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May 25, 2022, 09:19:10 am

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Author Topic: Snowflakes and Roleplays  (Read 439 times)

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Snowflakes and Roleplays
« on: November 29, 2018, 10:02:04 pm »
Hello and welcome, you can to just call me Snow or Snowflake. I'm pleased to have your attention at this moment, and I do hope some of you will something you like here. I'll keep this as short and sweet as I can while still covering all the bases.

Preliminary questions most people ask!

What's your posting length?
I am happy to do anywhere from one to five plus paragraphs, though in all honesty my posting length varies depending on the circumstances. I give and like to receive detailed responses. I do have a love for detail.

What genders do I play?
I'm gender fluid when I write, and like to write all sorts of characters.

What kind of characters do you write?
I write all sorts of characters from all sorts of backgrounds and with all sorts of personalities. I do enjoy side characters as well. As a note, for dominant main characters I don't do cruel sadistic types. Firm and domineering, yes. Unnecessary cruelty, no.

Do you do fandoms or original worlds?
I have a strong preference for original settings, though I will make exceptions for plots that really catch my interest. I will NOT play cannon characters. I don't mind if you do, however part of what I enjoy is building my character up.

Which genres do you like?
I have a strong preference for fantasy/supernatural, though I have always been a sucker for a good romance story as well. Most plots that have elements from either of those will interest me to at least some degree. You have a good chance of getting and holding my interest if you suggest a plot with some sort of otherworldly element to it, be it mild or extensive. That being said, I really like slice of life romance stories too. Those have a great chance of getting my attention as well.

How often do you post?
Honestly, as soon as I can. This means some days you may get multiple responses, whereas other times I may not respond for a couple days. I do try to keep my partners up to date if I won't be responding for more than a day. (Most of the time the message is as simple as 'Work/rl is kicking my butt. Be back soon.' or something similar.) I'm also very understanding and am willing to play with those that don't post frequently.

Do you prefer plot or smut?
Hands down, I prefer plot over smut. I like smut too, but I like it to fit into the plot. Some plots call for more smut than others, and so long as it works with the plot I'm game. That being said, I don't have to have smut, but I do need plot.

What don't you like?
-I don't like one liners. It just doesn't hold my attention.
-I won't do scat, vore, and vomit in any fashion. It just doesn't appeal to me.
-I get bored with overpowered/invincible characters.
-I detest the assumption that your character magically knows everything you do. There are certain things I'll let slide, but for the most part it bugs me.
-I can't stand god modding. Please don't move my characters unless it's something preagreed on between the two of us.

With all that covered, I'll wrap this portion up with a request. If there's something you feel like I missed, please do let me know so I can update and answer your question.

General Plots

Of Blood and Fire
In a last bid peace, the last (and new) Queen of a near-extinct dragon clan reaches out to the clan her people have been at war with for generations. As the only thing she has left to offer, her hand in marriage to the prince/king she had been raised to fear seemed a small price to pay for the prosperity of both crumbling kingdoms. Will the two get along as they struggle to bring the two clans back together as they had been centuries ago, or will they be struggling against one another to maintain the fragile peace?

I'm willing to adapt this one to fit a MxM pairing as well. I'd be happy to play either character.

Does There Have to be a Reason?
My character is a slightly eccentric professor that created the now mainstream synthetic blood that has allowed vampires to come out of the coffin so to say and join some of the other creatures in the public eye. Though he's brilliant, he does have a bit of a motivation problem. He isn't likely to do anything he doesn't have a vested interest in, which is why it surprised so many of the supernatural council when he showed up with his invention. Many of those that are familiar with him are suspicious of his motives, especially since there isn't anything obvious linking him, a half fea half wolfshifter, to the vampires in the first place.

This is more of a character idea, as the plot is so wide open and wildly dependent on your character. I'd like this to be MxM and fairly romance oriented. Perhaps your character is from a faction trying to get mine to do something for them? Perhaps your character is from the council and was sent to watch mine or discover his motives? Perhaps your character is a vampire whom is simply curious about my character?

A Plot With a Seer
Seers have a very rare, sought after power though few that seek it set out with the knowledge of how truly imperfect the gift is. There are no defiant paths in the future, the things a seer sees are only possibilities. Seers also only see glimpses, not the whole picture. Not all of a seers visions are of the future, some are of the past and present. There are also various power levels in seers, with the stronger ones having a tendency towards insanity. Seers typically spend a long time figuring out how to interpret and use the information they receive. There is a way for them to link one other person to their ability to help them safeguard their sanity. Basically that person can 'block' the ability or stop it from working. Anyway, it's an imperfect ability with many drawbacks.

Path A: Medieval/tribal/wild setting. My seer is a wanderer with no home to return to. Your character is some sort of supernatural creature that wishes to catch mine to strengthen their group. Perhaps the group is having territory disputes or is facing a disaster? Perhaps some kingdom wishes to use the seer to end or prevent a war?

Path B: Modern setting. Our characters are police officers (or a supernatural equivalent/enforcers/ect) and have just been partnered up for whatever reason and are set on a dangerous case chasing down a murderer or user of creepy illegal magic.

Path C: Your idea.

I'm open to using any variety of species from shapeshifters, vampires, human mages, nekos, anthros, furries, elves, ect. I'd like some version of romance included, and there will be plenty of side characters.

Destined Mates
Every shapeshifter has a destined mate somewhere, one that calls to both their human and their animal halves. I have a feline shifter character (both a male and female version) I'd love to use for this. I'll come back and flesh this one out better later.

Ears to Tail Cafe
In a world where neko/kemonomimi are seen as nothing more than fancy pets/slaves, there exists a cafe that takes those that are considered 'problem animals' and is a last stop before euthanasia for the few that are chosen. They are offered a chance to earn their 'freedom' by working in the cafe and learning to be a productive member of society. once they graduate, they are sent to wherever they can be useful. This can be played as a lighter plot, or a darker plot.

More to come soon.

My current cravings.
~MxM pairings
~Sappy romance stories
~Slice of life
~Medieval Fantasy
~Modern Supernatural
~MxF pairings
~Master x Pet

Please don't hesitate to send me one, or a few of your ideas.
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