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Author Topic: Offerings to Eros (MxF - Romantic & Plot-Focused)  (Read 1814 times)

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Offerings to Eros (MxF - Romantic & Plot-Focused)
« on: December 26, 2018, 08:03:44 AM »
Oh Eros, god of sensual love and desire, please accept these offerings of
passionate romance and wanton eroticism, with reverent humility,
from your devoted and eternal students...

Currently = All full up for now!

Please only send me PM's.  Do not post in this thread!

About Me

Hello everyone!  On here, you can call me Eros or OtE, and I'm thrilled to meet and write with you!

I'm a male college professor in the northeast US.  I don't like to share much beyond that, since god-forbid you're one of my current students!  ;-)  Since I've been asked before, I'll will share that I'm a psychology professor, not one of English or creative writing - so I am still very much a student myself when it comes to storytelling. 

I write quite a bit, though rarely get a chance to create something creative, romantic, and fun - so that's why I'm here!  I really enjoy collaborative storytelling and role-play as a chance to relax and focus on the world of fantasy and dreams, and I'm all about putting in the effort to give detailed and very carefully written replies when writing with someone.  I'm committed to stories when I start them, and can usually promise multiple replies a week, sometimes quite a bit more than that depending on the time of year.  I'm patient, and can await your responses without complaint when real life gets in the way.   Overall, I try my best to be very communicative and very reasonable.

I consider myself pretty stable, and a big goal for collaborative writing is to never come off as creepy or pushy.  I won't pressure for any real-life information or contact, and can separate your characters from "you".  I get hints, know when to give space, and can not only take feedback and constructive criticism, I welcome it!  Finally, I'm very open minded, like to think I have a great sense of humor, and love a good creative challenge!

My ideal writing partner is communicative above all.  My favorite part of writing collaborative stories is, after all, the collaboration itself!  Brainstorming, bouncing ideas back and forth, planning plot-lines, and figuring things out together when one of us gets stuck are all things I truly enjoy while writing with someone.  I would love to work with a writing partner who enjoys creative challenges as much as I do, and will consistently keep me on my toes while writing with them.  My favorite partners are the ones that help me to become an even better writer!  I'm happy to communicate through email or text, though will use something anonymous since I would prefer my identity to remain private. 

The gender and sexuality of my writing partner is not a huge preference, though most of the time I've written heterosexual stories with female partners.  In real life, I'm an active ally in the LGBTQ+ community, but find that I'm almost completely attracted to women.  Here, however, I'm far less concerned about your own gender, and far more interested in what kinds of characters you can write!  I've written both male and female characters, and with the right partner, and right storyline, I could potentially be open to trying all sorts of pairings.

When it comes to writing, I'm usually pretty open and flexible, but here are some other rough preferences:

- I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, and though I can write stories that don't involve it, romance will always be my main attraction to this site. 

- I often prefer third person, though am happy to write in first person as well.  My prompts below are a mix of the two.

- I tend to prefer multi-paragraph replies, and really like the use of detail to help the story and characters come to life (another area I'm hoping to improve in).  I'm going to put time and effort into my story contributions, so please do the same! 

- I mostly enjoy writing static stories, though may be willing to do an Instant Message type story with the right person.  My preferred spots are on these forums or Google Docs.  Sadly, I do not trust Discord, so won't chat there, but can chat on Google Hangouts.  Overall, I'm pretty open to where we write together. 

- I can write from multiple perspectives, and quite enjoy the challenge of writing from a "voice" that's quite different from my own.  (gender/age/sexuality/etc)

- I'm not into "god modding," and unless it's a kink we've worked out ahead of time, I'm very much in preference of "enthusiastic consent."  That said, with communication ahead of time, I'm happy to explore some darker or more coercive themes.  I'm also happy to play a more dominant and seductive character, though do appreciate a little variety.  If that's all you're ever asked to do, it does get a little boring after a while!

- I'm not a "grammar-nazi", but well...  I am a teacher, so we'll say that proper grammar and high-quality writing is a big turn on!

Turn-ons, Offs, and Maybes (for now)

Turn - Ons
  • Love, Affection, and Romance - My key interest, even if the journey isn't a smooth one
  • Slow builds to major intensity (let's get to know each other before we "jump in the sack")
  • Descriptive foreplay, teasing, and affection.
  • Oral sex (especially cunnilingus)
  • Orgasms, both giving and receiving
  • Clothed or partially clothed sex
  • "Risky" sex, in public or where there's the chance of "getting caught"
  • Clothing in general, including elaborate costumes and lingerie
  • "Vanilla" sex, especially penetration from behind
  • Edging and Teasing
  • Dom and Sub (I'm a switch, but look at "turn offs" below)
  • "Forbidden" Love (Cheating, Teacher/Student, Age Differences [no younger than 18, of course], etc)
  • Genres: Modern, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, WW2
  • Mythology & Folklore
  • Transformation (if written well)
  • Above all - writing something my partner will really enjoy.  To know that I've written something my writing partner finds particularly sexy, or *ahem* inspirational is a major turn on.
Turn - Offs
  • Gore / Vore / Snuff / Toilet play / Messy
  • I'm rather empathetic and a bit of a softie at heart sometimes.  Basically, if I start feeling sorry for a character, then it's a lot harder to find anything sexy.
  • Ghosting or poor communication.  I'm very understanding and patient, honest!  If you're stuck, or getting bored, let me know and let's see if we can work it out before you give up.
  • Non-con / rape / blackmail / etc - see above.  I can, and have written these themes, but it has to be written very well and have some good communication and planning ahead of time.
  • Restriction / Bondage - This can be a lot of fun, but again needs to be written well
  • Pain - Not something I've ever tried writing.  Not sure if I'd like it or not, so this goes in "Maybe" until I know for sure.
  • Finally, I'm not all that into fandoms.  While I can write already established characters, I prefer classical rather than modern tales for those.  I'd also be open to creating a new world and characters in the spirit of an established one.

Current Collaborations

Finished Collaborations

On Hold, Waiting on Reply,

or Laid to Rest

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Re: Offerings to Eros (Male looking for mostly female characters)
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2018, 08:05:49 AM »

Here’s a few new prompts I've been kicking around.  These are here as possible starting points, and to show examples of my writing style.  I'm not firmly attached to any particular starting points, character names, or stylistic choices.  I’m always open to changing any of these, and even coming up with something completely new!  Since I prefer to stick with one "storyline" at a time, I'll open and close these as I work on them with others.  I've tried writing the same story with two different partners, and have found that things get muddled and confusing for me.  If a prompt you're really into isn't open, let me know - perhaps there's some changes we could make, or even something similar we could do?  If you're interested in writing one of these with me, send me a message and let's chat to set something up!

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Re: Offerings to Eros (Male looking for mostly female characters)
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2018, 08:14:03 AM »

Reclaiming Our Stars
(M x F - Sci-Fi, Romantic)

Closing this one for now, since I've just started it up with someone.

This one came to mind after viewing this rather enjoyable music video Starlight Brigade and found myself wondering, what if that starship was sentient?  A romance between an artificial intelligence and a biological being has always been interesting to me, and this felt like a fun way to explore that. 

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He was only a child, barely out of his fifth winter when the dark ones had come and taken the stars away.  Those shimmering points of light he remembered that the old ones had called pinpricks in the great cloth of night, endless and changeless, promising magic and mystery beyond the horizon.  Nobody listened to those old fools anymore, now that the sky was little more than an empty void, a hideous grey green even the dark of night.  What could those that called themselves sages possibly know about the dark ones, if they hadn’t been able to predict, or even explain what had happened?  They didn’t even know the true names of those who had done this… 

So then, what could they know about anything?

Jarik spent the evening hours before the call of sleep gazing into the haze above, searching beyond hope for even a memory now of those beautiful lights he’d lost so long ago.  It’d become a habit, though perhaps a foolish one - with the mocking derision it often elicited from the others of his community.  Foolish or not, it brought him comfort, and hope that something different could still lurk out there, far beyond the drudgery of life.  The toil in the fields, the despair at yet another failed crop, the frustration of mending and re-mending the tools most had forgotten how to create anew.  The endless depression that hung over the people of the Kehlas plains. 

He felt, and not for the first time, that the dark ones had taken more than just their stars when they’d come.  They’d taken their hope, their happiness…

Their very future…

A low sigh escaped him, and his shoulders slumped.  It was late, and if he did not sleep soon he’d be all the worse for it come tomorrow’s dawn.  He was just getting ready to stand and leave the roof of his dwelling when it happened.

A streak of light, brighter than any fire he’d ever seen, crossed the sky right before him.  His breath caught in his throat, and he held himself as still as the rocks below, fearful that a movement might dispel this wonder.  The streak came closer, became brighter, and a roaring sound filled his awareness.  His jaw dropped in abject wonder as he reached up to cover his long ears with his hands.  This was like nothing he’d ever seen or heard of before.  This was new!

It wasn’t long at all before the streak reached the ground, just over that last hill before the badlands.  The ground shook slightly, then all was dark and quiet again.  It was as if the world was holding its breath, fearful like him of breaking the spell…   then the noise was shattered by the cry of his young brother, only a babe, from inside their hovel.  He heard confused shouts, movement from the other dwellings around, and in a flash his paralysis was broken and he was up and running. 

“Jarik?  Where are you going?  No!  Stop!”  He heard the voice of his father behind him, commanding despite losing that authority once he’d reached the age of his manhood two winters ago.  The words reached his ears, but not even a herd of Skept could have stopped him at this point.  This was something once in a lifetime, an opportunity that might never come again.  He had to go, and see…

Filled with a sense of purpose he’d never felt before, he ran as fast as his legs would carry him.  Across the fields of yarris grain, all but leaping over the nearby stream, then up, up, up the hill.  It felt an eternity before he reached the top, but finally he was there, staring down in amazement at the scene before him.

There, in the last lake, lay…   something.  It still smoked with the heat of its passage through the sky, though it seemed still whole from where he stood.  Hearing a shout from the field behind him, he ran forward, determined to be the first to see this visitor from the sky.  Perhaps a dark one, perhaps a savoir, or something completely beyond his ken – it mattered not.  He was ankle deep in the water and in front of its smooth surface just seconds later, reaching out to tough it with one hand, quaking with excitement and trepidation…
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Re: Offerings to Eros (Male looking for mostly female characters)
« Reply #3 on: December 26, 2018, 08:15:32 AM »

Catching the Spirit
(M x F - Romantic)

I've always enjoyed the the idea of forbidden love, or love between very different people.  What if that love was between someone living and someone...  dead?  I'd be open to changing the genders of the characters in this prompt, and could play either "side" of things.  How might these two navigate the normal challenges of a new romance with this additional little wrinkle?  Could they ever be together?  What might that look like?

Let's find out, hm?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The sound of mail dropping through the slot at his office door woke him up, his letter carrier nothing if not prompt.  He stirred, and opened his eyes just in time to see something unexpected.  Something that brought him to full wakefulness and had his head off the desk and body across the room in moments.  There, amidst the various threatening “past due” notices he’d grown distressingly accustomed to was an envelope, colored a robin’s egg blue.  A letter?  No, far more than just a letter, he realized as he reviewed the unfamiliar sender, yet vaguely familiar address.

A job!

Work wasn’t easy to come by for a freelance Exorcist, particularly for someone not cut from the same cloth as the many charlatans who moved through London’s occult underworld.  Byron had always suffered from one particular flaw that had severely limited his work, despite his genuine talent and sensitivity to the spirit world.  A flaw that kept the riches some of his peers made off of the gullible and desperate perpetually out of his hands. 

In the end, he just was far too honest…

His prices were reasonable, he didn’t promise more than he could deliver, and – most significantly, the spirits he sent to their eternal rest never returned for an expensive “second round”.  His honesty notwithstanding, the main problem was most probably the fact that he only addressed genuine hauntings.  He was one of the very few human beings who could actually see, and even converse with entities of the spirit world.  Byron was a true medium.

That particular talent had caused him no end of trouble during his childhood.  His imaginary friends weren’t imaginary, and he always seemed to know things he had no right to know.  He still remembered the awe and horror in his mother’s eyes, only a short time before he was sent to live with his aunt, when he’d given her the message a kindly older woman had asked him to deliver.  So kind, so familiar in her features…  he hadn’t known who she was until his mother shared a picture of her grandmother later that night, in hands that still trembled with the enormity of the words he’d shared and not understood.

Life had not gotten any less strange, or any less complicated since that day.  He’d discovered additional abilities beyond that of simply seeing and being able to communicate with the dearly departed.  With practice, he’d found the ability to temporarily make spirits corporeal, to himself easily, and to others with deeper concentration.  Solid to the touch and all but indistinguishable from a living being.  He could sap spiritual essence, drawing it into himself, and had needed to do so on multiple occasions for those more stubborn spirits that refused to go to their final rest without a bit of “convincing.”

Despite his lack of popularity, word had apparently gotten around about his affordable and effective services.  The letter he now held was from the matron of Cunningham Academy, a boarding school for young women, seeking his assistance with a rather troublesome series of unexplainable events.  Hidden personal items, numerous trips and falls, broken objects, words written in dust and on mirrors, and all sorts of other activities that could normally be explained as pranks…  Except far too many occurred when no students were present, all accounted for elsewhere.  There was that, and the glimpses many had reported of a translucent figure in a white dress.

Would he please come as soon as possible to help address this, the letter asked?  He hadn’t much of a choice.  Much longer without paying rent would have him out on the streets, since at this point he all but lived in his tiny office.  This was the best offer he’d had in months, and he was already pulling on his coat and filling his case with the tools of his trade as he finished the final words.  Stuffing the letter into his pocket, he wrapped a scarf around his neck to ward off the chill, ran a hand through his dark brown hair, and was out the door a few moments later, case in hand.

Off to send another tormented soul to rest, or so he’d thought at the time…
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Re: Offerings to Eros (Male looking mostly for female characters)
« Reply #4 on: January 05, 2019, 07:35:42 AM »

Tale as Old as Time
(M x F - Romance, possibly darker?)

Just started this one with someone, and I think I can manage only one "Beast" at a time for now.

I love new takes on classic themes, and this was one of my first.  What kind of story could we write for Belle and her beast?  This can be light hearted, even romantic, or could go down a much darker path.  Just how “bestial” would you like him to be?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He stood by the large, ornamental fireplace in the great hall, staring into the dancing flames and brooding. The manor house was cold this evening, dark, and all but silent. Leaning against the mantle, he gave a low rumble of frustration. The girl, Belle, was here. Upstairs, in the room he'd prepared for her, likely asleep already given the hour. This... this is what he wanted, wasn't it? A woman, to share his life with, to ease his loneliness? Why then, did he feel no satisfaction, no victory? This was supposed to be the happiest night of his life, damn it!
He rumbled again, gripping the mantle with his large, furred hands - gouging the wood with his nails. The anger swelled, grew within him… and then he deflated, a low sigh escaping his massive body. This urge, to growl, to shred and tear, to take, was always with him. But in this case, with this lovely young woman... it would be like raging at the wind that howled outside. 
But something must be done. He felt that, this was - after all - the night of his engagement! Perhaps... perhaps he could just drop by her room. To check on her, of course. To make sure she was comfortable, that the fire in her room was burning brightly, that she was warm...
Yes, that would be the proper thing to do, right?
He turned away from the fireplace, and in long strides his powerful legs took him from the great hall. As he passed through the darkened halls, the bestial eyes granted by this curse allowed him sight without any need for lighting. His face, once - long ago - a boy's, now a mixture of both beast and man. Savage and hungry, but yet possessed of the sharp, noble features born of his once-proud lineage. Frightening, to be sure, but not necessarily ugly.
And then there he was, at her door. It was closed, with no sounds coming from the other side. Was she awake, asleep? Should he... should he knock? He stood, a moment, unsure - then the heat bubbled up again. No, it was his manor, damn it! He could go where he pleased! He reached out, and with a gentleness that belied his large frame, turned the knob and slowly opened the chamber door...
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Re: Offerings to Eros (MxF - Romantic & Plot-Focused)
« Reply #5 on: October 10, 2019, 07:33:31 PM »
Old Prompts

These are a few prompts I've either already written, or am currently working on.  I'd be open to variations or revisiting one of these if there's interest though!

Love Behind the Lines
(M x F - Romantic)

This one has been a favorite prompt for a while now.  I've always adored the idea of love blossoming in terrible circumstances.  An American soldier and a French farmgirl, with the ever-present Nazi threat.  What's not to like?  As with all tales, there are plenty of possible variations on this theme, and plenty of places it could go.  Let me know your thoughts!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two hours had passed, and his hands wouldn't stop their shaking no matter how hard he tried to calm himself. He'd resorted to sitting on them, working to hide his fear so the other fellas wouldn't laugh. The cabin jolted and he looked up, gazing around at the pale faces of the others surrounding him, like the ghosts of soldiers past huddled in the red light of this loud and drafty metal tube, and decided it likely didn't matter. They looked just as terrified as he…
It'd been a whirlwind of activity over the past three months, training and retraining for this very day. He'd signed up to join the army a few months before that in a wave of patriotic fervor, despite the protestations of his mother, who'd lost her older brother in the Great War years past. Her tear-stained cheeks had returned to his thoughts every now and then throughout his training, along with her insistent refrain that he "not be a hero" while over there. She didn't understand, of course... being a hero was the reason he'd signed up in the first place! The reason he'd headed over to the recruitment center, dragging Bill and Paul, his best friends, along with him. Bill had not made the cut, unfortunately, due to the remnants of the Scoliosis he'd had since youth. When the man had read his name, "Jack Mason" along with Paul's, he felt like it was the proudest moment he'd ever experienced. This was it! A chance to prove his mettle, to fight injustice and evil... a grand adventure!
The Jack of today felt like heading back to that fateful day and slapping his fool self across the head. Thoughts of adventure had been swept away by the endless training, the reality of actually having to kill another human being, and on one particular day... by the body of a British co-pilot, pulled bloody and wreaked from the remains of a bomber that had managed to limp back to the base where they were stationed. The haunted, shattered look on the man's face had driven home that this was no storybook, no boy's game. This war was "for keeps", and if he wasn't careful, the next mangled corpse could easily be his own.
He'd known this particular day was coming, just not precisely when. Part of an advance force of paratroopers, his duty was to land deep within German-occupied France, meet up with others from his unit, and to help pave the way for the D-Day invasion force by cutting communication lines, destroying bridges, and what other mayhem they could accomplish. The danger inherent in this particular assignment was not lost on any involved, and they'd spent many a sleepless night with each other, talking about their lives, their regrets, and their hopes like condemned men. He looked across the shaking cabin, finding then meeting the wide eyes of Paul, who'd somehow made it into the same unit and assignment he had. This fact had given him no small measure of comfort, since he'd at least be jumping into this great unknown with a true friend. He thought about the conversation they'd had last night, about Bill back home, likely having a grand old time with the girls both of them had pined for over the last few lonely weeks. The other fellas in their unit had been little help in that regard. Some had talked of the special gals they'd had waiting for them back home, shown him pictures of their smiling faces, read the letters they'd sent. Jack had nothing like that, no girl at home waiting for him, and in his private moments, thought that maybe he was one of the lucky ones because of it. With that much less to lose, maybe he could face his approaching end with a measure less of regret for a future lost. A bleak point of view, to be sure, but such are the thoughts of a boy, hardly out of his teenage years, when staring down the barrel of infinity.
He was jolted from his reverie by the loud buzzing signal alarm, indicating that they'd reached the drop zone. He found Paul's eyes again, and they both shared a grim nod, an unspoken reminder of their agreement that no matter what - they'd find each other, stick together, and maybe somehow get through this. At once, there was a flurry of movement throughout the cabin, voices shouting in the dim red light, and the shrieking of the wind as the door was thrown open. Up now! Move, move, move! Forward a step, hand on the shoulder of the fella in front of you, another step, and another. Waiting for that moment, that sickening awful moment when it's finally your turn, taking that grand step outside the relative safety of the cabin into the unknown...
And before he knew it, there he was, outside and cold and terrified and being tossed around in the wind, hanging from the lines of his chute like a marionette. Automatically, his hands went to his guide lines and he worked to right himself, just like he'd been trained. It was all but impossible in this wind, however, and the darkness just compounded matters. He looked around, frantically, just trying to see and gauge where on earth the ground was.
His prayers for light and vision were answered, but in the worst possible way. An explosion, then another as anti-aircraft guns opened up, filling the sky with thunder and shrapnel. He saw the ground, a field of trees, and was searching for a spot to land when a terrific force struck behind him. An explosion of light, heat, and sound overcame him, sending him falling into a tunnel of darkness as his consciousness fled his body, and left him with only the sensation of falling down... down... down...
The first thing that came to his awareness was the light of the sun, then... singing?  Heaven... Stretched out, surrounded by warm yellow sunlight, the smell of flowers and apples, and the singing of an angel. This isn't so bad, he thought to himself. Jack opened his eyes, seeing blue sky, leaves on branches, white fluttering cloth. He went to lift his head...

And an unbelievable pain shot through his neck and down through his body, eliciting an uncontrollable groan.
Pain? This can't be heaven. What had happened? Where was he?
He could barely move without agony, but needed to do something. Wait... the singing angel. Was she near?  He listened and heard the same sweet voice, beginning to grow fainter now.
In a panic, with a voice as loud as he could muster, he moaned a weak, "Help!"

The Stowaway
(M x F - Romantic)

A classic “star-crossed lovers” tale, with many different directions that could be taken.  Is our stowaway human, or alien?  Why are they there, and where are they going?  Will romance blossom, or will this be a simple encounter before rescue arrives?  When I wrote this, I had the Mass Effect universe in mind, and was thinking of a Human Blake and Asari or Quarian stowaway.  This could easily be part of our own universe though, and I’m open to many different options.  The idea of love blossoming in such circumstances between two very different beings is something I’d love to write out.  How will their cultural differences come into play, to say nothing of their differing anatomy?   
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Blake groaned and slammed both hands on the blinking instrument panel in front of him. Not hard enough to break anything, mind you... another malfunction was the last thing he needed right now.  Sinking back into the soft padded foam of his pilot's seat, he raised his eyes to the dusty ceiling, closing them and begging whatever god was actually out there to lift him from this mess. After a beat, he opened his eyes... blinked, and then looked around.  Nope, still here.
Damn it to hell and back, he thought
This haul had been going so well so far! A shipment of engine parts, a few boxes of extro-protein rations, and a crate of medical supplies for the nearby Hestian colony. The pay wasn't as much as he’d usually get from some runs, given the meagre resources the colony possessed, but it was hard currency, with "no questions asked."   All but irresistible for a guy in his position.

Blake’s taste for poker and some of the more exotic games of chance had gotten him into no small amount of debt with gang of slavers.  With any luck, he figured, the payment for this shipment would keep them off of his back for at least a few more weeks. Long enough for a couple more runs to raise the funds to pay them off completely.  Then I can go cold turkey, he’d thought, this time for real.
But, of course, his rotten "gambler's luck" had gone and screwed him again.  A ripple in the ship's protective shielding, combined with a pea-sized asteroid during travel had done a number on the old FTL drive, shorting out almost everything on the ship apart from life support and lighting. Even the communications rig was down, so he was all but adrift until he could either get something fixed, or the one-in-a-million chance of some other ship finding him. Yeah, he thought to himself with another sigh, I'm a tiny speck in an infinite universe... not likely.
Well, he thought, pursing his lips, might as well see how badly I'm fucked this time. Blake stood up, slapped his hand over the glowing orange switch to open the cockpit door, and started his walk back to the engine compartment to check on the damage.  As he did so, he idly hoped the emergency seals had at least remained intact or this was going to be an awfully short journey.  As he made his way through the cluttered cargo bay, he paused a moment, hearing a soft clatter on the far end, followed by a distinct shuffling sound.
What on Terra was that?
Drawing the small las-pistol from the holster at his hip, he began to slowly walk towards the sound, ready for almost anything...

Higher Education
(M x F - Seduction)

A classic forbidden love story, that between teacher and student.  As a teacher in real life, I have zero interest in destroying my career though any sort of indulgence like this.  Since this is written fantasy, though - why not?  There are so many variations on this theme that could be fun, and I’d likely be open to most of them.  Tell me what would pique your interest, and let’s write something educational!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Another semester, another section of Intro to Psychology. I've taught this course so many times now I could do the lectures in my sleep. For all I know I probably do, though my wife hasn't complained. Lecture slides prepared, videos recorded, assignments ready to be assigned... everything's set to go. Just like it was the semester before, and the semester before that.

Do I sound like I'm stuck in a rut?

Sitting in my office, I let out a sigh, gazing out the window at the light snow falling on the campus lawn. Perhaps I am... There's only so many times you can teach the same thing before it becomes routine. Really, the only change each semester is the students, but even they fall into the same old categories.  There's the overachievers, who sit in the front of the classroom and ask 90% of the questions. The social media princesses, constantly tapping on their phones when they're not taking "look I'm in class" selfies. At least they're usually pleasant enough to look at, I suppose. You've got the jocks, present but usually sleeping, confident that their tutors will bring them up to speed before exams. And finally, the stoners and burnouts, who when they do show up are usually in another world entirely.

This semester though, there was something different. There was Anna...

I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't sometimes attracted to my female students. Let's be honest, they're at the very flowering of their youth and sexuality, and what's more they're typically very aware of it. The arrival of cold weather each fall is practically a blessing, since I'm no longer at risk of being distracted by all the firm, supple flesh on display in front of me. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, chubby, skinny, nerds, bad girls, and princesses... I liked them all.

And, for the most part, they liked me. I was one of the younger professors, almost 40, and one of the "cool" ones I suppose. I’d worked hard to keep my trim physique that most of my colleagues had long ago let slide.  I kept my hair, my clothes, and my knowledge of pop culture as current as I could.  I'd tell a joke or two during lectures, gently tease the ones that left their phone's ringer on, and was fairly lenient on grading. I even got a couple of those "chili pepper" ratings on the “Dr. Jack Summers” page on RateMyProfessor, you know, the ones that mean you’re “hot”? If I'm being honest, those gave me more pride than any of my academic honors. Occasionally I'd get a little flirtation here and there... a skimpy outfit when coming to my office to discuss grades, or a delightful look up a skirt during class. Pretty innocent stuff, really, and I’d never really had a serious attraction to anyone until she entered my class.

Anna’s different somehow…  A bit shorter than most her age, but with a very sexy figure, nice eyes, and amazing dark curly hair.  I couldn’t tell you why exactly, but for some reason I liked her the moment she walked into class on the first day.  As the days went by, my fondness for her has grown.  Maybe it’s her unbelievably cute smile in response to my jokes, or perhaps it’s just the sheer…  intensity I feel from her stare.  Under her gaze, I sometimes feel like I’m under a microscope, but, well, not in a bad way.  Almost like I’m being, for lack of a better term, adored.  It’s flattering, for sure, but I would never expect things to go beyond that.  Students sometimes have a crush on their teacher, and it happens every now and then to me, but I’m married…  to both my career and my wife.  I’m not willing to risk either for some fling with an undergraduate, no matter how often the thought of doing just that wanders into my mind.

At least,  that’s what I tell myself.

It’s time.  I stand up, gather my laptop and shove it into my backpack, and grab my coat.  Just a quick check to make sure I’ve got the handouts I’ll need for today, and I’m out the door, headed to another session for this course.  Lately, I’ve found myself looking forward to this class more than any other.  I’d lie and tell you it’s because the students are more engaged, or that I’ve hit a sweet spot with my delivery, but it’s neither of those things at all. 

It’s her...

Together Alone
(M x F - Romance)

I've always liked the idea of love blooming, even in the face of adversity.  What could be more adverse than being stranded on a desert island?  I'd imagine the love between these two would be slower to develop, since survival is their first priority, but after basic needs are taken care of...   what else is there to do while you wait for rescue?  There are plenty of variations possible on this theme, and I'm likely open to most of them.  Let me know what you think!

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Sun and sand…  isn’t this what I wanted?

Paul looked out over the crystal clear waters, waves crashing against the sandy shore just a few feet away.  The warm sand shifted beneath him as he changed his sitting position, and the hot sun on his back had him thinking he ought to get in the shade soon before he got burned.  With the breeze blowing across him, it was easy to forget just how powerful those rays were.  He didn’t burn easily, but he would burn, and that would only add to his problems.

Scanning the horizon, he saw nothing but blue ocean as far as the eye could see.  No ships, no planes, no other people.  The only sounds he heard were the rustling of palm fronds as the breeze whipped between them, and the occasional cry of a seabird.  He was alone.

Closing his eyes, flashes memory of the past day came streaming back.  A long-awaited trip to Australia to visit his cousin.  Excitement when he was upgraded to first class, making it the first time he could recall ever looking forward to a 14 hour plane trip.  Dozing off in that comfy seat after a couple of drinks and the dinner they’d served…  then hours later, chaos.  The shaking of the plane jostling him awake, looking out the window to see flashes of lightning amidst the driving rain.  The sounds of the other passengers around him…  gasping, yelling, crying.  The sickening feeling of going down, down…  and the screams of those around him.  Impact.  Cold water.  Wind.  Grabbing on to something.  Fire and lights and then…   waking up here on this beach.

It was like a bad movie, like that one he’d seen with Tom Hanks a few years back.  But that didn’t really happen, did it?  Surely there weren’t any uninhabited islands left in the world.  The thought bolstered him, and he decided he’d rested long enough.  It was time to get up and start walking, looking for the people that had to be here so he could let everyone know he’d survived.  Looking one way down the beach, then the other, he settled on heading to the right, towards what looked like a denser set of palm trees.  Anything could be on the other side of those... something... anything!

When he stood up, a glint of something reflecting the sun’s light caught his eye, about halfway towards those palms.  He squinted, and could barely make out what looked like a set of rocks, or…  no, he thought, a person!  Immediately he began to run as quickly as he was able to over the soft sand.  As he got closer, all became clearer.  It was a person, someone lying on their stomach…  a woman.  The sun was glinting off of a bracelet on her wrist.  She wasn’t moving.

Oh god, he thought, please don’t let her be dead.  “Hey!” he shouted as he got closer, “are you ok?”
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