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January 27, 2021, 01:26:30 AM

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Author Topic: Mistaken Identities [Futa/Trap, Fantasy, MUL]  (Read 502 times)

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Offline HemingwayTopic starter

Mistaken Identities [Futa/Trap, Fantasy, MUL]
« on: November 28, 2018, 03:03:27 PM »
Hello, one and all, and welcome to what I like to call Hemingway stepping out of his comfort zone to explore new ideas. It's a bit of a mouthful, but as you'll see, that's a bit of a theme in here.

What I have here is a collection of ideas, all of which came to me with dramatic speed, with one thing in common: Men mistaken for women. It's something I've never properly tried, but has interested me for some time. Generally, I'd prefer to play the male character in these - but I'm willing to make exceptions, at least for the right partner. I'd encourage you to message me if you're interested, regardless of which role you want to play.

In general, these ideas have more of a fantasy bent to them - either of the Dungeons & Dragons type, or Conan the Barbarian. While I may be open to other ideas, the fantasy aspect of it makes it slightly less intimidating for me, for some reason or another. With that out of the way, I see no reason to keep you in suspense any longer. On to the ideas!

The Young Mage (Trap/Futa, Age Gap, Fantasy)

A young mage joins a group of experienced adventurers on their quest for glory, treasure and fame.

With his effeminate appearance, bulky robes and ambiguous name, however, the gruff man's man unofficially in charge assume's he's a girl. Worried he might be ridiculed if he corrects the leader, the young mage plays along. It might be unwilling, it might even be thrilling to him. It might be what he's wanted all along.

What happens, though, when another unusual member of the party takes an interest in him? She's older - potentially much older - experienced, strong, tough, confident - everything he's not. Maybe she knows the truth, and finds it endearing. Maybe she's as surprised to find out as he is when he finds out she's no ordinary woman, but has a penis of her own.

Maybe, maybe, maybe - the possibilities here are pretty endless. Ideas I have plenty of.

(Note: I might be willing to throw in some M/m scenes in this. If I'm playing the young mage, it'd take a pretty special male partner for him, though. If I'm playing the other, I'm more open.)

In Search of Sister (Trap/Futa, Prostitution, Fantasy)

When a young man's sister goes missing, he assumes her identity to track her down. What he didn't bank on was his sister's secret life of non-specific crime.

Cornered by some of her enemies, he is rescued by a mysterious woman - maybe something exotic, like a Drow (for those with an interest in Dungeons & Dragons). Once the day is saved, however, his rescuer quickly senses something is off. It doesn't take long for her to figure out what, either. Sympathetic to his plight, though, she agrees to help in his search.

. . . Which will take them to all manner of sordid places. Brothels, illegal slave auctions, all manner of things. And, naturally, things develop between them.

The Barbarian Queen's New Princess (Trap/Futa, Slavery, Forced, Fantasy)

Barbarians - of the sexy, Conan-esque variety, have overrun the kingdom. The Barbarian Queen is not just a fierce and strong warrior, however - she's clever. She recognizes that, in order to secure her position politically, she needs to marry into the royal family she recently deposed.

The catch is there was no female heir, and the Queen is long gone. The bright side is the youngest Prince could easily be mistaken for a woman. Maybe he is mistaken for a woman.

In any case, he finds himself married off to her. One might expect such an experience to be harrowing, degrading and painful. It might very well be several of those, but it turns out the Queen has at least a somewhat gentler side to her. Life, in other words, is not all misery for the now-Princess. With time, he might even come to enjoy his new position. If nothing else, she's a voracious and attentive lover.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please let me know! My mind-reading powers only work offline, so I won't be able to guess. If you like, you can also check out my O/Os to get a sense of what I like. Just be aware that my interests are diverse, and pretty context-dependent.

Offline HemingwayTopic starter

Re: Mistaken Identities [Futa/Trap, Fantasy, MUL]
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2018, 08:05:58 AM »
Let's try this one more time!