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Author Topic: Dream with Me  (Read 801 times)

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Dream with Me
« on: December 07, 2018, 10:17:12 PM »
Dream with Me


Wilkommen,  bienvenue, and welcome to my general request thread! I’m currently looking to add another game or two with kickass, character-driven cowriters interested in crafting deep personal relationships and emotionally intricate landscapes within kinky fun land. (What can I say? I get enough Very Serious Writing in my day job, but I'm a sucker for a cool character.) Sound like your cup of tea? Read on for more plots, check out my ons and offs, and send a PM my way with a little bit of information about what plot(s) you’re interested in and why!

Plot options are sorted into categories below. My blurbs are generally written using M/f pronouns purely for the sake of not getting lost in pronounland - I'm generally open to playing as or opposite most genders with a slight preference for ladies, lieges, and legates - and titles include links to images that might (but don’t have to) serve as inspiration for the direction of the game. I'm switchy, so I am currently interested in partners interested in writing dominant characters, characters who switch and submissives with strong senses of self and clearly articulated desires. My preferred roles in specific plots are bolded.

Don’t see a plot that tickles your fancy but think we’d play well together? Feel free to check out my F-list or image thread and pitch some elements from which we can plot. (Images in the image thread and those linked here are all NSFW.) I'm only looking to add one or two more games, so finding really compatible partners is more important to me than filling a super specific plot!


Current Cravings
Current Cravings
A mishmash of plot elements, kinks, and anything else for which I’m longing.
Smart characters. Give me witty banter, whizzing brains that need to be shut down, street-smart sneakers making their way.
Orgasm control. Teasing to the point of tears, giving more than they ever wanted, etc.
Kinky social settings. I’ve been intrigued lately by the idea of displays, play parties, and other in-front-of-people situations.
Heavy bondage. Predicament fun, tight hogties, pushing flexibility, etc.
Non-M/f pairings. I'm totally open to M/f pairings, but hey, variety is also fun!
Writing male submissives. I haven't done much of it. I'm intrigued.
Cabins in the woods. Outdoor explorations sound fun!
Surprising personal revelations. I’m in the mood for some in-character heart-to-hearts – after all, not everyone is what they seem.
This picture. I’m super into it.

Short Form Games
Short Form Games

Spring Break
Characters: Any / any 
Content: BON/EX
Premise: It's spring break, and he's going to make sure she has fun if it kills him. The cabin's rented, the phone is turned off, and he's going to see to it that she has a hell of a spring break...whether she wants to or not.
Seeking: Either a student with a tendency to be all work and no play who'd be open to being pushed to take relaxing seriously or a student's concerned partner with some creative ways to ensure she doesn't hit the books on break.
Considerations: The desire to offer relaxation is real, but this is also a 110% "be creative with kinky nonsense within the confines of the promp" challenge.
Variation: Any (mul) / any (probably f), a variation where a young woman (or man) gets a handsome fee to come make sure everyone else has a very fun time.

A Day in the Life
Characters: Any / any 
Content: BON/EX
Premise: A 24/7 D&s situation was something they’d both figured was the stuff of fantasy more than real life, but a year and a half in they were still going strong. It took more communication and sacrifice than the erotica suggested, but it was super worth it.
Seeking: A firm-but-fair dominant partner with a clear personality and voice to play a day in the life of this relationship.
Considerations: We’ll want to chat about the specifics of the relationship, the degree of protocol they operate within, etc.

Production Quality
Characters: Any x any (seeking switch)
Content: BON/EX (probably more towards extreme at times, within our O/Os)
Premise: There's gold in them there hills when it comes to good BDSM porn, so they decide to start a production company. The plan is simple: they'll see what their audience is scrambling for, flip for who's topping and who's bottoming, negotiate, record a kickass scene, and wait for the money to come in!
Seeking: A partner who'd want to be part of this "collective" and is open to writing negotiations/aftercare/etc. in addition to the scenes themselves. Seeking a roleplay-within-a-roleplay sort of vibe.

Characters: Any / any 
Content: BON/EX, certainly with elements of consistently restricted mobility
Premise: They'd always fantasized about a scenario that put them in the same place and time, allowing a real long-term situation rather than the little bits of play they made time for over Skype or on their rare weekends when they were in the same city. They'd exchanged a lot of hopes and dreams and fantasies over the years as my character's work spun her around the country, but most of her wishes were pinned on one thing: she wanted to stay. To stay in one city, to stay in your character's arms, to be taken care of and be expected to take care, to be kept so - at least in fantasy - she couldn't leave if she wanted to. When the stars align to allow them to share a home for an extended period of time, she's shocked by how well your character was listening.
Seeking: A newly minted dominant partner with strong listening skills and a creative streak. Similar to the plot above, but a newer relationship and more specigic content. This is intended to be warm BDSM shenanigans. Perhaps there are high protocol elements, perhaps there's a little bit of making up for lost time by pushing things a little far, perhaps there's experimentation and laughter and fond messiness. I'm open to any content not explicitly excluded in my O/Os or FetList, but these are definitely people who like each other.

Party Favors
Characters: Any (mul.) / any
Content: BON/EX depending on content
Premise: They'd been absolutely baffled when women started clucking about passion parties, gatherings to talk about and purchase a tame variety of sex toys from a catalogue. When she'd gone to one she'd been shocked by the prices of the toys, the lack of variety, and - worst of all - the fact that there was no way to try things out. So she and a friend cooked up their own company with a much more exotic catalogue...and a live test model.
Seeking: This is intended to be case-of-the-week style shenanigans. The most ideal partner would be someone interested in switching off being part of the demo team and the partygoers.

Let Me Dance For You
Characters: Any / f
Content: BON (Forced exercise, forced flexibility, strength training via predicament bondage - the possibilities are endless, really.)
Premise: She's always known she was meant to be seen - to dance, to model, to be someone - but that isn't really an attainable dream if you don't have lots of hours to devote to nothing but training...and she doesn't have lots of hours to devote to nothing but training. Until, that is, she gets an offer: your character will whip her into perfect shape, make her the most fit, flexible, and strong she's ever been, will even use their connections to help her find work when the time is right...if she'd comfortable playing with some unconventional methods.
Seeking: A patron with creative training methods.

A Weekend Visit
Characters: Any (mul) / any
Content: BON/EX
Premise: Their relationship was solid, a sweet rhythm of dominance and submission that had worked to meet both of their needs. The test comes, however, when a friend comes to town and is interested in meeting his new plaything; is she ready to stay the course even when it involves someone else seeing her submission?
Seeking: A sub with some stage fright.

Characters: Any / f
Content: BON
Premise: Vaguely similar to the above. The rental was unusual, promising - in addition to all the usual plusses like wifi and good cable - everything the businessperson on the go could need to make their sexy relaxation daydreams come true, in addition to help with any domestic tasks requested during their stay. What seemed like a fancy way of saying there was some kinky shit the owners didn't want to bother removing when people stayed turned out to be far fuller service than imaginable - a woman bound and ready upon arrival.
Seeking: A businessperson who's going to have a hell of a trip. There's obviously kinky shenanigans afoot, but I think there's also fun to be had with the assumptions the businessperson might make about what kind of woman would volunteer for such a thing vs. the kind of woman who actually did.[/left]

Long Form Games
Long Form Games

Characters: Any / any
Content: BON/EX depending on content
Premise: Getting funding for graduate education can be a challenge; it's even harder when her dream school has a ridiculously selective process, few funding opportunities, and a faculty member who's a serious rising superstar in the field drawing in more applications than usual with their groundbreaking and edgy work on dynamics of power. Taking the next step in that research requires some deeply immersive, hands-on work with someone who's both willing to explore power dynamics and has the language to self-report their experiences in a meaningful way - an impossible ask. Unless, of course, there's someone like her who's willing to turn a conference conversation into the graduate research assistantship of a lifetime. What the University doesn't know about the specifics won't hurt them.
Seeking: A professor in some field where it's logical they'd study power dynamics in a way that behooves BDSMy explorations. While this could be played as a professor who just wants to get his hands on a student or a student sleeping their way to the top, I'm far more interested in the version that asks actual questions about how they balance their work and interpersonal dynamics. (I'd very much like to avoid smug/smarmy professors, though.)
Characters: Any / f
Content: BON/EX?
Premise: He’d started visiting the Carlioni’s house with his father when he was twenty-one, and she’d been a fixture there, a pretty naked young thing to be passed around, toyed with, used – all, the eldest Carlioni assured, with her consent. He’d been horrified at first, but she never seemed to put up any resistance, and he eventually figured that she probably was either so drug-addled or so stupid that her life with them seemed acceptable; when Mr. Carlioni wanted to show off her training, it didn’t seem worth risking his wrath to argue. When they tapped him to mind her while they were out of town, though, he found that the truth was more complicated than he could’ve imagined.
Seeking: A young man (or woman) to step into the web of intrigue of the Carlionis. I’m imagining a series of instances getting to know their “pet” through the family’s parties and a growing mentorship with Mr. Carlioni in contrast to babysitting sessions where he slowly gets to know her, discovering that nothing is black and white. (I’d be happy to play the various members of the Carlioni family as well.) [/right]
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Character-Driven BDSM: Any/Any
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2018, 10:19:10 PM »
Not Currently Seeking

36 Questions
Characters: Any gender configuration 
Content: Light/BON (possible use of legal restraints, not the sexy kind)
Premise: Based loosely off the podcast musical of the same name meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They’d been lovers for a long time, anticipated spending forever together. There was just one problem: neither of them had been honest about who they were, both living under an assumed identity with no knowledge that their partner was doing the same until it all exploded spectacularly. Early on in their relationship they’d done an experiment, answering 36 questions that were supposed to be scientifically proven to make you feel close to someone. Now that it’s clear their whole life was a lie, they come together one last time to repeat the questions and offer each other the truth as a gift goodbye. (Maybe they’ve arranged this meeting themselves. Maybe one partner was a spy who’s being sent back to their country scott free as part of some sort of international deal and one is a government agent who’s been allowed access to the prisoner their last night in custody. Who knows?)
Seeking: A partner who’s up for a super charactery, talky evening of reckoning.

Healthy / Habits
Characters: Any / f 
Content: EX (forced exercise, forced water intake, potentially food and/or bathroom control, etc.)
Premise: She’d signed up for a New Years’ challenge for…well, as long as she could remember. Getting in her cardio, her stretches, drinking the right amount of water – it all just seemed to get away from her. Healthy Habits had been an impulse purchase, a service that clocked your goals and came with a weekend each month at their facility. If you met your goals, it was a spa visit, a weekend a month to rest and relax in the gorgeous mountains. If you didn’t, well, they provided some pretty persuasive encouragement to meet them the next month.
Seeking: A woman who wants some help securing her healthy habits and knows exactly what she signed up for.

Wishful Thinking
Characters: Any (mul.) / any
Content: BON/EX depending on content
Premise: It's a tale as old as time: the noble and the peasant, childhood friends turned would-be adult lovers and torn asunder by their stations. But not every kingdom (or whatever unit of governance) has a bona fide witch in its midst, and not every peasant in love with a noble is brave or foolish enough to seek her aid. The witch makes a deal: she will transform the peasant into [a spy from a conflicting unit of governance? an "unwilling" bride? a slave? something else that would put the peasant under the noble's control with the potential for things to go terribly wrong?], and if the noble proves themselves able to be merciful and just in their dealings when they don't recognize their beloved, the enchantment will be broken and they will be able to live happily ever after. Should the noble fail, however - should they eschew mercy in favor of violence and blind justice - the peasant will be stuck transformed forever, doomed to see only the worst of their beloved for the rest of their days.
Seeking: A partner to play the young noble person (perhaps a prince or princess, or some other will-be-leader) tasked with finding a solution to their problem and making a choice about how they'll mete out mercy and justice in their rule.

Down Time
Characters: Any / any 
Content: BON/EX – anywhere between more casual play and heavier content (immobility, bathroom control, etc.)
Premise: Years of research and study, hundreds – maybe thousands – of hours of blood, sweat, and tears (okay, mostly tears), and the damned thing was finally turned in, out of her hands. The defense was over: Monday she would learn whether she graduated or not. But there was a whole weekend until then, a potential 72 straight hours of panic attacks. There was only one way to manage that down time: make sure she was so distracted she couldn’t possibly worry about her career for the weekend.
Seeking: A partner/friend/choose-your-own-identity to help “distract” a friend over a weekend.

Characters: Any / any
Content: BON/EX depending on content
Premise: The rules for slavery were complicated - limited term contracts that weren't able to be bought or sold were intended to limit abuse of slaves or people who'd take advantage of the unfortunate to keep them enslaved past the end of their term; strict laws requiring slaves to be clearly marked and under control in public and to pass certain inspections prevented wealthy people from simply registering one spouse as a slave as a tax dodge. It was a delicate dance, but it worked pretty well, giving people the option to sell themselves for a set period of time in order to pay off debts and pursue opportunities and letting people who had money and wanted power trade the first for the second.

Sometimes, though, things go awry. "Awry" like leaving a slave on the side of the road in a cage with a "free" sign on it, her accessories in a cardboard box beside her. The first person who comes along has a choice: do they take her and deal with everything that having a slave entails...or do they hope that the next person who finds her isn't cruel?
Seeking: Someone who never planned on having a slave and gets to deal with it now.
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Re: Dream with Me
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2019, 05:10:09 PM »
Some new plots ahoy!