Insanity Islands (beta rp's)

Started by dready, February 06, 2009, 12:30:03 AM

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As a very few amount of people know, i've been trying to put a beta through for a universe i've been working on since the 8th grade, which actually started off with a DnD game. ^^ First off, it would help for people to know a few basic plots which happen in this universe which I would like to test before fully starting a real rp in it. :3 btw, I play with/as Males and Females, though certain plots might be easier to do with specific pairings, but I doubt that it'll come up often. ^^

(for more information to what is in the universe, visit here)

Brothers in Arms: Two comrades are fighting along side each other during the United War, or they could be trying to escape from such a monstrosity. For information, just check the url as well as helping out deciding what sort of character you would be comfortable with.

Remnants and Secrets: (aquatics only) An aquatic is scrounging the undertow of the mainland where over 50 years ago the humans king was murdered, finding a skeleton with what looks like a prototype of steampunk nearby. Curiosity spiked, the aquatic takes the steampunk back to his/her tribe-land and explains his/her story. (i'll most likely end up playing as an npc whilst my partner would be unraveling the mystery to the skeleton and steampunk)

Isolated to Freedom: A slave is shipwrecked onto an island after a storm, finding themself accompanied by a native who has been building their own small steampunk to escape their own shipwrecked island. Unfortunately, the slave was for a royal gift to one of the main races, but with the sudden silence on location as well as the lack of a delivered slave at their door, the royal family sets out a search party to see wether there has been any double crossing involved.

Add your own: honestly, I'm up for alot of plots out there, and can help you even make your own character based on how you would like to rp in the universe. ^^ speaking of which, vampires would be a human+bat(Land Born) mixture, werewolves are human+canine with a talent to transformation Residual, and dragons are reptilian+avian (for the wings) as well as some Residual on their own. ^^ honestly you can make any anthromorphic type of creature out of the races set before yah. ^^

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there was a story i started in the 9th or 10th grade, where it was mostly fantasy.

Hikari, a 16-year-old tomboy, left her village since her parents have been kidnapped by a villain, this world is filled with lots of monsters, rought terrain, and harsh weather. after fighting a specific demon, she faints and awakes in a demon den, confused, and her wounds bandaged and treated. this den is inhabited by the panther clan, (or whatever demon you like) and meets up with the leader of the clan, a demon of great skill (your character, can be male or female) they spar quickly (since i suck at writing fighting scenes...i try, but i usually suck) and it turns out (your character's) brother or sister is taken hostage by the villain (needs a new name cause mine's too cliche...[the puppeteer]) they go on the quest together, and head through obstacles, and finally make it to (villain's) castle. haven't come up with anything else so far...need help.
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