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Started by JuliaInNJ2007, December 02, 2018, 03:10:01 PM

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I am a senior in high school set to graduate in a few months. I am artsy/indie in appearance in style. I hang with the skater kids. And my boyfriend, Dave, is the fun and goofy lead singer of our school’s token punk band. My family is middle class, but my dad hates his job.

Matt is younger. He is one of the ringleaders of spoiled, obnoxious entitled brats from the wealthier side of town. His dad is my dad’s boss. His friends’ parents have jobs like “lawyer” and “accountant” and “doctor.” Matt has that entitlement that comes from knowing he will go to a good college (Cornell, like his dad) and will be able to take over a successful business. And that he is fat with big glasses does not stop him from being that arrogant.

One day in lunch, Matt comes up to me with a few of his cronies. He tells me: “I saw your dad beg my dad to not get fired the other day.” They laugh. I just ignore him.

But later that night, I think of what he said. His smirk. That superiority. And I am overwhelmed with the realization that I am incredibly attracted to Matt. After dinner, I ask my parents for the car to go hang out with Dave and our friends. They say of course. Instead, I drive to the other side of town where they have big lawns and swimming pools and nice cars. I ring Matt’s doorbell.

He sees me. He is expecting a confrontation. Instead, I tell him something else. That I think he is the hottest guy I have ever seen and that I have never been more turned on after he said what he said.

In terms of what I am looking for physically: Very game. Nothing more than intercourse and (me giving) oral. But I want Matt to enjoy the sense of power he has as I become his willing servant. I will gladly fold his laundry and assist with his homework and do as he wishes. I have a few other plot points to discuss. But am hoping to find someone interested.