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June 22, 2021, 03:15:30 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for my Villian ((Extreme // Dark Fantasy)) ((FxM))  (Read 713 times)

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Looking for my Villian ((Extreme // Dark Fantasy)) ((FxM))
« on: December 27, 2018, 08:27:42 pm »
Some basic info about me [ooc]:

• My online tag is FoxNClocks or Eri, but feel free to call me Fox.
• Roleplayer of ~15 years
• I live in Louisiana [CST Timezone]
• 30 // F
• I generally prefer to RP with people 18 and older, this is a strict rule for me.
• I type VERY casually ooc, but I'm very detailed while writing//roleplaying.
• PM or Discord Perfered, willing to RP in Forums.

Mercenary x Captive   
Bandit x Captive      
Barbadians x Captive      
Necromancer x Captive      
Soldier x Captive      
Arranged Marriage      
Necromancer x Apprentice

The following is just a sample of my writing, in fact, I will have one or two prompts in mind (or already written) for each of the pairings I have listed above. That being said, I am a literate roleplayer seeking other literate roleplayers and more than that I am looking for a co-writer/DM. I am a sucker for writers that are confident in their love of writing and know how to help push a story along with their own thoughts and ideas.

I'm looking for a partner that can put not only a bit of action into the story but also a bit of life. Descriptive language, internal thoughts, and character development are a must for me. If it's looking like I will have to "hold your hand" and push the story/plot/idea myself we might not last very long as partners.

That being said, I am a very easy going and friendly person so feel free to message me. Even if you just want to talk! I read books, play computer games, roleplay and run a Deathwatch & 1000 Son army (& killteam.) On top of that, I am a huge nerd so I'm sure we can find something to talk about as well.

So onto my writing sample & an idea of what I'm looking for from a partner: Take me away from all of this and make me yours...

A village girl, the daughter of a mercenary soldier who was most of his time campaigning so she saw little of him except when he came home for a short time with money for her and her mother. It was a hard life because her mom's decision to marry that man was not well regarded by the rest of the village. According to them, husbands should stay with their wives at home working honestly in the fields a not going to fight in faraway wars. That her mother was a wise woman who had knowledge of herbs and midwifery did not help at all. She was needed but disliked for her independent ways and the fact that she was not shy to say what she thought. My character was seen as the tomboyish girl who liked to play in the forest with the boys and could kick their asses when it came to fighting with makeshift wooden swords.

Things got worse when her father failed to return, months passed without him coming and then she lost hope in seeing him again. My character never knew what happened to him but her mother had always feared that something like this would happen, he had a dangerous job after all. Without her father's money, the situation worsened for her and her mother. She did not own much land and her side job as midwife just paid enough to barely survive. My character helped as much as she could but there were days when there was not much to eat. Then another blow fell on her. The girl's mother died in strange circumstances. She was found dead with a heavy blow in her head and the village mayor decided that it had been an accident but she always suspected foul play by the local priest.

Things become desperate for her. The girl's friends turned their back on her, some for fear of being seen with her and others out of pettiness. She was cheated out of her meager inheritance when the village mayor said that her mother was indebted to him and produced a document that according to him her mother had signed. She had never told her anything about that and the signature in the document was not hers but the girl's complaints did not move Lord's reeve to settle the matter by giving the village mayor her mother's land. This left her with a small cabin in the woods near the village, that was her father's property so they couldn't take it from her. She subsisted poaching in the lord's forest (he never came to hunt the bastard) and selling herbs and remedies which attracted the wrath of the priest who was already muttering the word "witch".


The evening breeze seemed to be filled with the smell of winter snow from the northern mountains above, a sign that winter was indeed nearing the Forest north of Cragcross. The little village of Cresthill had always known wealth. From the mining of the White Mountains to their north, the rich forest of the West and the rolling farmlands to the south-east there were few of this little town that new hardship. Autumn had already turned the trees gold, red and orange, the colors giving an almost magical feel to the valley like area. But that was how she always felt. One of the few of this land that new hardship. The outcast. With a sigh the young woman looked up, the moon was her only friend this evening, as it was most nights as she traveled down the paths outside of the small village. The stone of the road cold on her feet as she made her way along the rich farmlands outside of Cresthill.

This had been a journey she had many countless times before, giving her no reason to worry about the looming danger ahead. She often moved about at night, it was when the people of her old home were less likely to see her as she raided crops and items of use from them. The outlining farms, after all, were full of harvest crops. None of them would miss a few things here and a few things there. If a chicken went missing in the middle of the night, it was a fox to blame. Not her. No, she was one that would never come into their little village. Not anymore. Not after everything that had happened in her youth.

A smirk pulled at her lips with the lie. A smirk that seemed to be short-lived as she smelt something like burning wood. The acrid smell of burning thatched roofing. Then came the sounds of screams, cries. Up ahead shadows seemed to dance wildly in the light of flames that reached for the night sky. The little wildling found herself drawn to it. A part of her waiting to know what was happening, why the night seemed to fill with dread when normally it was so peaceful. Watching from the tree line and underbrush as all those souls who had damned her and her mother....a sinking feeling in her chest caught off her thoughts. Had someone finally answered her prayers? Her wrath was being done for her.

In front of her people fled from their homes as others drew swords and bows trying to defend their small village. But they were no warriors or trained guards, no the men of this town were no better the few hunters that called this place home. Miners and farmers armed with hand me down weapons and tools. Zara watched with horror in her heart as she watched people with actual weapons and skill moved among them. The fighting seeming to be short and bloody as village people tried to flee into the fields around their homes. A few of them seemed to be herded up like cattle and loot was dragged from homes and stacked in the village square.

There was no gold or jewels. No there were instead barrels of spirits and wine, crates and baskets of harvested crops. A few fine horses. Tools. Cloths. Blankets. Useful things.

She had lost time watching everything that happened, she had not noticed when someone came up behind her and struck her.

Posting: I'm looking for people that can post at less 3-4 times a week if not more. If someone has not posted in over a week, I will assume you have lost interest or something has happened IRL to pull you away from our story.

Dirty Roleplays: I will never do solely smut roleplays. Sex can drive plots forward and create depth, even though I don’t mind doing unnecessary smut when it fits the story, keep in mind I don’t particularly like writing out tons of detailed scenes related to such. If that deeply bothers you, please let me know.

Dark Roleplays vs Romance: [Don't be my hero] I am a total sucker for romance but I am mostly looking for dark roleplay settings. I strongly prefer plots to have some sort of dark theme to them, where the romance is slowly built upon (if at all). My characters are not looking for their White Knights trying to save them, no maybe you can be their Bandit Lord kidnapping them or an Astarte who forces them to earn their respect. Take them back to your camp so you and your fellows can have their way with them. Force them into a life they would never live, make them fight to survive, make them show you how strong they can be or how far they can fall~---I can and do enjoy lighter themed RPs as well. Though I would rather a "Gray" character to a "Paladin." I do not enjoy the "Knight in Shining Armor." If it is a lighter more romantic RP 1) It must fit the pairing & 2) I would rather the characters be equals with playful banter between them.

Kidnapping, Abrasions, Begging, Biting, Blindfolds, Branding, Breath Control/Choking, Breeding, Chastity, Coercion/Blackmail, Competition, Degradation, Dirty Talking, Double Penetration, Discipline/Punishments, Piercings, Hair Pulling, Bondage, Handjobs/Fingerjobs, Oral, Humiliation, Leash & Collar, Master/Pet & Master/Slave, Masturbation, Multiple Partners, Non-Sexual Pain, Non Consensual/Rape, Non-Con to Con, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism.

I can play male or female that are attracted to males. (I will do FxF pairings if the plot is good.)
• Generally, custom characters are preferred. It’s more interesting & comfortable for me to write.
• I don't play Alpha (Domme) personality characters, they will normally be more of a Beta (Switch) or Omega (Submissive) personalities.

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Re: Looking for my Villian ((Extreme // Dark Fantasy)) ((FxM))
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2019, 12:40:03 pm »
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