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May 17, 2021, 05:50:17 pm

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Author Topic: Everyone's family is weird, isn't it? (M, F, and F for one more F)  (Read 382 times)

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Offline ZincStandardTopic starter

Hey all!  I've got another craving I'm looking to play out with someone interested in playing a female character.  I see it being a medium-length, largely smut-focused affair, with central themes of exhibitionism/voyeurism, group sex, and kinda-sorta-incest-but-not-exactly ranging to actually-very-much-incest, depending on your preference.  The setting is contemporary Earth.  Here's the hook:

You and Daniel met in class your freshman year of college.  The chemistry you shared was immediately apparent--he was cute, funny, sweet, and obviously crazy about you.  Over the course of the semester, you went from friends to dating to a pretty steady couple.  You were able to build up what felt like a pretty clear picture of his background: born in LA, the only child of two moms who had him via sperm donor.  However, while he always said he got along great with his parents, he did occasionally admit that there were things about his family you might find odd, always being rather vague about it.  Still, it never sounded like a big deal--everybody's family is weird, right?

Recently, with the year drawing to a close and summer approaching, Daniel extended an invitation: he and his moms were planning an RV camping trip in the Colorado Rockies, and he hoped you might consider coming along.  The end of finals found the two of you on the same flight.  At the airport in Denver, you were finally introduced to Daniel's parents, Jill and Claire.  They immediately seemed like a study in contrasts: Jill, an athletic redhead, bubbly and energetic, calling you sweetie and hugging you tightly and peppering you with endless questions about your life, hopes, and dreams; Claire, a curvy, bespectacled brunette, cool, classy, and elegant, insisting on taking your luggage and navigating the Denver evening traffic with effortless skill.  Just as Daniel had promised, they both seemed to love you, and happily treated you to an evening of excellent food, after which you all headed to the hotel for one last night in a full-sized bed before heading out in the RV.

It wasn't until the next morning that you got your first clue as to what Daniel might have meant about his family being unusual...

For those who find all that intriguing enough and want to preserve the mystery, feel free to leave it at that.  For those who want to know a bit more about where I see this going, see the spoiler below.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So, the situation I had in mind is, Daniel and his moms are naturists; they'd reveal this shortly after getting on the road, and Claire and Jill would let your character know that while they don't expect her to join them, they both plan on spending the trip naked.  Daniel would offer to keep his clothes on if it would make your character more comfortable, but he'd ditch them if given the ok.  Whether your character joined in at any point would be up to you (though I'd love to see it happen eventually, if not right away).

In addition to naturism, Claire and Jill are big believers in sex-positivity, and raised Daniel with that in mind.  While neither of them has ever had sex with him, they've never been private about their sex life: they've had sex in front of him at home, and all the three talk freely about all things sexual, and have masturbated in front of one another.  Alternatively, we could make this a full-fledged incest scenario, and Daniel and his moms do have sex; I'm happy with either, depending on your preference, but my first choice would be the former variant.

Anyway, as all this is revealed, Claire and Jill making no bones about being sexual in front of your character as well, I'd like things to eventually move toward your character getting with the two of them; they've had group sex before, so neither would have any problem bringing her in for something like that.  Daniel would know, and be okay with it--after all, he shares basically everything with them, and he'd be happy to see your character so accepting of his family's beliefs.  I'd also like him to keep being an active participant, either him and his moms all being involved with your character together, or just the two couples being totally open with one another.

In terms of your character, I think it's pretty open in a lot of regards--looks, background, general personality.  I do think it'd be ideal to have a character who's on the sexually adventurous and uninhibited side of things, enough to be able to roll with the unfolding situation at least a little, especially because that kind of attitude is something Daniel would go for in a relationship.  Not essential, though, as long as your character would eventually get over the initial shock and possible outrage.

If anyone's interested in giving this one a shot, let me know and we can discuss the details :-)