MxF - Incest Roleplay Female partner wanted more info inside.. (Discord)

Started by TheSinOfTaboo, December 08, 2018, 06:56:37 PM

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Hello everyone I'm interested in doing only incest role's and I'm looking for a long term partner roleplay/Writing Partner. A little info on what i am comfortable with doing and what i am looking for in my partner. I only do original characters and the one incest role i don't do is Father/Daughter so that leaves me with only a few parings. Which are (Favorites to less Favorite) mine would be in order as fallows is Brother/Son/Nephew/Cousin and what i would like yours to be Sister/Mom/Aunt/Cousin again this what i prefer. So i am okay with age-play I'm okay with but my character would be around the age around the age of your character. I AM OK with you having more Female Characters if you like to do that go head of course they would have to be Related keep it with the incest role's but i only will be roleplaying with one character. So what i AM looking for in a partner and what i hope for you to be. i look for these things world-building,Story/plot driven, Episodic Arc, Character driven Slow but intense build to sex. i will say i am not a good opener and i don't have a setting or scenarios to begin with. I don't like scenarios in my opinion scenarios ruin and limit what we can crate together i will give you an example. so I've been seeing these types of scenarios A character and b Character already figured out motivation and something oh must happens in some people minds they figured out must of everything and that's not interesting to me i like to build together and find out together how we get there. Let me wrap and finish this up i will write as detailed and long as you write me and will be as consistent will reply as fast as i can. Hopefully i am what you are looking for and i here from you so we can Discuss things in more detail. If interested Msg me on here. No contact information in the public area of the forum - Staff