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Author Topic: Dick Hercules' NEW Adventures!  (Read 1015 times)

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Dick Hercules' NEW Adventures!
« on: December 29, 2018, 03:20:34 PM »
I'm returning to the forums after a prolonged absence. With more available time on my hands it would appear the perfect time to re-introduce myself and indulge my urges to write again. Below are a couple of roles based on my current cravings. Anyone interested please contact me via private message only and I will only roleplay on these forums.

Just What The Doctor Ordered (M for F - CRAVING)
My idea is a Mother & Son plot, one that I am massively craving at present. The mother would be a single parent though her personality type can be debated. In this plot my character has been prescribed some growth hormone to assist him with an overdue growth spurt, or perhaps his Mother has acquired some kind of alternative formula that was floating around on the dark web or black market. The results are spectacular and my character (we can pick this up from the beginning detailing the transformation or after a few months where the results have already begun to show) has begun to develop an amazing body and growth in a number of areas. He's become taller, broader, he's even developed in places that were not imaginable beforehand. He's so ravishing to the eyes that his filthy-minded Mother can't help but appreciate this Adonis walking through her household. With all the hormones and testosterone flowing through his body she can't help but notice the different ways that he looks at her when he thinks she isn't looking. Cruelly, wanting a reaction and his attentions she begins to mercilessly tease him, dressing provocatively, trying to get closer to him. Her morning greetings become less motherly and more like a throat inspection with her tongue with her hands wandering inappropriately to cup a handful of whichever muscle she desires. She might even regularly insist on measuring him in front of her large bedroom mirror. Anyway, impressed with the results she's been overfeeding him the hormone formula in his food and protein shakes and he's not just enormously endowed and sporting the most ripped, aesthetically pleasing musculature imaginable for a young man but he's also got a ton of pent-up frustration due to her teasing. She's aware of this and has deliberately removed the locks from the bathroom and his bedroom so that he can't hide away to obtain any relief. It's only a matter of time before she tips him over the edge or seduces him, to hell with any guilt. She's got to have him all for herself.

Uncontrolled Substance (Superhero vs. Villainess) (M for F)
The city of Burbank has been plagued with a new designer drug that has led to high rates of pregnancy, rape and sexually transmitted disease. The substance, a purple liquid known as 'Sexultra', leaves the user with a euphoric high and also works to assist the muscles, working to build or increase on endurance and stamina. A powerful aphrodisiac, the drug leaves users and especially addicts with a painful craving for sexual relief and satisfaction, with many turning to brutal acts of non-consensual force or even prostitution to satisfy the cravings, which if not addressed can lead to heart attacks or organ failure due to the muscular stress around them. There are many facets to the stages of plateaus and withdrawal users can expect to experience over the course of time, with a normal dosage lasting between four to six hours.

Despite the city Mayor's attempts at combating use and distribution of the drug through legislature and harsh repercussions for those caught breaking the law, the ratio of users has grown at an incredible rate and an epidemic has broken out. With the police force clearly out of their depth (and some working under the influence or turning a blind eye due to bribery) the Mayor's office calls on a trusted hero to track down the hidden laboratory of the individual or group that are producing the substance which is wreaking havoc upon citizens of a diverse and widespread background.

The hero wastes no time in picking up word from the street that some abandoned warehousing units are being used as collection points for dealers, so he heads off in the dead of night to investigate and apprehend any suspects. Little does he realise that the villainess in charge of the hoodlums running this operation has taken precautions for his eventual intervention. She succeeds in capturing the hero and plans to inject a little weakness into him, giving him a high dosage of Sexultra, knowing that he will experience a high that no other was capable of enduring but also leaving him with a burning desire for sexual activity.

This could lead to many altercations between the two that result in her luring him between the sheets, or she might keep him as her own private play thing until he manages to find a way of controlling or breaking his addiction. Maybe we could have the hero go into hiding whilst trying to find an antidote, needing to satisfy his cravings with many different women. Will his reputation remain intact? Just how far will he have to go to ensure that he can address the pains and aches of the need to relief? There are plenty of possibilities including him perhaps forming a relationship with someone whilst confronting his addiction and trying to become the first to successfully rehabilitate himself, whilst also desperately trying to tackle the drug problem sweeping the city and preventing it from escalating to even more dangerous levels. Then there is also the matter of trying to apprehend the wicked woman leading the production of this incredible substance, the one who cruelly subjected him to his ordeal.

I am looking for someone with a wild imagination who can help me develop this storyline. Please get in touch with me via PM and we can sort out any necessary details before starting off. I am happy to let this develop naturally or flesh out the finer details, you will find that I generally prefer to spend some time on the development of the characters and sometimes the role before we begin.

Meeting Her Mother / Nemesis-In-Law (Superhero vs. Villainess) (M for F)
My character is a young, powerful crimefighter by night and a student by day who has recently lowered his guard about letting people close to him by dating and falling in love with a beautiful young woman. He's overjoyed when he's invited to her household to meet her mother, a single parent and successful woman who his sweetheart gushes about on a daily basis. Only when our hero steps into the home of his partner he discovers to his shock and horror that her mother is in fact another who lives a double-life, a man-eating she-devil of a nemesis who he has attempted to detain in the past, only to be foiled by her good fortune and womanly charms. Now he's in her household, minus his special superhero suit and invading her personal territory.

The evening appears to begin with the two calling a truce but soon things go awry. Is this a trap? Will the powerful villainess seek to use the situation to her advantage? Can he afford to consume food and drink from the feast that she has prepared for them? I'm looking for a lot of teasing and mind games to be played here with a bit of power-play between the two characters. We could eventually involve other characters also, I am more than open to discussing this.

The Villainess would have some kind of power I imagine to be based on an aphrodisiac or some kind of ability that preys on the weakness of other heroes. This will need some length build up to create the tension between the two and an imaginative partner to conjur different scenarios where the two might give into temptation. This idea really needs some fleshing out so I would greatly appreciate input of anyone interest in really elaborating on the initial premise.

The Lustful Landlord (M for F)

An idea I have involves me portraying a young male character who is renting an apartment with his girlfriend, them both being of similar age, either late teens or early twenties. The two are in a long term relationship, work long hours and each have a part-time job to fund their study courses, which in turn is leaving them with scant little time together for intimacy. Both tired and frustrated, some cracks are beginning to appear in their relationship. As the story begins, money is extremely tight but my character's girlfriend has a relative that has fallen ill and though he has concerns my character agrees for her to use their small savings to travel across the country for the next couple of weeks to be with her family.

Then, disaster strikes. A global pandemic, self-isolation measures and lockdown, meaning my girlfriend is unable to return home and the financial struggles we face begin to intensify.
This is where your character steps in. She's an older woman, the couple's landlord/landlady and the owner of a modest-sized property portfolio. She's a little too old to be lusting over teenagers but she's had her eye on this young muscular hunk for a while and she's fully aware of his girlfriend's absence and their financial woes. Being a man-eater and an opportunist who takes what she wants, she intends to call by unexpectedly requesting some rent renewal fees and other maintenance costs, knowing he's unable to satisfy her financial demands but with her negotiation skills and filthy mind, she anticipates him satisfying her in some other form of agreement and she's not going to let a few initial protestations prevent her from getting this young buck as a lover. After all, he can't resist his urges for the whole duration of lockdown after all.

After some teasing and a rather forward approach, maybe she offers my character a drink laced with a powerful aphrodisiac, giving him a cocktail of endurance and an insatiable lust for her, something enabling him to overlook her obnoxious personality traits and give in to his more carnal desires. This isn't a deal-breaker however and I'm open to adapting the plot and negotiating on certain details. The landlady doesn't have to be some drop-dead gorgeous, flawless type either. She could always have an astonishing age-defying body mixed in with some awful personality traits for example, I would kind of enjoy there being a reason besides cheating for my character to be initially a little reluctant to engage with her, it all adds to the fun and humour within the plot.

Herbal Remedies (M for F)

Another Mother & Son plot, one that I am massively craving at present. The mother would be a single parent with some unconventional parenting skills and a philosophical approach to life that has her at one with nature and the earth. Maybe she's always been a loving mother but her son's development has turned her head, perhaps she's always been a promiscuous type of a 'Size Queen'. She's also a free spirit, a hippy at heart for whom weed-smoking, nudity and free love is an everyday natural thing, being care-free and not being beset by boundaries. Not sticking to society's rules and norms and embracing the taboo and different experiences. Monogamy isn't her thing tough, even when her own son is involved.

In this role I want to portray the hunky but uptight son who disapproves of his mother's lifestyle choices and tries to resist her allure and suggestive tones and words about embracing her life choices. He loves her as a mother but he's been used to seeing her copulating with men and women, flirting with anything that moves, committing social faux paus and such. Eventually a herbal remedy, a natural aphrodisiac, would then come into play which the mother would use to get her son to 'loosen up' a little. It won't be long until he has the kind of yearnings that leave him a man possessed with the need for pleasure and relief, with his mother inviting into her open arms (and legs) to introduce him to a life of free love and free use.
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Re: Motivado's NEW Adventures!
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Bumped with a new idea that I am massively craving.

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Re: Motivado's NEW Adventures!
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Re: Motivado's NEW Adventures!
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Re: Motivado's NEW Adventures!
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Re: Motivado's NEW Adventures!
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