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February 26, 2021, 06:09:58 am

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Author Topic: Story ideas, updated as & when (M lf F writer)  (Read 380 times)

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Story ideas, updated as & when (M lf F writer)
« on: December 21, 2018, 06:38:03 am »
To start this off it's an idea I'm still playing with as I write this. It isn't set in stone or definitively thought through, and I'd be very happy to find someone who enjoys building a setting before and during the story. OK, so the not quite a disclaimer is up, let's get this started.

Everyone knows that things weren't always like this, if anyone ever doubted it then reminding them that almost everything was in ruins around them was usually a good way to remind them of reality. All of this was once glittering chrome and glass, even the poorest citizen lived lives of almost decadent luxury, and the wealthiest might as well have been gods by the standards of today. But, obviously, something happened to change everything - to ruin everything. I've heard a lot of explanations for it, some of them might even be true, but at the end of the day there aren't very many people with enough spare time to actually sit down and decide which of the stories they believe. Still, if you're willing to put the work in you can live a pretty decent life here. Well, it won't be too bad by modern standards. Probably. If you're lucky.

The people who survived whatever happened to the old world suddenly found themselves in a situation where they had to provide everything for themselves, there was no food being imported anymore - never mind the luxuries they all ate whenever they felt like it I mean you couldn't get a slice of bread unless you baked the loaf yourself. Just like when Rome fell you had people drop their skills and educations and start focusing on the basics again, and just like that first Dark Age a lot of people decided it was easier to take things from people who made them than to bother with making your own stuff. I guess it's something hardwired into humanity, but we started forming communities and looking out for each other, at least some of the time. While you do still get the occasional bandit or raider group hitting a settlement somewhere in the ruins most of the tension you'll see at the moment is between different communities as they come together into nations or compete for resources. The rules, expectations, and even the language can be completely different from one side of a river to the other (if you're willing to risk the journey), and it's probably going to take longer than our lifetime for things to settle down again. The tech, ideas, and resources that survived the collapse have given us a bit of a head start though, so it'll probably only be another century or so this time rather than the better part of a thousand years. Hey, at least you're alive, right?

So, the idea here is basically nearish future dark ages rebuilding. No idea of characters or plots yet - that setting could support a fair number of both. It could be a man and a woman setting up a homestead along very similar lines to Pennsylvanian frontiersmen in the early 1600's but in an overgrown park surrounded by ruined sky scrapers, it could be a slaver/raider abducting beautiful young women for sale in one of the towns where that's acceptable, it could be two leaders of nearby communities either working together or against each other (or both) as they try to secure their own future and a better deal for their town, or it could be something completely different. I'd prefer there to be at least a little kink (OK, so a fair amount of kink) in the story but not to the point where it just becomes a string of sex scenes - and I'd be interested to know what comes into your mind when you think about that setting. My O/O is getting a bit long in the tooth at this point, the offs are still largely similar, but if you've got a particular idea you'd like to talk about then let me know. PM me rather than replying to this thread, that's the best way to make sure I see it and reply quickly.
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Re: Story ideas, updated as & when (M lf F writer)
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2018, 05:10:45 am »
Have you heard about those new living-homes? Every single door, window, appliance, screen, and system hooked into the central computer that comes with its own responsive AI that controls everything. They put a lot of work into giving the AI program the ability to grow, to get used to the homeowner and their family and modify itself to suit their personalities and needs - "The home that's happy to see you" that was the marketing line, you must have seen the adverts, they were everywhere. I've been thinking about upgrading for a while now, and as the price came down quite a bit last week now might be the right time.

I like writing AI characters, the differences you get with the way it thinks are great fun - and the possibility of MC having hardwired and instinctive control of the entire house leads to all kinds of fun. There's the possibility for all kinds of stories and relationships here - as the AI would work out what it was that she liked, wanted, and needed and change itself to suit that. Do you think she'd like or agree with the decisions it makes? No real plot or kink list here (if there's anything in particular you'd like to include or focus on here then let me know).
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yes I know this is kind of cliched, doesn't mean we can't write a fun story with it though