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September 27, 2021, 08:46:36 pm

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Author Topic: The Mage and the Musketeer (flintlock fantasy, M for F)  (Read 506 times)

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The Mage and the Musketeer (flintlock fantasy, M for F)
« on: December 31, 2018, 04:59:01 am »
Ill news has reached the court of Kingdom of Theula. A long letter to King Henri IV, penned by the Viceroy of the Vridux colonies, Governor General Augustin-Loup. Detailed within it’s pages, were a series of woes. A new spiritual leader seemed to have rose among the Alfin tribes, the native peoples of Vridux, a shaman named Megedagik. This shaman preaches for all the tribes to set aside their differences and drive out the human colonists. He has a strength of voice never heard before, claims to speak prophecies and see the future. He is said to brew a potion, which will make the warrior who drinks it, unkillable and it seemingly works, as it takes a direct shot or blade to the heart, to slay those who had consumed the drink. Most damningly of all, the shaman seems to be able to summon what the Alfin call Gobelines, humanoid creatures which look like shortened, deformed Alfin, who delight is slaughter and torment.

Scores of settlements, several blockhouses and even a small fort, have been overrun by battle-crazed Alfin and their cruel Gobeline allies. The Governor General begs for aid, more troops and most importantly, one of the King’s mages. If it wasn’t for the shaman, what few regulars he had, the scattered colonial free companies of marines, the militia and what few Alfin allies they still had, could hold off the enemy. With a few more regiments from the home country, he could see them defeated. But he really needed the mage, to deal with Megedagik.

Distant from the conflict and not understanding the extent of the trouble, King Henri, nevertheless, has dispatched a mage to the colonies, along with her bodyguard, a full company of Royal Grenadiers, sixty men and officers strong. Greeted by Augustin-Loup, when she landed, the mage was instructed to head to Fort Vivien, where she would meet with a guide, to take her over the frontier, to where it is believed that Megedagik, is living and would help find him. However, the man they meet at the fort, a sergeant Luc Berger, was far from satisfactory, in the mind of the mage and her captain of Grenadiers.

Where the Grenadiers she normally dealt with, were all tall, broad men, Luc was average in height and far leaner. Her Grenadiers were dressed in full uniform, like they would be for a battle back in the old world. Tall bearskin cap, white coat with royal blue facings and silver buttons, royal blue waistcoat, white breeches, white Gaiters and black shoes. The Sergeant on the other had, wore little of a uniform. Old and fade blue waistcoat with long sleeves, a forage cap, patched breeches and leather leggings, with moccasins. The Grenadiers were freshly slaven with a neat moustache, their hair long but pulled into a tight tail and wrapped with ribbon. His face on the other hand was covered in stubble and his hair was shorter but messy under his cap. It was only in armament did they match, all carrying a musket and bayonet but the Grenadiers each had a brass hilted hanger, a short slightly curved sword, Luc had a hatchet and long knife.

Almost at once, as they marched from the fort, the Captain of Grenadiers began to ignore Sergeant Luc, waving away all of his suggestions. The Grenadiers would march in full kit, in column, like proper soldiers. None of this loose, skirmish formation the Marine told him to use. The Alfin were primitive cowards, who would flee from proper soldiers. As the day’s passed, Luc began bring warnings. They were being watched, followed even. A warband would catch them in ambush. Again, he was ignored and sent away to ‘scout’.

Two week after leaving the fort, Luc was the only one not to be surprised when the forest around the column was suddenly filled with arrows and musket shots, followed by whooping Alfin warriors, waving hatches and gunstock or ball-head war clubs. The fighting was fierce, the Grenadiers, although taken unaware, proved their worth as royal guards, even if they were slain to a man. When the gunsmoke cleared, the only ones still standing, were the Marine Sergeant and the Royal Mage, left alone to complete the mission to kill Megedagik.

However, there will be a problem with so few, other then the amount of foes they will face. It wasn’t just simple arrogance, which made the Captain send Luc away everytime he returned to the column. There have always been rumors but its kept a semi-secret in the royal courts back home, that mages, in addition to their great abilities, have powerful sexual urges. Male mages tend to keep small harems of courtesans, were female mages tend to take lovers from among their bodyguards. Now, she just as one man, unaware of her needs, to satisfy her, if he can.

So I'm looking for someone to play the female Mage, if your interested, please send me a PM

Alfin Warrior


Royal Grenadiers

Sergeant Luc Berger