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Started by Esoterica, January 05, 2019, 11:57:57 AM

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I do not know what moderators do what, but if you are having an issue with a member, who do you contact? I have been here for over a year and never had an issue, so I honestly have no idea who to turn to for help.
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Our moderators are called Oracles.  Click the link below to be taken to a list of them.;sa=members;group=22


You can contact any member of staff.  We work together as a team, so even if you send it to someone who usually doesn't handle that kind of issue it will get forwarded to the proper people. 


Help!  I got deverified and I can't view my account, PM, or do... really anything.


Hello Sorchaa! Drop me an email (at using the address you want connected to your account and I'll get you sorted.


Yes! Got a problem with this also.


Quote from: crystalshop on January 15, 2019, 11:10:56 AM
Yes! Got a problem with this also.

It looks like you haven't gone through the approval process.  Our introduction and approval process is an interactive one and requires your participation. Please click here to read the rules and then grab the questionnaire, then create a thread for yourself in the introduction section with the answers to get started!