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April 12, 2021, 02:43:59 pm

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Author Topic: Willow's Seedlings (F For Any, Fantasy/Romance Plots)  (Read 623 times)

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Offline willowsTopic starter

Willow's Seedlings (F For Any, Fantasy/Romance Plots)
« on: December 28, 2018, 03:59:34 am »

Hey! My name's Willow and if I've ever shafted you (which is... fairly likely, considering how many unread messages I seem to have here) I'm sorry and you can probably get in touch with me so I can apologize properly ;_;

With the arrival of the new year I've found that I have a bit more flexibility with my schedule, so I'll be taking a few RP's! Instead of scouring the forums for requests like I typically do, I've decided to finally take the steps toward making my own thread. Bear with me now, because this is mostly a work in progress that will (eventually) be quite detailed with a variety of ideas for a variety of different needs/partners. You can find out more about me in My O2 if you're curious!

A few basic requirements! Please be interested in writing either M/F or F/F pairings, as I'm a little burned out on M/M at the moment. I prefer 3rd person past tense, paragraph style (although this is flexible from person to person, depending!) And for reply length, I only want as much as I put in? So if you're capable of giving me several paragraphs, I'll gladly do the same but if you're more comfortable with shorter/faster replies, I'm alright with that!

For now, though, I'm craving mostly original things. A modern fantasy setting with macabre themes (violence, drugs, abuse and the like). All of the ideas below will incorporate this in some form or another! Below, I'll give throw out a few of the ideas that've been floating around in my head. Please keep in mind, all of these are flexible and if you see something that interests you, we can discuss it to your heart's content!

A Demon's Gamble: Loosely based on the anime/manga series Kakeguri, Charaacter A is a down on their luck student or office worker who is drawn to a newly opened casino, whether it be through word of mouth, or curiousity. In it, they meet Character B, a charismatic card dealer who can spot a sucker a mile away. Seeing a potiental customer, they flirt a little with Character A, encouraging them to play to their hearts content, until the stakes are too high and it's too late to turn back.

We can do much with a plot like this! Initally, I was imagining Character B being a demon of some sort, and Character A wagering their soul on a bet, and losing. But I'm open to ideas!

To Be An Adventurer: Based mostly on the Goblin Slayer anime, I'd love to write a young girl fresh to the world of adventuring, who gets into a dangerous spot and requires the help of a more experienced fighter to save her. Heck, I'd even be willing to play canon characters for this!

All Seeing Divinity: Fairly straightforward. In modern times, two characters dabble into some old Wiccan spells for kicks, one night. Character A has a relative that's pretty into the stuff, so they borrow some spell books and reagents to have fun with their bff, Character B. Through a series of unfortunate events, the spell backfires. From there, we ad lib? I'd like to imagine that there are many possibilities as to how the spell backfires, either Character B is turned into a familiar animal servant, or deformed/disabled permanently by the spell. Either way, it would open up a bit of a magical world to play with.

Arcadia: In a fairly populous city in the near-future, supernatural creatures manage to blend in with the everyday crowd. Things from fae and pixies to angels and demons all live in (relative) harmony, thanks to a supernatural police force known as Valkyries. Recently, a string of murders has disturbed the peace, and the various factions grow uneasy, all of them arguing and pointing the finger at their natural rivals while some seek to solve the mystery before the city falls to chaos.

Bindings: Demons have taken over the world, somewhat subtly. Succubus and monsters roam the earth in human guise, feeding on the sin and darkness of the humans around them, until the humans become 'unstable', either becoming monsters themselves, or doing something to endanger their fellow man through killing sprees, robberies, and all sorts of heinous behavior through demonic influence. A young priestess, somewhat immune to the effects of these happenings, becomes the subject of interests for demons everywhere, as various forces work to corrupt her.

Blood Moon:A young werewolf, separated from their pack at birth, runs into a terrifying conundrum. In their Shift, they lose control, brutally murdering a young woman in a euphoric sense of happiness. The next day, the very same woman comes to the doorstep of the wolf, simply to give back the supernatural creature's clothes and ID as if nothing had happened. The wolf, utterly intrigued by this woman who they 'killed', begins to seek out other 'immortals' like her.

Harmony and Holy Water: An angel is sent to earth, granted with a single mission: Find the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' and destroy him. This angel, completely clueless about her objectives, eventually stumbles upon a seedy but mysteriously attractive bartender who leads her along, interested in 'helping' her. When the woman's guard is down, she's captured by this man who turns out to be a reincarnation of Belial and is justly tortured

Aaand that's it for now? I'm not too particular about fandoms but if you ask, I might be receptive (particularly, I've been craving something with Goblin Slayer recently, so props to anyone that hits me up for that). If you're interested, please shoot me a PM!

Happy Hunting~
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