Coercion, Bondage, Seduction : plot heavy female looking for male character.

Started by Nuttyxprincess, December 08, 2018, 04:02:18 AM

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The story I want to play out here is a romance in a twisted, manipulative way

Your character is sure of himself and his feelings toward my character, from the moment he sees her he knows he wants her. But he wants her to want him too, so he is patient, befriending her, coercing her, manipulating her and her life to make sure she falls into her arms. We can discuss further on this point, is he kind and patient? Is he determined and willing to do anything, even kill to make sure she falls into his arms.

My character is naive, not stupid, but sheltered, innocent, pure. She sees the best in people, she is eager to please and curious. She wants to live a good life, to see the world, to get married, have a family. Sex before marriage is likely to be a ‘no -no’ but she has not exactly been told what sex is. Just that she shouldn’t do it before sex.

As for how they meet, who he is, who she is, what he does, it is all a big discussion that we can have. But please note: development of the relationship between them is a big part. Sure the sex will be fun and the teasing too, but your character must be patient and willing to get to know my character, foster her passions and guide her.

This is not a game where we post twice then launch into sex, but I can promise that when we get to that point that it will be delightful, descriptive and intense.

Sexual elements : Possible, not necessary

Bondage, domination, teasing, orgasm torture and denial, virginity, anal, oral, impregnation, pregnancy, lactation,

Snippet of the story with a gif:

It had taken months for him to get her to this point, weeks to gain her trust and convince her to move in with him, longer until she felt comfortable to be naked around him. The subtle touches, the unspoken words, the subliminal messaging with his choice of movie, tv show or songs. He watched her grow more antsy, fidgeting in her seat, unaware of her own body.


She had confessed to him her concerns, something was wrong with her. Her nipples were always hard, her stomach always felt taut, between her thighs was hot, wet. He had said that he would give her a message to help soothe her. Naked, she lay on her stomach, relaxing into his touches, she didn’t understand how wrong it was that his hand slid between her thighs, that they slid inside her. He cooed and whispered that he would make her feel better, she gasped, writhed, begged and whimpered. Before she let out a deep, guttural cry, unlike the other women he had been with, if wasn’t faked, it wasn’t put on, exaggerated. As she came down he had caressed her, massaged her and kissed her shoulder “I will massage you whenever you need it Princess.” He said softly.

Barely a day later they were sitting together she had whispered “I need a massage.”

“But someone may see?” He reminded, “or hear... you will have to be quiet.”

She nodded “I know. I will be quiet...”

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