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May 13, 2021, 02:11:26 pm

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Author Topic: FxM Looking for someone to write with  (Read 762 times)

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FxM Looking for someone to write with
« on: December 31, 2018, 08:10:14 am »
It's been some time since I posted here, but I want to get one or two more roleplays going as of right now.

First and foremost, please note that I am not interested in the least in writing story that revolve around smut and smut only. The stories I want to write should be filled with romance, drama, action and yes, smut. There has to be more than smut scene after smut scene, I want more to come out of this writing experience.

Still, since there will be smut involved, I do have some things that are off limits for me: humiliation, degradation, everything that belongs in the bathroom, blood, gore.

My favorites would be: hair pulling, rough sex, slapping (everywhere but the face), an age gap of up to ten years (male always being older).

I will roleplay over pm or email.

My favorite pairings are (MC first):

friend x soldier
poor girl x rich guy
country girl x city guy
anything x popular guy

Below I will write out ideas that I am currently interested in, if you would like to talk more about one, send me a pm.

An idea based on the episode from Netflix "Love, Death & Robots" with the werewolves in the army. I haven't thought it out completely yet but I love the thought of wolves living openly among humans but not being welcomed by all of them. It could make for an interesting story! If you'd like to work on this together, let me know.

Can love be enough?

The prince of a small, wealthy country (or a big one, you decide since it will be your character) takes a break from being a responsible adult who is being prepared to take over the throne from his father (or mother). (Would also work with a very successful CEO of a company that everyone knows. Or a music star. You get the drift.) He decides to leave his country for a vacation and travel the world. He may have a security guard with him, or maybe he ditched his phone and his guards and is traveling the world on his own without contact to his family.
In a very small town somewhere on this planet, he runs into a young woman who works at the local bar / diner. They get to talking and he ends up breaking his cycle of spending just one night at the same place, spending an entire week with her. They get to know each other, start falling in love, the entire time without him telling her who he really is.
One day, a reporter shows up, because someone in the small town figured out who the newcomer was and posted a picture online that went viral. The young waitress is confronted with reporters and paparazzi who want to get to know the new love at the prince's side. A prince, she had no clue was sleeping next to her for the past few nights.
He has some explaining to do and she has to make a decision: does she want to give up her life completely to be with him?
Will they weather through the storm that comes with being public and snatching away one of the most eligible bachelors?

From two different worlds

A motorcycle club needs help with their books, keep them clean, keep their legit businesses up and running. One of them hires a young woman (MC). She's tech savvy, has a degree in accounting and, unbeknownst to her, her real father had once been a member of the club but had been killed in a club war. She had never known him though, she doesn't even know that the man who she grew up to know as her father, is the man who helped her mother through her grief and then they became more than friends.
She starts working for the club's businesses, but not everyone likes it. She doesn't fit in like a typical lady of the club, she's an outsider, almost everyone is giving her a hard time because the head of the charter isn't telling anyone who she really is, having promised her mother that she would not be involved with any of the illegal activities of the club and would never know the truth of her heritage.
But one of the guys (YC) is taking a liking to the new girl. They talk, he stands up for her, they even go out for a drink and a snack.
How will the club react when one of their prime members (maybe even the son of the leader?) starts a relationship with an outsider girl?
Will they ever find out about her real father?
When the police approaches her, asking her to snitch, will she be loyal?
What will they do when she finds out about the illegal activities?

True Friendship

A group of five friends, which are four young men (aside from your main character, these will be npcs and written by both of us) and a young woman. The women is introduced to the friends group because she is the girlfriend of one of the men. For five years or so they get along great, she fits right in and is accepted completely. Then the couple breaks up. There is some weirdness involved from then on because he is not happy with the breakup and she is trying to not lose her friends - including him. Now the complicated part: she falls for one of her friends in said group. And he falls for her. It starts out as a one time fling but develops into much deeper feelings fast. They are torn between wanting to let the world know about their happiness and sneaking around, hiding from their friends because they know that at least one of them will not be happy about this. We can have every kind of drama involved there.

Arranged Marriage

I have two ideas for this general topic.
Idea one: A very rich family with influence all over the country decides that it is time for their son (if they have more than one would be up to you) to settle down and get serious. No more partying around, no more drugs, no more girls that come and go each night, you get the gist. To force him to settle down, they decide that he will be married. If he wants to have any access to his trust funds or the family company and name, he has to play along and get married.
The parents offer a large amount of money to a family that works for them somehow. Maybe someone in a lower instance of their company, a cleaner lady, a worker in a factory. They know that they have a daughter that looks nice, everything else is not interesting to them. They just want her to look pretty on pictures and give them grandchildren some day. They do not expect more from her, for that her parents will never have to work a day in their lives again and she won't either.

Naturally, she is not a fan of this arrangement, neither is he. But they meet for the first time in front of the altar and get shipped off to their honeymoon right afterwards.

Idea two: Instead of just offering money to someone who can truly use it and will not say no to the offer, the parents / one parent of the girl stole from the company. Money, data, science project, something along those lines. Depending on what kind of company we decide on.
Since the man / woman has a daughter that would fit in age and looks to be married to their son, they offer a deal. Instead of getting the police involved, or worse, they want the daughter of the offender to get married to her son. No questions asked, they just want the daughter to attend official events with their son as his wife, give him a better look to the public.

Naturally, she is not a fan of this arrangement, neither is he. But they meet for the first time in front of the altar and get shipped off to their honeymoon right afterwards.

I'd love for them to have their problems at first, but to find a way to get along together. Fall in love, help each other be a better person.
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Re: FxM Looking for someone to write with
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2019, 01:57:15 pm »
Looking again.