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Author Topic: Bad Girls Do It Best (Many plots) (F looking for Dom M)  (Read 1513 times)

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Bad Girls Do It Best (Many plots) (F looking for Dom M)
« on: January 08, 2018, 12:11:22 AM »
About Me
Hiiiii, I'm Alaska. I've been roleplaying for roughly eight years now and I always write multiple paragraphs, never less than one. I always play a female character, but I don't mind doubling as a male character. I only do MxF pairings, sorry.

I love romance with darker undertones. I love the fluff as well, but I thrive off of dysfunctional couples who fight all the time but are still madly in love. Addiction, abuse, etc. Just an overall dysfunctional couple.

My female characters are always strong, stubborn, troublemakers who will give their male counterpart a run for their money. I prefer their love interests to be equally as strong males who clash with them quite often. I am looking for a strong dom male to put my character in her place. I am fine with dub-con but not non-con.

Kinks: jealousy, rough sex, light bdsm, daddy kink, hate sex.

CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Mostly Star Wars at the moment, preferably OC's but I am always looking for someone to play a good Kylo Ren. I'm also very interested in a werewolf roleplay right now. All plots below I am still interested in as well.

Let the Smut fest, begin!

Desperately Craving These Plots

Crimes of Passion
Soulmates from Hell
Star Wars

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Re: Many, many plots (F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2018, 12:30:40 PM »

(K)Nights of Ren

Kataly'a was born the daughter of infamous Sith lord, Darth Caedus, and Queen Ashira of Dromund Kaas. After her father murders her mother, and in turn is killed himself, she is raised alone as the heir of Dromund Kaas and never receives training in the Force. However, as the First Order grows, Snoke is searching to expand his army. As an ally to the First Order, the princess of Dromund Kaas frequently assists them in battle. Snoke takes an interest in the young heir, enlisting her to join his Knights of Ren as Kylo's apprentice.

While Kataly'a is eager to train in the Force, she doesn't take very well to Kylo ordering her around and lashes out with her quick-tongue. Kylo doesn't tolerate mouthy apprentices, and punishes her rather severely.
Summary: Our characters are the Knights of Ren. Ideally, I'd play my female OC and you would play Kylo Ren. However, I am perfectly open to your male being an OC. LOTS of rough/hate sex. Could be a love/hate relationship or even slightly abusive.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Cold. It was all Kataly'a had felt since stepping aboard the Finalizer. Drumond Kaas, her homeworld, was gruelingly hot and humid. Naturally, her wardrobe consisted or airy dresses and outfits that barely covered any skin. Apparently, she'd need a new wardrobe. The battle armor she wore now scarcely constituted an outfit, protecting her most vital spots and leaving her unencumbered to move with freedom needed when fighting.

It didn't do much to prevent chills, however.

Despite the unforsaken chill of the ship, Kataly'a was excited to be aboard the First Order ship. Though this was far from her first time aboard one, it seemed the most important. The Sith descended princess was well acquainted with the First Order, she was the heir to the throne of a Sith planet after all, but to become a Knight of Ren was the highest honor she could be given.

It had come as no surprise that Snoke had finally come to seek her out, but the warrior princess had been astonished that he believed she could become one of his most trusted servants and to train under the Kylo Ren. The Dark Knight and she had never met, but she'd heard stories of the insidious man and even witnessed the aftermath of some of his rage's while visiting First Order ships. As the daughter of Darth Caedus, it was inevitable that the Sith would eventually take interest in her, however Kataly'a had never known whether that interest would be friendly or not.

Darth Caedus had been a powerful Sith lord, a fearsome enemy of the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance. His rage had been legendary, but it had been that rage that undid him. While residing on Drumond Kaas he formed relations with Queen Ashira. It wasn't until Darth Caedus had left that the Queen found out she was pregnant, and by the time he returned Kataly'a was already age five. The Sith lord had never wanted children, but now that he had a descendent he was going to train her to be a fierce Sith warrior. While Queen Ashira was no saint, she loved her daughter more than anything and realized the danger she was in. The Queen sent young Kataly'a off world with one of her uncles to protect her, and in his rage Darth Caedus murdered the Queen and in turn was killed by the Royal Guard. Kataly'a had fostered hate for her father deep in her heart the rest of her life, and it had been that fire that had drawn Snoke in. The warrior princess had received little Force training while on her homeworld, but Snoke had finally sensed the awakening in the Force as she grew stronger.

Now, she stood quietly with her head bowed by Snoke's throne, awaiting her fate. The loud creak of the doors opening drew Kataly'a's green gaze up, meeting the man in the mask she had heard so much about. He was strikingly tall, not that she had much to go off of at a meager 5'4, but he loomed large even beside Snoke's imposing figure.

"Kylo Ren, my dearest Apprentice." The elder Sith croaked, the Sith princess' eyes still studying the man before her. "You've served me well, and I believe it is time for the next step in your training. It is time for you to train an Apprentice of your own." The ancient being gestured for her to move forward, her small form coming to kneel before the Commander of Ren, head dipped in the customary fashion.

"This is Princess Kataly'a, of Drumond Kaas. Daughter of Darth Caedus and Queen Ashira. You will train her to be your fiercest and most loyal Knight." He decreed, dismissing the two as if it wasn't the single most important moment of her life.

A Prize fit for a King

Kataly'a is the daughter of infamous King Valthor and Queen Talonia of Dromund Kaas, a Force-sensitive warrior princess who lives for bloodshed. As the new empire grows, (Your character) has become the sole Sith emperor of the galaxy, overthrowing every government in the galaxy and claiming it as his own. Drumond Kaas joins his alliance instead of burning beneath his army, and as a peace offering they offer him their only daughter.

Kataly'a can become his bride-to-be, personal guard, or slave.

League of Assassins

I don't really have a specific plot in mind yet, but I am intrigued by DC's League of Assassins and would love to explore it.
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Re: Many, many plots (F seeking M)
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2018, 06:32:03 PM »

Crimes of Passion

(My character) is having a fun night out with her roommates when she ends up getting into a bar fight with a creepy guy who's been feeling up her friend, (your character) is either the bartender or another patron who steps in and drags her out, cleaning her wounds and calming her down. Little does (MC) know that the man she just punched was a member of a notorious underground crime organization, who is now out for revenge on the little brunette who broke his jaw. Luckily for her, (YC) is a high up member of a rival gang and offers to protect her. (MC) gets dragged deeper and deeper into this seedy underground and (YC) just wants to protect her.


Our characters are two of many human experiments created by the New Order. They operate as a secret organization that deals with the others. The others are humans who have become much more than the rest of their species, making them more deadly than any normal human could imagine to be. Whether they can control the elements, have incredible speed/strength/indurance, or gifts of the mind. They have accumulated a small, elite group of these gifted humans and turned them into their own personal assassins, our characters happening to be two of their best. However, the New Order abuses their subjects by pushing them past their limits and caging them like animals. (My character) is sick of it and wants to be free of their torture, to live like a normal human. Our characters bond as they plot to take down the New Order and finally experience freedom.

Soulmates from Hell
In this world everything is the same except that everyone is born with a soulmate. Each soulmate pair has a matching identifying marking, signifying that you've found your soulmate (we can discuss ideas on this). My character doesn't believe in soulmates and thinks it's all a bunch of bullshit. That is, until one day she realizes that her asshole of a boss just might be her soulmate.

Sugar Daddy

My character is a college student trying to pay her bills. She decides she's desperate enough to try stripping at an upscale joint further into the city. Your character is a wealthy "mob boss" of sorts who makes her an offer she can't refuse. He'll pay all her bills and make sure she wants for nothing, as long as she'll devote herself to him, and only him.

Predator or Prey?

(Your character) is an under-the-table hitman working with an organized crime unit who stumbles upon (my character), a cute dive bar waitress with strange bruises and a vicious wit. She's either a victim of abuse or the weirdest criminal he's ever met. Not only is she beautiful, but she's the first woman to turn him down in years. He keeps returning to her bar, asking to sit in her section and observing her all night. He's determined to figure her out, pestering her until he breaks down her walls and forms an odd sort of friendship with her. However, things become a bit more complicated when he realizes she's a high ranking member of a rival criminal organization.

Rock 'n Roll Saved My Soul

Alaska has looked up to (insert band name here) since she was in high school. After her once famous mother OD'd when she was nine, she's thrown everything she has into music. It's been two years since she was discovered at a local bar's open mic night, and her band Phoenix has just released their first album. The band she's looked up to since her teen years invites her to open for them on tour, and Alaska is so happy she could die.

However, the world of rock 'n roll isn't always as glamorous as it seems. The constant criticism from the media causes Alaska to fall into a destructive pattern of eating disorders and alcoholism. Your character isn't much better, the fame has gone to his head and he's quickly developed an addiction. Amongst the chaos, they develop a tumultuous relationship and fight to save each other and themselves from spiraling out of control.

Kinks: Lots of rough sex. On and off relationship.

(MC) has been a server at the bar and grille 505 for two years now, and despite the angry customers and the kitchen staff screaming out wrong orders all to often, it pays the bills and she doesn't mind it too much.

That is, until old Esther sells the restaurant, and she and the rest of the staff have to scrabble to adjust to the new management. The new General Manager is driving her up a wall, and if something doesn't change soon she's going to walk right out the door. Unless he fires her for her sassy mouth first. Despite his rude ways, she finds herself oddly attracted to him and finds herself getting to know the man behind the suit.

Kinks: Lots of secret sex after hours.
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Re: Bad Girls Do It Best (Many plots) (F looking for M)
« Reply #3 on: December 16, 2018, 09:29:35 PM »

Name: Kataly'a Kaas
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race: Human, Force-sensitive
Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

5'4, slim, athletic build but still maintains her womanly curves. Green eyes. Tan skin. Long, wavy black hair.
Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, most weapons, unafraid of a challenge, battle meditation.
Weaknesses: Rash, Doesn't know when to retreat, thinks with her emotions rather than her head, untrained in the Force.
Background: Born the daughter of Queen Talonia of Dromund Kaas and Darth Caedus, she is inherently strong with the Force. Her father began training her as a Sith when she was only five, and by the time she had turned seven her mother had realized the danger her daughter was in and sent her into hiding. After Darth Caedus killed her mother, he himself was killed and Kataly'a was free to return to her homeworld as heir to the throne.

Face Claims

Jessica Green:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sveta Bilyalova
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Paris Dylan
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sofia Jamora
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Liz Gillies
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Rhia Styles
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Jaylene Joy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Mari Pashaeva
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Katerina Rozmajzl
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Lily Maymac
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Re: Bad Girls Do It Best (Many plots) (F looking for Dom M)
« Reply #4 on: January 01, 2019, 09:40:31 PM »


Your male character is a powerful Alpha who offers my Omega female protection and security, as long as she devotes herself entirely to him.

Kinks: Biting, knotting, heats, rutting.

The King's Dagger

(MC) has been trained her whole life by a league of assassin who operate outside of the five kingdoms. Despite her beautiful appearance, she is a trained killer and one of her Master's most efficient prodigies. King Leonard of the Haral Kingdom has paid a handsome amount of money for the assassination of the newly made king of Elevian. The king is in desperate search for a wife now that he was ascended the throne, giving (MC) the perfect opportunity to get close to him.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


(MC) is a warrior princess who has just come to power over her tribe/kingdom after the death of her parents. To claim her rightful throne, she must be wed by the end of the year. The princess doesn't want to marry, but refuses to let her crown be taken. (YC) is one of the many suitors entering the competition to be her husband.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Demons in my bed

After stumbling upon an old spell book, my character accidentally summons a demon. The demon is now soul bound to her, trapped in the body of a normal human. Chaos and smut ensue.

Kinks: The roughest of sex.


(My female OC) has been hiding amongst the humans with her family for centuries now. It's rather easy, they move from town to town under different names and erase all evidence that they were ever there. The Lancaster family is well known amongst their kind, dating far back to ancient kings and queens. Things become complicated when she meets (your character). All vampires have a soulmate, somewhat similar to the imprinting of werewolves, and he just happens to be hers. He also happens to be (rival clan/human/idk). She knows its dangerous for both of them, but can't stop herself from wanting to be around him.

Summary: It doesn't have to be this specific plot, her love interest can be whatever.

Images for inspiration
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