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May 11, 2021, 11:41:08 pm

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Author Topic: In search of Femdom... (MxF/Futa/TG) (gentle or strict)  (Read 651 times)

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In search of Femdom... (MxF/Futa/TG) (gentle or strict)
« on: December 28, 2018, 11:13:00 am »
In search of femdom...

So first, feel free to check out my O/Os and my Finders and Seekers Thread
to understand a bit more of what I'm looking for. But in a nutshell, I love femdom,
especially gentle femdom. I'm also a fan of romance if it fits, and I always prefer story over smut.

I'm looking to take on 1-2 RPs. Essentially I would like to play a submissive male (he won't be a doormat as per my o/os),
to a strong and confident woman, trans, or futa partner.
All of the below women can be modified to be a trans or futa, I even encourage it.
I don't care your gender, just that you play the character well.
I also don't care if you're new to it, as I can help you out.

I would be up for almost anything, so if you had something in mind that you think I might like, I'm all ears.
If you don't, then below are a few ideas or pairings.

Teacher's Pet (really craving)
Male student x Female Teacher, bdsm, femdom, possibility of romance

He's smart, really smart, but he keeps slacking off in her class. So as the teacher, she decides to take it upon herself to tutor him. She truly believes in reward and punishment as a behavioural modifier, and she's seen the way he looks at her... However, she tends to have some darker ideas in mind. She decides to punish and reward him in a uniquely sexual and kinky way. How she does it is up for discussion, but there are many possibilities this could take. Essentially this is a classic teacher x student scenario, but with a bdsm twist. So there's still room for romance, just the kinkier kind. Age can be discussed, but I'm fine with 18+ for the student.

Tutor's pet
bdsm, femdom, possibility of romance

Like the above, but it's a tutor instead of a teacher, if the age gap is an issue. She could be a fellow student in the same class, or someone in the year above. He posts an ad and she answers it. She could be unassuming, even geeky on the exterior. A kind of beauty that doesn't display herself, and not revealing the kinky side on the inside. It's all up for discussion of course. Romance is also still an option.

My wife's girlfriend
FxFxm, femdom, bi-sexual women, darker/extreme

For this story my partner would need to play both women, or I could discuss sharing one of the characters, but it's less preferred.

The husband and wife are happy, as happy as could be. The sex is great... sometimes fine. They try new things, they try to be adventurous, but something is missing for both of them. He keeps joking about the ultimate male fantasy, a threesome with a girl. She keeps playing it off like a joke. How the girlfriend gets introduced is up for discussion, but eventually they have a threesome.

In the end, the wife loves it, and wants to try it again, finding her bi-curiosity turns into promiscuity. She loves being with a woman, and the husband loves being with two. However the girlfriend suggests a different dynamic to the relationship. She wants it to be all about the wife and herself, so she wants to play around with a bit of D/s. She suggests locking up the husband in a chastity belt (this can be omitted), and setting some rules. The wife finds the idea fun. The husband is reluctant, but it's 2 against 1, and he does have a slight submissive side.

Things start to slowly spiral out of control, as he is forced more to the "side-lines", while he can hardly do anything to satisfy his needs. Does he end up liking this? Does he simply become a toy, or even just a spectator to the new relationship? How do things change between all of them? This is all up for discussion and exploration.

The Goddess
Gentle femdom, romance, supernatural

She is a goddess, banished from mount olympus (or the heavens). A war between gods and creatures is looming, always looming, unbeknownst to the humans. The first time she met him, he was a strong and fierce spartan warrior. They fell in love, and he became her servant, her protector. Yet, he died trying to save her. She fell into decades of depression, until she met another warrior... it was him reborn again. They fell in love again, and he died in her arms again. Time and time again, he would come back to her, only to die again, and again, despite everything she tried to do.

The time period is up for discussion, but I was thinking it could be modern day. She has decided that this time, if they found each other, she would push him away. She couldn't put him through that again, to see him die again.

He would be a former special forces, lost in the world without knowing why. They would run into each other. She would begin to plague his mind, but she would push him away. What happens from here? What happens if the looming war between gods begins to escalate? A lot of room for story and heartache.

Pairings without plot
All of this is just to get the juices flowing.
I would want something more to the story than just a simple pairing.

(MC in bold)
Wife exploring kinky side/Husband
Popular Girl/Geek
Bad Girl/Nice Boy
Mistress/Slave or Pet
Obsessed/Stalker Woman/Man
Queen or Princess/Slave or Guard
(see interest check below for 1 version of princess/slave)
CEO or Politician/Assistant
Older Woman/Young Man

So if you see anything that interests you, or if it sparked an idea of your own, feel free to PM me!