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December 11, 2018, 02:56:19 AM

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Author Topic: Exotic/ Fantasy Intimate scene (NC-H)(BON) (female wanted)  (Read 554 times)

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Offline SydonaiTopic starter

Exotic/ Fantasy Intimate scene (NC-H)(BON) (female wanted)
« on: February 06, 2009, 11:38:21 AM »
So yea, this is my first game request thread and for my first few game threads I have some ideas about my current cravings. As stated above :-

(NC-H) Mantrap
Set in a fantasy medieval age world, where monsters and magics rules the day. A lone male adventurer was strolling through the forest or dungeon and was sneak attacked by any partly humanoid female creatures (pref:lamia, Scylla, Echidna, Alraune), the adventurer was defeated but wasn't harm too much and was dragged to the lair of this creature where he was forced to serve as a plaything for the creature. (I would pretty much like to play the dominated male adventurer here forced to the creature's whims)

(BON) Ambushed
Set in medieval age settings, a lone male merchant was traveling down a dangerous road, rumored to be too close to an all female bandit camp led by a ferocious female gang leader, notorious for her reputation of making that road completely unsafe for travelers and merchants alike. Even the authority was unable to root out the problem, and the merchants and traveler would rather take the longer road to their destination, however having no other choice and tight on schedule, the male merchant took the road, only to be ambushed by the female bandit gang, however instead of being killed and robed of his goods and possession, he was made a slave to the female bandit leader as her plaything. (I would like to be the merchant on this one, being ambushed by the bandit gang)

(NC-H) "Darkness overtook me"
Set also in a fantasy medieval age settings, the story took form in a small and peaceful village in a lush forested valley. Peaceful as it is, the valley has a dark secret, deep within the one of hills surrounding the village, lies a ancient creature of evil, a shapeshifting demon bound to a ruins deep in one of the hills. A Herbalist from the village headed out to search for herbs and plants for making medicine when the herbalist stumbles upon the ruins by accident and unfortunately, accidentally set the creature free. The herbalist was to be it's first victim, instead of draining the herbalist's soul immediately, it took the herbalist back to its shadow realm where the poor soul will be made to submit to the creature's will mentally and physically. (For this I can either be the male herbalist, and that requires a female rper to play the demon as being female, or I could rp as the creature as being male, which will require a female rper playing as a female herbalist)

So yeah as you can see, most of the game I've put up for request, suggests that I like to play as submissive victim to the situation, which I am currently craving for being dominated but there will come a time when my craving changes and I'd like to play the dominant one, so either pm me personally to discuss further details or just reply here if you're interested, tq ;)
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