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Quality Flag

Started by Missy, November 26, 2018, 10:20:43 PM

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Does anyone know anything about flag quality when shopping online?

I've been thinking about urchasing a flag ro two for some time now, but online I can't really inspect the merchandise and I don't really have any expertise on flags, such as the materials and their durability etc, to judge the worth which I am purchasing by.

Can anyone help me sort out what I should look for to purchase a good quality flag?

The Dark Raven

If you are talking the stick-it-on-a-pole-fly-it flag, I'd say that the synthetic fiber ones are pretty good.  I think the one I have is nylon.  Pretty weather resistant, though if a big storm comes through I'd recommend taking it indoors.  Nylon's got nothing on wind. :)

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