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Basic rules of the Pink Lips:

Do NOT post in this request page. I would like to keep this as clean as possible so would only like my postings in here as I would like to not have to make another.

I am not a Dominate partner, though I can play as equals. I am not a submissive in a master/slave/pet what ever but I tend to enjoy a dominate male in the bedroom. It is a tricky slope with me sometimes unfortunately.

I am not a whore in real life and cannot effectively play one. I can be seductive and tease but cannot come across as a slut very effectively, so keep this in mind if you want to play with me.

I want a PARTNER. This means that I want someone to write WITH not FOR and I don't want someone writing for me. I love OOC communication over PM and will never complain about receiving messages during a RP to toss ideas of a twist around. You have an idea about something that we haven't previously discussed? PLEASE by all means PM me about it. Or even better toss it out there. I love surprises and I LOVE a challenge. Make me think....please! Now if it is something WAAAAAY out of what we have previously talked about please message me before throwing a take-the-story-completely-off-the-beaten-track curve. 90% of the time I will be for it, but I just like heads up that way we stay on the same page creatively, it keeps either of us from losing interest.

My ON's:

I can get into vanilla sex as good as any other kind. But please don't mistake it as my preference. It is a nice pacer in a story but it isn't very thrilling and can get mundane to write repeatedly.

I LOVE rough sex. I could write pages and pages but then I would never get this request thread completed so here is a brief list of my favorites.

Spanking - yes please!
Hair pulling - no quicker way to get my attention
choking - there is just something about this....I just can't explain it
Bondage - To a certain point, yes, anything extensive you must be a strong partner!
Biting - Don't go over board fellas, I LOVE to be nibbled but I like all of my flesh firmly attached and not consumed by you...thanks.
Name calling - tread lightly.....OOC discussion required unless specified in our role setting up.
If it isn't listed in my OFF's then we can talk about it. But don't throw some random stuff out there without speaking to me first, and I will promise to do the same for you.

My OFF's

Anything that belongs in a toilet should stay there......non negotiable.
Extreme Just no...
Blood....nope it belongs in the artery/veins it shall stay there. I like my body parts and I would like to keep them. No I don't want any of yours either.

Now as far as roles I enjoy!

Older ideas
These ideas are pulled from my original request thread. These are the stories that I have that I'm still interested in playing. These are going to be the only ones fully fleshed out for the time being. Also it'll give you some idea of my writing capabilities and style.
Arranged Marriage
Two families have warred for centuries, no one even knows what started the bitter feud any longer. It was just always something that they did. Finally the heads of the two families came together to make a decision to spend their time and energy on forwarding their individual interests. In the effort to avoid falling to temptation to start another bitter feud, or raise the chance of peaceful problem solving the heads agreed to wed their eldest son of one family to the eldest daughter of the other family. Neither was pinned down to having to provide a certain sex of child, just to be sure that the marriage of their children happened. The cost of backing out of the deal was the forfeit of their lands to the other family. The children would be wed after the younger of the couple turned eighteen. In the mean time, the families kept their respective distance from the other.

Both families went on to have children and in a twist of fate it took six years from the time the first boy was born for the other family to have a girl child. The Sinclairs sent word of the girl child's birth to the Nottinghams and hence the troth was cemented. The girl was fiercely protected by both families and she grew up knowing she would marry the eldest of family one's children.

Six months before the marriage, preparations were started. The son of the Nottinghams came to stay at the residence of the Sinclairs to over see the preparations and help where he can. He was also there to be sure nothing happened to jeopardize the marriage in the coming months.

This is where the story would start. This could be modern day but I prefer a historical setting, between the 1600's and 1700's maybe even the 1800's.

Some time in the past the world got really crazy about genetics. It had been a great discovery of the age, scientists had finally figured out how to genetically modify embryos to show certain traits predominantly. It became a wildfire more and more people were having their embryos genetically modified to show certain traits that they found to be more desirable than others. You want your child to be fearless? No problem, we can make that happen! You want your child to be honest? No problem! Want your child to be intelligent and value learning and knowledge? Absolutely no problem! Want your child to be selfless? We can make that happen. You want your child to be laid back and happy? We can make that happen as well! This became all the rage, so much so that more people were genetically modified than not.

In time, the human genetics were so altered that showing more than one trait became dangerous. The government discovered this and set cities up with factions that represented the traits that faction represented. There were five factions, well six but the sixth was something no one got to choose. The city was put together with just the minimum technology to be able to function. Meaning there were no cell phones, with the government mandate that prohibit anything that did not help the city function better being produced. There were trains that ran in the city on a regular schedule, though mostly only the Dauntless used them. The other factions could have one vehicle for emergency use only, but beyond that, members walked wherever they needed to go. For the children of the city, a bus came by the faction and took the children to school and home again. Each faction was delivered a rationed amount of food each week for the members there. Factions had different means of living.


The dauntless were the fearless protectors of the cities. They were also the police force and peace keepers. They guarded the walls against any outside threats, though no one can remember the last time a city was attacked, in the hundred years since the city and faction system was implemented. The Dauntless wore predominately dark colors, mostly black from head to toe, but not in Gothic styles, it is just the color the faction was assigned. Their symbol was flames. The dauntless lived mostly in a building that was only half above ground. The compound was massive, but spread underground and had a river that rushed through it as well. The part of the compound that was above the ground was leaders of dauntless's offices and the city's surveillance room, where a dauntless member watched the cameras all over the city for any trouble. The rest of the compound spread out and had everything from an infirmary, tattoo/piercing parlor, clothes store,  multiple training grounds/courses, and two locker rooms and rooms with 15 beds in each for the initiates, those that were born in dauntless for on one end of the compound and those that transferred on the other end. They were not segregated by sex. The rest of the massive compound was made up of apartments assigned to families and lofts that were assigned to the single dauntless. There was a communal mess and most of the dauntless chose to participate in this rather than a private meal in their apartment. The married couple got a three bedroom apartment. Most family only had two children, though if there was a multiple birth, especially the second pregnancy, the couple had three children. But they could have up to four children. They were required by law to reproduce at least twice.


The amity were peace loving, happy people. They lived just outside of the city proper but still within limits on a huge farm. The amity farmed the lands and provided the fresh produce to the city as a whole. The amity wear bright, happy colors. (think hippies of the 70's). Their symbol was a flower.The unmarried amity lived in a compound that was similar to college dorms of the past. Rooms that had two beds in each room and each hall having two bathrooms, one for men, the other for women.  There were common rooms and a communal cafeteria, much like a high school set up. Once the amity married, they moved to the bigger compound and lived in a three bedroom apartment, able to have up to four children but required to reproduce at least twice by law.


"Thank you for your Candor" there is a reason these people were given this faction. They are invariably honest, brutally so. They do not believe in telling a lie. But sometimes there are necessary lies, to preserve other's feelings. It was very hard to be friends with anyone who was candor. Except those who were candor. They were the lawyers and judges of the city. Their tendency for honesty and intolerance for anything other than truth making them the best choice for these positions. Their symbol was the scales of justice. They typically wore white and black. Much how they seen the world, no shades between the two. Their compound was in one of the city's old sky scraper. The first ten floors were offices for the judicial end of Candor. The rest of the floors were made up of apartments. The first ten floors above the business were reserved for the single candor, one bedroom apartments. The next 15 floors were reserved for the married candor and their families. Each married couple were required to reproduce at least twice, but could have up to four children, but would only be granted up to a four bedroom apartment.


The erudite were those that valued learning and knowledge above all else. They were the doctors and teachers and scientists of the city. They were constantly researching and providing the city with scientific advancements. The erudite wore colors in shades of blue. Reminiscent of the eye of knowledge, which was their symbol. The erudite lived in the largest sky scraper of the city. The bottom 20 floors were made up of offices for the doctors, research labs for various focuses, experimental labs, class rooms for their initiates. The next floor up was the floor the initiates lived on. Rooms with two beds each, two bathrooms on each end of the floor, then a massive library, and computer lab. The rest of the sky scraper's 40 floors were split up between the single erudite and married erudite and their families. The married couples got a three bedroom apartment, much like most of the other factions. They were required to reproduce at least twice, but could have up to four children.


The abnegation were the selfless of the factions. They were the charity workers and those in the government. As selfless members of society it was thought those in Abnegation were best suited to be the government of the city as it was their nature to put the needs of others before themselves. The abnegation wore grey. Their symbol was hands clasping each other. The abnegation living sector was houses of grey brick. They were two stories the bottom floor was reserved for the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Upstairs there were three bedrooms. Each abnegation lived in their own home once they made it through initiation. Once they were married, the woman moved into the male's home and her home was once again available. They were required to reproduce at least twice by law, but could have up to four children.


These were those from any of the other factions who for whatever reason left the faction or did not pass initiation for some reason. These were the people who once were known as homeless. They slept and lived in the abandoned buildings and depended on the charity of the other factions, though abnegation were usually the only faction they interacted with. They wore whatever clothes that fit them that were donated to the factionless. This was a fate that members of the other factions hoped never had to be realized by them. Factionless often married other factionless members, if they reproduced, their children were allowed to attend the choosing ceremony, but if they opted out they would remain factionless, not getting another chance to choose a faction to go through initiation. Their parents were not allowed to attend. If they chose to go through initiation with a faction, it was unlikely they'd ever see their family members again unless they failed initiation unless they chose abnegation.

Choosing Ceremony

On August 1 every year, the factions, (those who will be choosing and their parents) gathered in the biggest building in the city that had been renovated to have seats much like a movie theater that started on the ground level and proceeded up several levels all the way around a massive stage. The factions took turns leading the choosing ceremony. Every teenager who turned 18 that year from January - December (there were many 17 year olds in choosing ceremonies since it was held closer to the middle of the year than the end) would be up to choose their future. They could choose from any of the five factions. But the rules were faction before blood if they left their faction, outside of casual passing, they would never see their blood relations again, except for one last time half way through initiation. Once they transferred from the faction, they were no longer part of that family.

It was something that every teenager both looked forward to and feared.



Dauntless initiation was the hardest initiation of all the factions. The initiates were trained to be the warriors of the city, learning how to fire weapons, physical combat training, strategy missions. But the biggest challenge of all the initiates was phase two of the initiation. The initiates were given serums that forced them to live their worst fears with the only way to get through these simulations, or fear landscapes as many of the members called it, was to calm their heart rate down to normal. The initiates would have to do this repeatedly to get their body used to remaining calm in situations that they were scared of. Phase one was six weeks, phase two was six weeks. The initiates who could not get their simulation down to one minute per fear, the average number of fears a person had was 12 though some had fewer, failed initiation.


Amity's initiation was that initiates were on a 12 week probation. If they did not adopt the amity peace loving attitude and had three strikes on their record in the first three months, they would fail amity initiation. Few, if any, initiates ever failed initiation.


The candor initiation was not as difficult, but initiates had to take the candor truth serum and submit to interrogations. The initiates who did not show increasing tendencies to be completely honest at all times until it became their first nature within 12 weeks failed initiation.


Erudite initiation was like a continuation of school. Those who did not have a certain level of IQ increase within 12 weeks failed initiation. Each demand of increase was different for initiates depending on their entrance exams. It was rare, but initiates that scored extremely high on these exams could pass straight to becoming a full erudite member. It has only happened once in recent history.

Abnegation members had 12 weeks to perform 480 hours of community service. The leaders had a list of things that initiates could choose from. This averaged eight hours a day for five days a week for 12 weeks. It was rare for initiates to fail initiation.

Those who failed initiation could not return to their original faction. Those who voluntarily left factions were forced to join the factionless community.

Vampire Academy
Vampires are real. New vampires are made through a screwed up DNA section that forces teenagers through a change that starts towards the start of puberty. Something about hormones or finalized body development or something. No one really understands how it happens, but what is understood is that only about 30% of those that start the change survive it. It may as well be 100% of those that start the change because once the teenagers start getting the symptoms that signal the change, they are shipped to the Vampire Academy and are never seen again by their family or friends. Their old life is over, those who fight it rarely survive.

MC was 16 years old when she started the change. She was shipped to the Vampire academy to go through the change and learn about her new life. She has now been there three years and is coming into the final parts of the change, and has learned just about everything she can be taught about vampirism.

The thing about it is most of the legends are false, dramatized by humans to breed fear and mistrust of vampires. The facts are that, while it is uncomfortable for them, vampires are not deathly allergic to sunlight, garlic, crosses, or most of the wards humans use against them. Their diet is not solely filled with the blood of unwilling victims, but they eat human food as well (Even if most prefer their steaks closer to rare than done). But most of all, vampires are exceptionally talented in the arts. Most are singers, songwriters, movie stars, authors, etc. Most of Hollywood's major stars are actually vampires, though they take pains to hide that fact.

So its in her final year of Vampire Academy that MC needs to decide which path she would like to choose.

This is a story about a new vampire coming into her own and building a new life. Who are you to her? What is your role in her life and how will you affect the decisions she makes about the future.

I see this being a romance story. If you're interested in this story please message me. This isn't fully fleshed out and I would thoroughly enjoy having input from a potential partner. I am open to anything really.

Alpha CEO
Tia always felt like she was waiting for her life. She was 26 years old and hadn't really done much of anything in her life. She graduated high school and graduated college. But it seemed like that was were her accomplishments were going to end. She'd had a few boyfriends over the years, a couple even very serious. But holding onto a man didn't seem to be among a thing she'd accomplish. She decided to remain single for a while. Really get herself together. She landed a position working as the personal assistant of the CEO of a multi-billion dollar business. To accept the position however, she had to move almost a hour away to be close to the headquarters. The pay was great but she was warned in the interview that she worked from 7 in the morning until the CEO left for the day and was on call constantly. She was at his beck and call 24 hours. She did this willingly, not having any family to speak of to hold her where she had been living. Tia was fine with this, she had always been a hard worker and was more than willing to rise to the occasion. She didn't realize that the man would be almost a God to be around. More gorgeous than any man had right to be, and single too. She didn't know how some socialite had not snapped him up yet, in the last few weeks and several functions having scheduled for him, there was never a date. Surely any woman this man was with would have made it to at least one.

Max has spent the last 10 years building his company. Things started off slow, but the favor of the right genie had the business off the ground and raging through the corporate world like wildfire. Everything he touched turned to gold, figuratively speaking. Max had all the right people in all the right positions and really spent most of his work days going over reports and signing papers for one department or another. That and the tedious social gatherings. His company ran smoothly, very little of his guidance actually needed to keep things going. Which was a great boon considering he was also the local wolf pack's alpha. His tenacious pack took more of his time up than almost anything else. Truthfully, most of his meetings in his office were his pack members coming to settle one complaint or another or ask for help for something else. Every month around the full moon, he led his pack out to the forest of Wi for two nights. The frenzy of the full moon made it nearly impossible to keep from changing into their animal selves. The days leading up to the full moon, many pack members were able to sense their mate if in their proximity. The full moon was just two days away and, with his senses at their peak, Max found himself drawn towards his personal assistant more strongly than he had ever been drawn to any other person before. With a shock, he realized that he was sensing his mate. He would have to come up with a plan to court the beautiful woman and get her to realize that they were meant to be together.

I'm looking for a male partner to play the CEO/alpha. He can be anywhere between 30-40 years or we can have it that once a werewolf reaches sexual maturity, they stop aging until they find their mate. However you want to put it. This obviously is a supernatural story so hard and fast rules of the human world need not necessarily apply, though obviously this would be a more modern story. However, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm not open to changing things a bit to make it possible for the story to be in a less civilized time. Also because of how this is set up, this will most likely be a love story type deal but that can be negotiated as well. The name can be changed if you wish to whatever you want your character's name to be, Max is just the first male type name I came up with off the top of my head. I purposely left descriptions out of the factor as thats something that can be discussed as well.

Now, on to my newer ideas.....these will be fully fleshed out over the coming days, or weeks. Depending on how RL goes. Hopefully in the next couple days.

He wants her. She doesn't know he wants her. He makes a point to know everything there is to know about her. He uses his money to manipulate her into a situation that she has no choice but accept him. What this situation is, what happens when she finds out the person she thought she could trust was actually the person she should look out for? This will be fully fleshed out at a later time, just trying to get a little bit in here.

I really want an idea with a werewolf. I have some ideas for this, but will have to list them when I get more than a few minutes.

I will be adding more ideas to this as they come to me. I have several ideas in my head but they're elusive little things. Don't want to come into the light at the moment. I'll be working on getting these ideas more concrete as well time allowing.


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