Question on best way to go about linking to or saving Instagram images.

Started by Incant, December 20, 2018, 03:54:03 PM

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For those of you who enjoy using images in your posts I was wondering if you could give me tips or an how to on a way to get Instagram images/posts into a jpeg other than the screenshot and cropping down.

Most of the time I think I'll still use tumblr or E to host my images once saved.

Thanks for the tips
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Usually what I do is use a program called GIMP, though you can do it in others, that's just the free one I use. I save the image, then open it in GIMP. There when I export the file, I can simply change it from whatever it is to JPG and also save it in the quality I like. You can also resize and do lots of different editing in GIMP, including of GIFs as well.


View the page source, find the jpg, open it directly, you can save from there.
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