Enchanted Dog Collar (Forced Canine Transformation/Extreme)

Started by Nazora, December 09, 2018, 10:05:16 AM

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The Enchanted Dog Collar

The premise of this story is that there exists an enchanted dog collar, one which your character gets a hold of and uses on one victim at a time. I want to avoid pure bestiality themes if possible, so once a character is extremely changed they'll probably just become a nonsexual aspect of the story. The collar allows the master to turn the subject into a dog of his or her preferred breed and gender selected breed. It is controlled by the master through code words and thoughts. Your character finds this collar and the instructions that come with it, and decides to use it to get revenge or to gain power over my character. If the collar is used sparingly, it can be used to try new things. If it is used harshly, the subject is doomed to become a mere dog.

The instructions to the collar read like this:

- Once attached, the collar can only be worn three days, at the end of three days it will fall off.

- The phrase 'good dog' will cause a small physical change from human to canine. It can be used once every five minutes.

- The phrase 'bad dog' will cause a physical change around three times as great as the phrase 'good dog'. It can be used every five minutes.

- The phrases 'good girl' and 'bad girl' will cause the same physical changes from canine to human, though repeated use of one or the other will cause the subject to shift towards the stated gender. Once the subject is shifting genders, or a gender has been decided the change process can not be reversed by stating the other gender.

- Poking or prodding an area of the subjects body while stating the phrases will cause the changes in that area first. The master can also cause changes to be directed by strongly willingly them to occur for a certain area of the body.

- The phrase 'sit' will cause the subject to sit in a submissive canine posture.

- The phrase 'sit dog' will allow the master to lower the subjects communication intelligence a small amount as well. Each use diminishes language capability. Two uses eliminates all second languages. Three uses always eliminates the subjects ability to write in any language. Five uses eliminate the ability to read. Six uses vastly diminishes vocabulary. Seven uses limits language understanding to a name and a set of simple commands.

- The phrase 'speak' forces the subject to bark, causes a small physical change, and allows the master to state a canine compulsion for the subject if desired.

- Giving the subject a new name will start a process in which their human identity will slowly be erased and replaced with a canine one.The master can chose whether they desire to own the dog, or release it as a stray. This will only activate once the subject is less than three-quarters human and will activate automatically if the collar drops off the subject in such a state.

- Canines released as strays will be transported to a wilderness to finish their transformation unseen by prying eyes, leaving the collar behind.

- After three days the collar will drop off the neck of the subject and can not be used on them again unless they revert back to full human form. In order to revert back to human form, the subject must be more than three-quarters human physically & mentally, otherwise the remainder of their canine changes will complete over the next twenty four hours.

- Once the subject is physically fully a canine, identity changes will activate automatically and the collar will fall off regardless of time remaining.

- Upon reaching critical transformation, age of the subject is translated into dog years and extra life and vitality absorbed from subject to master.

- Once the collar falls off the subject, it can be used on any other human.

Some possible themes beyond the obvious include the lead playing around with my characters friends while my character is stuck in canine form. So I was thinking of a possible multiple character scenario for this, with your character having a possible antagonist. Once my character becomes a full canine other characters can become involved, possibly with my character attempting to warn/stop other people from falling under the collar's spell despite being stuck herself. Or simply forced to watch events unfold in her new form.
All about what I like!

Info: I find that 98% of the time my interest in a story outlasts that of the other party. If you are no longer interested in continuing a story, please let me know promptly so I'm not checking the thread.  Thank you.

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