Looking for a Loki to continue an RP (M Character Wanted)

Started by Maeve, November 30, 2018, 10:37:20 PM

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Two points before we begin -

1. I normally don't do fandoms. I usually prefer original storylines (Don't believe me? Check out my request thread and if anything tickles your fancy, drop me a line), which is why even though this story does have canon characters, don't feel like we have to follow canon storylines. The one exception to this is Loki's exile and eventual return.

2. This is with Jag's blessing. I originally started doing this story with them, however, they can no longer continue. I love this story and character and am dying to pick it up where it left off. That does not mean that I don't think the story will change with someone else playing Loki. I am excited to see how things change with a new author, that being said there are certain plot points I would like to keep.

A brief synopsis of this plot is that Thor worried over Loki's ever withdrawn nature sends Eira, a poor but pretty court climber, to his chambers in hopes of luring him out to a feast. There is a miscommunication and Eira ends up spending the night in his chambers instead. That should be the end of it, however, the next day Loki discovers Thor's involvement in his tryst and decides to take his revenge on Eira. Tricking her into thinking he's fallen for her, all the while plotting her eventual disgrace and banishment from polite Asgardian society.

This, of course, proves more complicated than he thought. In the end, their relationship is not revealed by him but causes the same outcome. In fact, he's outdone himself. By the time he's exiled, she's declared a traitor.

That is about the middle of the story.

Here is the story so far. I would love it if we could just start from the last post. If you're interested PM me.