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Started by Bells of Nevermore, December 21, 2018, 03:35:13 AM

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Bells of Nevermore

So, I see that we can't have sigs that are more than 500x100. I made a banner that size and p[ut it in my Imgur, but when I save it, it doesn't show up. And then I go back to see if I maybe flubbed my BBCode, and... no Imgur link. What gives? Can someone point me to a thread where ther are some instructions?  ;D


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When you say it doesn't show up, do you mean it doesn't show up period or in posts after your first page on a page in a thread.

Signatures only show up on your first post per page thread.



Hosting it on Imgur is the primary problem.  All signature images must be hosted on the Elliquiy wiki.  This was implemented because offsite images will cause entire pages to stop loading if the hosting site is down/overloaded.  (If you remember those little 'click-through egg hatching' things... those were a big problem.)
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Yep! If it's not on the wiki, it will automatically be removed. If you need help uploading anything to the wiki, please let me know and I can help ya!