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Author Topic: Bully: Your Mom is Mine! And Other Unlikely Predicaments... (F/F)  (Read 1718 times)

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URGENT UPDATE: back!  ‘F*** Your Rival’s Mother’! 

It’s my senior year in high school, we’re all 18 and about to graduate.  I’m a huge nerd and have been bullied non-stop by a popular girl and her two friends... but I manage to get my revenge... with the help of my own nerd friends, I manage to get all three of them expelled just a month before graduation!  The lead girl swears revenge... she says she’s going to fuck my mom!  Everyone says that she’s hot enough, that can have whoever she wants, but that’s crazy... right?  My mom isn’t even a lesbian...

Update:  updated the do’s and dont’s and added a technical section at the bottom (please read!)

Update:  These are non-Superheroine scenes, but as I’m really looking for Superheroine scenes at the moment, I’m interested in how these could be preludes to superheroine scenes or somehow incorporate Superheroines eventually (rescue, etc.), excluding ‘witches are after me!’  We could just do them as-is ;)  All scenes open as listed.

New! Back again!  Lesbian Conversion Club

A group of bad girls at a university have a competition: to convert any target woman into a lesbian.  This includes fellow students, teachers, but also local figures and visiting celebrities!  Each girl has her own style and kinks.  Step one is to lure them into sex.  Step two, going full-on into the kink of choice.  Third: full conversion.  The target has to fall fully in love, even obsession.  Step four:  slavery to the club...  Looking for partners to play club members! 

Feuding Neighbors (f/f)

My parents have been feuding with the very large woman next door.  What starts as petty vandalism gets out of hand, and the police get involved- my mom ends up in jail, headed for an expensive lawsuit.  On break from college, I’m determined to talk our neighbor out of it, to get her to drop the charges... but how many times will I have to kiss and worship her sofa-cushion sized butt before she listens to me!?

Escape from a Lesbian Club!

I’m in my first year of college, and I’m trapped in a crowded lesbian club! I need to make it out, but there are a few women already after me and a lot who’d like to claim me...

A number of setups could get me into this position: a obsessed neighbor lures me here to get a chance with me, a jealous frenemy tricks me, my mother’s coworker tricks me into coming, my ex best friend tricks me into going after I slept with her boyfriend, an obsessive teacher lures me here... or a combination of these!

I’d like to be passed around, subjected to a variety of kinks (I like single-link characters- they can be well-rounded, but should have one ‘main’ interest each)... and eventually tamed, taken for good!  I love forced marriage, so bring it in or even the threat and I’ll love you forever ❤️

I also love age differences- not so interested in running into a classmate in the club (except, maybe, for a former bully ;) ), but a classmate’s mom? Omg.  More do’s and don’ts listed below.  I’m also willing to hear anything out!

Escape from Lesbian Island

Dear Jessie,

I know we haven't kept in touch as much as we should have since graduation, but I still consider you my best friend.  I need your help.  I went on a cruise for spring break and we stopped on an island-  I didn't have my passport with me, though, and they're detaining me.  They need someone to come and sign to release me.  You know my parents- I can't ask them.  Could you come and do it?  I'll pay for everything.  It's only eight hours offshore by boat.  Please!  I need your help.

- Tiffany

I arrive on the island early in the morning just after sunrise, and the tiny plane that brought me there takes off.  The island itself is tiny as well, with just one massive resort that seems to wrap around it, nothing else.  There's no sign of Tiffany, or any authorities that might be 'holding' her.  Asking for help at the front desk, they take my passport to make copies... and never come back.  The front desk is now closed.  Gradually, the customers at the hotel start to wake up and come downstairs.  It takes me a few moments to put it together... they're all women.

I'm trapped on an island where older, middle-aged women travel to spend weeks to months or maybe even more trading their younger (18 and over) 'brides'.  Will I manage to find some help before I’m 'claimed'?  [Looking for partners to play a variety of characters, mainly these middle-aged 'wives.'  They'll try to catch Jessie using deception, seduction, force, or offering information about Tiffany or how to escape.]

Is there anyone willing to help me, or is everyone trying to use me?  Can I trust anyone?

Who actually sent the email?

Where is Tiffany!?

Once I'm caught, who will receive an email from me?

NEW:  I've done this scene in the past leaning heavily on sex, but I want to incorporate thriller elements- maybe Jessie has to willingly offer herself in exchange for cooperation, maybe each partner she's with offers clues (of varying reliability) as to where Tiffany might be, etc... I want to incorporate a lot of plot twists to keep the sex interesting.  Maybe Jessie gets caught, and then Tiffany receives a help message... she was never even there in the first place?  The possibilities are endless.

Door to Door

(Quick scene, can be expanded on)

I’m distributing brochures for my church before a mission trip to Guatemala.  One of the last houses on my stop is a mansion hidden behind a little wooded driveway... why are there so many cars here? When the door opens, I’m shocked to see a massive orgy going on.  Shocked, I don’t know how to react.  Should I call on these sinners to repent? Call the police?  Is this even illegal?

Before I can overreact, a few quick-thinking participants usher me inside to talk to the person in charge, an extremely charismatic middle-aged woman...

After less than an hour alone in the room with her, she leads me out in a collar...

(You’d play this leader- the scene would focus around the hour we spend in the room together- maybe you seduce me, your extreme charisma enough to turn straight girls into sex slaves, or maybe you’re a little more strict with me...)

Straight Girl on a Lesbian Reality Show

I’ve fallen on hard times after dropping out of college to follow my dream to be an actress. I’m completely cut off and out of money.  So imagine how excited I am when a failed audition turns into an invitation to a reality show...

When I arrive, however, I’m told that this is a romantic show for lesbians only... based on a psychological test, I have a secret ideal ‘match’ in the house with me, and I have to find out who it is by talking, going on dates, and inevitably having sex with different partners until I’m sure of who it is.

I need this job... how long can I fake it and avoid the sex room before I’m exposed!?

Turns out, it’s a lot harder than I think... and a few girls have their sights set on me, and as the only ‘chaste’ girl on the show, will try to get me into the sex room.  Winning (or losing) a competition might seal me in the room for a night, or worse yet, a full weekend get-away, with one of these over-zealous ladies...


My mother has had a vicious rivalry with her coworker for years, and this is all over once my mother gets the big promotion... right?

The coworker comes back with evidence of my mother’s embezzling... enough to send her to prison for years.

Instead of sending her to prison, she demands her 19 year-old daughter serve as her ‘escort’... no touching, I just have to be an ‘agreeable date’...

But where are we going?

a.  We go to a party on a boat.  As night falls, though, the dress code is more and more formal.  Is that a wedding dress?

We’re married in a group ceremony, headed off for a three week honeymoon on a secluded island...

b.  She takes me to a lesbian club where I’m immediately traded to another woman in exchange for a sub she’s had her eye on for months.  The ‘no touching’ contract only applied to the coworker, not the gauntlet of women I’m traded to over the course of the evening.  Will I come crawling, desperate, to the coworker for help, or will I end up in the arms (and collar) of a stranger permanently?

c.  (No contract in this case) She involves me in a series of intricate roleplays where it’s my job to seduce her, including a long list of requirements... all ending in an exhausting night in a hotel together... but that’s just the beginning- she’s not ready to let me go just yet!

My Lesbian Bully

It’s a worst-case scenario.  I didn’t get into my first or second choice colleges, and I’m forced to take a year at the local community college.

It’s just like high school all over again, except that the bully who tormented me is an adult now... and so are her methods... like making me wear her underwear or worship her...

She constantly threatens me, saying her lesbian cousin would love to go to town on me, but I doubt this cousin exists... until my bully makes me come to her house...

Witches are after me!

(Based on a true story, ‘witch’ disclaimers!); after passing out at a party, I wake up with an acquaintance’s older sister on top of me... I run out of the apartment, but ever since then her weird friends have been following me, saying, ‘Sarah’s going to get you... she always gets what she wants!’  Will their love spells work on me, or will I give myself to Sarah when they start targeting my friends and family?

- Sarah sends out a group of witches to target me, each of them with a kinky ‘task’ (teach me to kiss, teach me to worship legs), and armed with their own more-or-less effective spells.
- if anyone wants to try a randomized (dice) system to determine the effectiveness of spells, let’s do it ;)
- my best friend Tiffany is kidnapped by kink witches for ‘training.’  Can I get to her before they reprogram her? And even if I find her, can I get her back, or will I just fall into their arms?
- my long-divorced mother suddenly has a goth girlfriend half her age... it’s weird, but I can get over it. But she starts getting a little too affectionate once she moves in...
- with my friends and family all caught by the witches’ spells, I have no other choice than to give myself to Sarah...

UPDATE (all scenes): New expansion: Obsession

This can be added to most of the scenes above.  A neighbor or vague acquaintance is crazily obsessed with the main character, waiting for the chance when she can finally get her alone.  For example-

In door-to-door, the main character’s next door neighbor is coincidentally at the orgy.  She can’t believe her luck when the girl she’s obsessed over for so long is led out in a collar...

In escape from lesbian island, a woman is particularly aggressive,  but I openly reject or escape her several times, even in favor of another woman.  Finally, though, she manages to buy or trade for me, and she has every intent of taming me and making me hers forever...

Each scene has its own spin, but this is a theme I want to explore!  A crazed obsessive finally getting exactly what she wants...

For all scenes:

Do’s: Curvy partners, seduction, sexy clothes, smothering, sexual exhaustion, forced marriage, plot twists, kissing kissing kissing, body worship, multiple sex scenes as opposed to one drawn out scene, sex in beds, age differences, sexual threats

Don’ts:  Incest, underage, food, mixing genres, too much traditional BDSM, on-site sex (read: ‘uncomfortable’; on a desk, etc.), violence, threats of violence, knockout

Technical notes:  I usually write in first person, but you don’t have to!  Only playing in pms at the moment (or off-site).
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Re: Escape from Lesbian Island! (F/F)
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2019, 09:03:59 pm »
Back for a limited time only!

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Re: Escape from Lesbian Island! (F/F)
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2019, 07:21:01 am »
Back again!  Some updates, new plot lines and example characters available!

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
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Four new scenes! OMG! 

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
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Added 'bad girlfriends'!  Could be long or short-term!

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
« Reply #5 on: September 05, 2019, 04:03:26 pm »
Sending this back up!  Added new scenes, and all scenes listed are open!

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
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Wait... two months already?  Time to send this back up as-is!

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
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New ‘obsession’ variation added.  Also interested in doing this with my Superheroine scenes!

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
« Reply #8 on: December 17, 2019, 02:47:16 am »
Back for a very limited time!  Looking for short one-offs especially, though these could be strung together ;)

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
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Once-in-a-super-flower-milk-moon bump!

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
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Urgently revised, added a new scene!

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
« Reply #11 on: June 15, 2020, 03:31:48 am »
New scene: feuding neighbors!

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
« Reply #12 on: July 05, 2020, 04:17:38 pm »
Updated version of LCC is back! 

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
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Monthly bump!  Really looking for Superheroine scenes at the moment, though.  Maybe superheroine versions of these scenes?

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
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Bumping this one!  Looking for a quick, impactful scene that could lead to more?

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Re: Blackmail and Other Unlikely Predicaments! (F/F)
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Urgent update!  Bringing back a classic!