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April 11, 2021, 05:13:32 pm

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Author Topic: Weber's Honorverse/Star Frontier's Knight Hawks, Wing Commander, or more (MxF)  (Read 766 times)

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Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

So I will admit to having a sci-fi kick going on and itch scratched.  I see these stories being far more plot over smut than my usual stories.  (85%+ plot) Only reason why I did not post it in the non-adult section is I wanted some flexibility in case plot does move in such direction I did not want hands tied.  I do want the stories to have a David Weber's Honorverse style slant to it, but not necessarily be set in the setting he created.  Mainly as the British politics and nobility mixed in with Naval ranks at times makes my head spin, and the complexity he gives to his military engagements I cannot do justice too, but as far as action, adventure, sense of high stakes going on, yes I want to write something to the effect.  Also I see writing in multiple characters, but not going crazy overboard.  Perhaps a primary, possibly secondary characters, and support NPC's.   Here we go to some of the selection choices.

Defenders of White Light Inspired by the old TSR Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks model of the same name, and the closest to the Honorverse stakes and feel.  We would be crew on board the HMS Blade, an assault scout for Her Majesty's Royal Navy.  It gives us some of the same elements of Honorverse but at the same time not some of the real world politics and complexities the author brought out in his writing.  I will be pulling and adapting some things from the original module but at the same time changing and mixing some things up at the same time.  I think this is a chance with some mash up elements to create a world build with some great role play angles.

Star Wars: Blue Squadron This can be inserted anywhere into pre Rogue One to post Yavin but before Empire Strikes back, as far as time line goes.  Canon does not need to be strictly followed other than as far as the time frame.  Our characters would be pilots in Blue Squadron, and we would be stationed on board a converted Corellian corvette to take on an X-Wing squadron.  Loosely based on the great novel by Aaron Allston's Wraith Squadron.  We would be handing hit and raids and acting like privateers as well as a dagger in the back of the Empire.   

  Wing Commander: Desperate Measures This would take place after William Foster's End Run book where he introduced the concept of the Wake Class Escort Carriers.  Our characters would be stationed on board the TCS Titan, an escort carrier playing hunter killer and special operations behind Kilrathi lines.  Again we can play loose with canon to make our characters the heroes of the universe itself instead of support characters to canon and following events as they happened in the books and games.  I also thought Foster was influenced by Weber when he wrote for the Wing Commander books ans this has another great opportunity for the feel I am going for.

Stardancer: Voyagers of the Emerald Wind  My own original creation world, Stardancer, which is a mash up of concepts and ideas from Spell Jammer, early steam punk, and Brian Stavely's The Emperor's Blades.  Our characters would on board the Stardancer The Emerald Wind, an independent vessel with a former member of the Empire of Azureth's warrior elite, the Aqualians, and a disavowed Princess, and others, get caught up in sphere politics and high stakes.  This is more fantasy than sci-fi than I admit, and more a square peg in round hole, but I think we can create a high tension political and military drama and tension into this plot.

So these are some of my cravings at the moment and more than willing to enter into further plot hooks and firming up the concepts above to turn it into a long term plot for all.  A links to my previous and current efforts here on E! are below, as well as my On and Offs.  Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Giving his bump.  Also the Star Frontiers idea can be subbed for Old Republic with a plot twist as our characters would be part of the same Corellian Security Forces ship.  Again drop me a PM if any of the above or the new plot bunny appeals to ya.


Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Still very much looking to explore any of the plots above, or variations of them or related plot hooks.

Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Bump, and also under the Honorverse section willing to add in plots of Messa/Manpower genetic slaving plot, also a 50 T-year in the future plot from the end of Webber's last book were the Alignment comes fully into the open when about a fourth of the Solarian League succeeds from it to stand up the new galactic power, the alignment.
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Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Again still would love to do one of the above stories.

Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Bump as I continue to search for my unicorn...

Offline BlackStoneTopic starter