyr half-blood is result of monstrous rape.

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Neat stuff so far :-)

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Race Entry

A part 2 from earlier entry.

Goliath (races of stone): Before great Collapse goliath people were wandering nomad tribes, but after it and when dragon wars started, goliaths formed hunting groups to slay dragons (as majority of dragons did live in mountain lairs and ate goliaths near to extinction). They teamed up with dwarves and they became unstoppable and unrelenting hunters for dragons and after great dragon flight some tribes pursued the dragons over ocean all way to Karmandu (and became wandering war mongrel tribe which is minor albeit constant threat to any lone hermit natured dragons or their clans), the goliaths formed everlasting pact with dwarves from mountains and moved live in close to them or even inside their mountain homes. Forming lasting goliath communities inside dwarven homes and adopt some dwarven culture ideals to them own, especially related to oaths of service and protection as warriors (and taste for dwarven ale as well and brewmaking).

Warforged (races of eberron): Warforged are all through creation of the Guild, in truth their creation is innovative enough draw illumian interest as there was no such golems (constructs) during first civilization. The process was long time held secret but eventually secret became common knowledge; besides the body which is build using darkwood combined with magical metals they infuse actual life and intelligence onto warforge by using pure incarnum cylinders which are implanted on warforge's chest area (most armored section in warforge) which bring them to life.

Because the manner of their birth warforged all are considered 'Guild property'. Basically slaves some places but overall guild treat them as indentured professionals who have just debt to guild which they cannot never repay truly unless they acquire immense amount of wealth. Every warforge is owned by some member of the guild, often by branded guild members they are rather popular servants as do merchant lords. Some warforged have resented Guild for this and turn rogue and rebels and in return turned to wanted criminals just for their aggressive desire for freedom.

Humans (phb): Zandarians like preach they are root of human race, but there are many contradictions to it which they label as 'heresy'. However Zandarians form perhaps most infamous group of humans and it can turn some anti-Zandarians dislike humans in general. But overall humans are widespread and diverse race and adaptable as there are many sub-human races or half-human races around Garthalla. Illumians themselves originally were humans as were spellscales.

Gnomes (phb): Gnomes prefer live in conform close to nature so they often are found in farming communities. But other hand many gnomes prefer mental stimuli and so become inventors or scholars and move live in big cities where theater and live music is plentiful. Also pranking is ancient tradition and art form to gnomes, especially pranks which need wit to solve out or survive from and also figure out who was one to prank them (thus leading many gnome investigators to world at large).

Halflings (phb): Like rilkans halflings are carefree wanderers who rarely settle down but if they do they then assume local customs and habits. Halflings however do live in large family groups either fashion; usually one large family settles on neighborhood in a town which grows into city and soon there is entire district just for halflings who just happen to be second or third cousins to one another. Halfling wandering fairs and performance groups are known for family friend entertainment (and also place where your belongings may go missing as well). Many young children had been charmed by halfling wandering ways and ran off with circus, fair or group and some families adopt these 'tall children' as own or more likely return them back to their families soon as possible. As halflings universally value family bonds and so they do not easily adopt unless child is orphan or comes from bad parents or ill influenced family.

Dwarves (phb): Dwarves after great collapse found comfort in either mountains or in the hills, so splitting dwarven heritage in two. Those settling on hills got more interaction with other races and settled to other race cities to form own small communities inside community. Where as those in mountains preferred their solitude and only formed trade contracts or connections to outside while not allowing folks in. Only exception came when dragons started pilfer dwarven mines in their greed and they were joined by goliath hunting parties and they formed then unstoppable duo; dwarves crafted immense sized weapons for goliaths and armor and goliaths wielded them with fierce ferocity against dragons while dwarves provided support with siege weapons and their own war inventions. Since dragon flight goliaths and dwarves had lived together albeit some traditionalist tribes went to live back as nomads in mountains but those are minority.

Half-Elf (phb): Considering majority of elves come from Caor'rinthiir, in land where traditions run strong, half-elves do not exist in Caor'rinthiir but rather by few elves who had chosen leave Caor'rinthiir behind and live among other races. Half-elves rarely know their elven ancestors much as their elven parents do not speak much of them (distancing themselves and their child from Caor'rinthiir). Or their mother was human and male elf was just passing through and not returning. This leads half-elves often adopt human like mind-set while others are driven to figure out their elven ancestry and move to Caor'rinthiir, which leads most turn their backs once they see how violent and narrow minded the elves in Caor'rinthiir truly are. It's not status of half-elf being non-elf being source of narrow minded nature of Caor'rinthiir, but rather who are the half-elf elf ancestors and most half-elves lack information. Which leads elves from either side trusting them fully. But if ancestors are known and are accompanied by their elven parent, then they may receive better welcome and entry to Caor'rinthiir society (at least one third of it).

Half-Orc (phb): Orcs overall did not change after great collapse and so half-orcs are often results of unwanted advance of male orc onto female humanoid of other race and that itself carries a stigma of sorts. But there are communities where tribal humans live by side of orc tribes or together and they view child of two races blessed one. Also there are half-orc communities in cities and farming communities alike. But overall everyone knows orcish temper and are very least wary of half-orcs until is figured out which side is stronger in half-orc in regards emotions (which is complex question to half-orc itself figure as both humans and orcs feel intense emotions but orcs display emotions more aggressively).

However few half-orcs are actually sons of sharakim + humanoid partner instead and they are always raised in loving homes and differ slightly in appearance to most half-orcs (a darker tint to their skin and instead to Str they get racial bonus to Int instead).

Half-Giants (EXP): Half-Giants reside in Norland, land where giants of the west entered to world first and conquered first lands ages ago and overtime moved back to their original homeland but left behind their progeny (half-giants) to rule in their stead. Overtime ancient roots of half-giant people became mere legends and ancestors worshiped as deific figures which are distant than everyday figures. But it's matter of time when giants decide to invade and half-giants likely form main bulk of the army (considering Norland's already existing habit to raid the other countries).

Maenad (EXP): Maenads were not born originally but created. Originally maenads were humans who had found some first empire writings and inspired them they tried emulate the first age. They found fragments of about 'ascension' to greater beings through a magic ritual and so they started research it. However they did not use true name technique; but psionic as their own little kingdom was based on use of psionics.

Then as they found the ritual they started execute it; sparkling themselves with gemstone dust which carried fragment of minds of thousand psions and idea was to create immense network of minds where everyone in community was connected to it. However something went horribly, horribly wrong. Instead creating a nice mental psionic network it imprisoned all minds into it and created unstable field which started deteriorate the kingdom! Only ones who could escape the mental prison were maenads who channeled raw power of emotion and scream loudly as they could! Their screams broke crystal pillars which were meant support and form network, it caused then massive explosion of mental and physical energy which blasted survivors out from the city, many dying and minds becoming fragment and disoriented (insane). Survivors watched then ruins of their empire and swore to never again form empires and set out into communities of their own where they focused on simple humble lives and rein in their emotions much as they can as they know their emotions hold power but if uncontrolled it can lead to disaster. Overtime lore of their ancestry was forgotten and warped into fanciful tales.

Xeph (EXP): Xeph's are mysterious race as they existed before Garthalla but their own history is mystery nor illumian first empire did not create them. However they appeared after great collapse and they found solitude and safety after disaster in shades of glowing emerald trees which lived in shadow lands. They build their own isolated society and world in there with own history, forming kingdom of Jade Dragon Empire (more details later, but imagine a culture with draconic themes mixed with mayans but with psionic bend than arcane). Their delicate crystal sculptures are high on demand to outside world.

Thri-Keen (EXP): Thri-Keen society is very similar to ants; they have central queen which all males serves without question and they live in their own nest hives in hot scorching desert which they make as their home and their most valued substance is amber which they also trade with outsiders. Process of creating amber is part consuming local plant matter from desert (cacti and other water storing plants) and then release as a waste and imbue and purify it their psionic charged saliva to create their amber decorated structures. Thri-keen society is tightly controlled with classes and roles, including a sub-species dromites who live as main worker force for thri-keen and are considered as 'same species' of bug people.

Their history overall is quite uneventful as they at large are peaceful species and driven by day by day tasks and they do not have drive for anything greater goals (goals if any come from queen itself). Only major conflicts occur with other hives over resources and they are merciless and brutal affairs (often meaning complete erasure of other hive, including their identity and name). Only familiar to history as whole are their queens but they aren't sharing kind.

Overall grander are ceremonies where a female is born from queen and then for few years female lives in hive besides the queen until reaching mature age and then she takes flight and some of the hive will follow her and build new colony somewhere in vast desert while old queen reins. Overall lifespan of queens are unknown and some speculate each queen builds a nest/hive around a nexus (which in turn provides queen special powers and immortality). Queen's choose consorts (who have their usual lifespans) and consort can be thri-keen, dromite or even according other tales; a outsider. As queen's genes always win and thus there is bit racial superiority to thri-keens and dromites alike that no outsider DNA can contaminate their race DNA but rather help enrich it.

But besides the multiple hives they do not consider themselves as part of 'desert kingdom' or such, more as each hive is just massive community on itself and each hive having own history and culture and some minor customs. But overall if you visit one hive you have visited all of them. Most color and personality come from ex-members of hive (exiled dromites and thri-keens) and queens themselves (which rarely outsider ever meets as both security and working force protect their queen with paranoia sort devotion).

Dromites (EXP): Dromites are born from thri-keen (or rather 'queen') of the hive where both thri-keen and dromites live. Thri-keen are warriors and hunters where as dromites are builders and caretaker for the young and also farmers and also traders and artisans. Their society is very structure and class driven and all follow and obey absolute commands of their queen which is mix of psionic linking to their 'mother' and pheromones. Albeit thri-keen are main defenders of the hive, dromites do defend but less physical way and more in way of using psionic powers to form barriers and blocking and shaping their hive tunnels with traps and so forth.

Sharakim (races of destiny): A long time ago some humans lived in Feunia, one the moons of Garthalla. They lived in kingdom of Desh and they were closely bonded with feys and respected nature and the land. Honoring code of the hunt. However one day a hunter Sharak found a beautiful white stag wandering in the woods, stag was big and divine yet instead respecting primal beauty of the beast he lusted greedily after for it's beautiful silver antlers and fur, things which he could give to Desh king to earn prestige and coin. So he shot the stag and dragged the beast to Desh king's dinner. The king at the time was unwise, greedy and suffering on sin of gluttony. He accepted the kill and trophies despite protests on his advisors who clearly saw the stag as sacred animal!

King did not listen protest and instead told all nobles, royalty and so forth to feast on the flesh of the large stag which was plentiful for party of hundred. He himself crafted a fine updated crown and royal cape from stag's horns and hide. However as feast ended, queen of Feunia, fey goddess Maleera, arrived. King foolishly offered meat of the stag to her, which with cold sharp smile she replied; "So you offer flesh of my consort to me?" Even slow witted man like the Desh king quickly caught what was going on, he knelt and begged for forgiveness, even offering Sharak the hunter's head as tribute! However Maleera was not appeased, instead she cursed all those who had eaten the flesh and gave the population of Desh one day to depart from Feunia, for good. King and the party of nobles and royals were twisted and transformed into hulkish green brutes, similar to brutal orcs and Maleera opened fey gate which allowed regular humans leave and move random places in Garthalla. While the cursed ones, Sharakim, were led by the king. What happened to Sharak himself his fate is unknown as Maleera herself took him as prisoner but laughter which followed when she dragged the man into darkness was not kind.

Former king of Desh led royalty and nobles to dark hills and forests at base of mountains, for time he tried rule but all were disgusted on him and ashamed on what they did. Guilt ridden then king walked one day to dark forests and disappeared, along with silver stag horn crown and white stag fur cape. Since then Sharakim have wandered and found communities near other communities, but their monstrous forms make it hard to form lasting friendships despite their appearance and they display all civilized traits of normal people. Some even going extremes prove their noble educated and civilized natures. But in privacy they are solemn, quiet and ashamed for their ancient curse and crime the people had done. Even if technically their ancestors were once royal and noble blood, none present era sharakim carries any pride or even notion being noble. In truth they refuse accept any noble titles, even as reward for heroics. They stare fearfully into Feunia, every night whisper a prayer to Maleera, not beg to release curse, guidance or mercy. Only whisper 'I am sorry' or the equivalent.

To this day, no human is welcome for long in Feunia ever since and knowledge of that weights on Sharakim's hearts. As kingdom of Desh had a chance, but they blew it.
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Historic event entry

The Great Betrayal and Raid and Destruction of Library of the Sublime

"The raid and destruction of our sacred library and vault was one devastating and most life changing events in our history after great Collapse; it opened our eyes to threat of servants of the void, the way how my accursed brother contacts and forms link with mortal hearts despite locked in the void. It was moment when truly the first empire truly ended when we were forced split apart. For sake of this fragile new world called Garthalla."
-Passage from Tarmuid's own memoirs

After Great Collapse Tarmuid formed moon, Shadovar, as new place, new home, for illumian people. His mind along with powers of his nexus formed wondrous architecture, land and world where traditions and ways of illumians could prosper without interfering with world of Garthalla. Their role in central stage was over and Tarmuid preferred this time illumians live separated from the world and interfere it any further as he fears a repeat of catastrophe his brother brought.

Illumians had to get used to live in constant shadowlands and as versatile perfection seekers they adapted versatile manner. However not just illumians lived in Shadovar; there lived Alluran's (their lovable immortal companions), Skarn's and Rilkan's. All races which they directly had touched and created to serve them. Around century passed with apparent peace and everyone got along, only reports that Rilkans were bored already with their world, bored with darkness and thirsted to experience sunlight. But the curfew was strict; nobody leaves Shadovar without express permission from Tarmuid and he wished not contaminate Garthalla with influences of first empire to avoid repeat of the tragedy.

Then Tarmuid will be proven how wrong he had been in regards how much he had managed seal his brother into void, believe it being absolute when in truth it was not. Suddenly several shadowy rifts opened up, through it came creatures of the void; Nightwalkers, Nighthaunts, Nightcrawlers, Nightwings and Skulks came screaming and as brutal horde upon Shadovar! Tarmuid and other illumian gods were caught off guard and they were suddenly assaulted all sides simultaneously, it was chaos and brutal battles followed.

However what was more shocking was to see the traitors who opened the portals; they were opened by five rilkan sisters, supreme sublime seeker of songs who had all been adored idols. They exposed their dark twisted hearts, twisted by spite, anger, jealousy, rage and envy. All five singers had harbored their dark feelings but buried them, they had quietly whispered requests to release them to experience world but denied by Tarmuid. Leader of the sisters, eldest, had even spoke releasing all slave races to Garthalla as first empire was no more after all. They had deserved a new chance and new lives along with rebirth of the world but Tarmuid had refused.

That refusal had been turning point where eldest sister heart surrendered to darkness and Tarmuid's brother, Wathaku, had answered and provided via whispers to strengthen the dark feelings and turn it into raw power. Pure darkness of the void which devoured all expect one singular strong negative emotion, sacrifice which provided each five sisters and other traitors and servants of the void their dark twisted powers! The void itself granting the power than Wathaku, Wathaku is just the messenger and middle man. The desire of the sisters, wanting freedom, became pure nihilistic hatred where they wished end entire world of hypocrisy if it meant throwing entire world into void!

The sisters powers were most devastating from all traitors, some were disciples of the void, some were binders who had formed pact with Wathaku himself and other void devoted individuals. But the sisters were worst as they used true speech, their song, warped by void to generate fields of nothingness around them which unmade everything which reached their field! It could manifest a sphere, cone or even a blast of power from their voices. They were unstoppable as not even silence could stop but rather empower their dark song!

Tarmuid with all power of his nexus could only slow down advance of the sisters, in conflict with eldest he lost his arm for good. He could not regrow or remake his arm, it was lost to the void. But in moment of desperation use true speech to restore some humanity back to singers hearts, all five sisters full emotions were restored if just briefly to them. The sisters then used their songs to erase themselves entirely, make cease exist. No names, no visual depiction or anything remained, just bare memory they existed in Tarmuid's and other illumian gods hearts. Slave races who lost so much with betrayal got vague memories of events, a effect which Tarmuid then reinforced and used true speech guide all their slaves races to Garthalla through shadow gate. Walk like zombies who forgot everything about their lives in Shadovar, forget great betrayal of the sisters which forever tainted rilkans with ill repute in minds of skarns who once had been 'brother' race to them! As they had felt greatest sting as honor bound as they were they viewed their counterparts betrayal as same as they themselves had betrayed their masters. Even if entire event was erased from memory, it was not erased from skarn's hearts and hatred for rilkans became a cultural thing for them.

Reason why Tarmuid did it, was to honor sisters sacrifice. As sisters had to literally betray him to open his eyes, to see the true threat what he had placed his people in. The nightstalkers and skarns had reached the Library of the Sublime, destroyed, stolen, many true speech texts, parts of true speech which had both unmade and created the world (Wathaku's original true speech and Tarmuid's in reversed form). Along with dozen deadly artifacts. Library was in shambles as was Shadovar, Tarmuid having power restore it back but he did not. He wanted city remain in ruins, remind his folly forever.

He gathered all big figure heads among illumians and told his next grand plan; all illumians will be split up into cabals; small communities scattered all over Garthalla. Each cabal will contain piece from Library of the Sublime, either written word of true speech which unlocks a greater power (including one which made/unmakes the world), guard a powerful artifact and so forth. Every community is responsible for their respective piece. But main point for split up is to safeguard illumians as so long they are located to single location; they can be destroyed by servants of void and found.

But split up there is greater protection as they are harder to track and to find. Illumian leaders after such devastating attack agreed, they formed cabals diplomatically and family lines in mind and then each cabal named itself (Tarmuid only keeping record of number of cabals and what they guarded). Tarmuid even discussed few cabals to be 'baits', basically have false true speech piece or false artifact for sake of investigation purposes by servants of the void. Only elders of each cabal would know truth, the council which makes the cabal. In case of over population in cabal, the excess cabal members are forced to move and found own cabals and become 'bait' cabals. Even if ironically bait cabals would give birth a bait cabal.

One by one all cabals departed through shadow gate by Tarmuid's instructions and guidance, lending each cabal shadowy servants help building initial buildings to help get them started and each cabal got a capable elder. But besides guarding cabal's secret treasure each cabal was given complete autonomy how to reign and rule, some more ruthless cabal elders used it as opportunity to become tyrants, some even killing fellow elders to become singular tyrants. Later some singular illumians went and founded ascension cabals to earn place become one illumian gods, rare ones ever succeed. However all illumian gods who truly become one, get contacted and met by Tarmuid who then would be mentor for while and educate on race's history and some secrets to establish trust and connection to illumian god. Even ones which Tarmuid feel philosophically opposed. Each illumian god would get own dwelling in ruins of Shadovar and able come there, while maintain whatever additional domains they have acquired (often a nexus formed during ascension or already connected to Nexus).

Some cabals formed entirely to hunt servants of the void and tracing down lost artifacts and texts, which is hazardous business but some illumians felt it as their duty than guarding one sacred treasures and Tarmuid so allowed. Only single cabal remains in Shadovar and it's entirely devoted to serving Tarmuid personally; Cabal of Shadowed Crown.

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Hmmm, bit dilemma so bit help here what to write next. So open for suggestions;

  • Society/Civilization entry: Xeph's (Emerald Dragon empire) or Bug people (Thri-Keen's and Dromite hives, perhaps naming some)
  • City entry: Big famous cities (Spellscale city entry), A steampunk city which moves (high tech city which was once plane of mechanus)
  • PrC entry: Mentioned about binder specific PrC to 'bind' to Wathaku example
  • Generic Geography: Overall list all known kingdoms/lands in mainland, in generic sense and brief touch on history/association between lands. Zandarians (and some their crusades) will be mentioned there.