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March 01, 2021, 04:37:14 am

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Author Topic: Yes, Ma'am.... (M seeking Femdom)  (Read 903 times)

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Offline Wade AmoreTopic starter

Yes, Ma'am.... (M seeking Femdom)
« on: November 19, 2018, 03:04:48 pm »
So I think you know what I wanna try out with a title like that.

Slavery in the 1700s during the Revolutionary war-- Nah, I'm kidding. I would like to do a story with elements of femdom, master/slave, and petplay involved. Preferably, with the male being the submissive in the relationship. Why should women have all the fun being humiliated and degraded in the relationship? Let men be treated horribly in what might be considered a toxic relationship!

Though really I'm fine going in a more positive relationship with this setting.... Well, as positive as it can be. Either way, I just wanna play a guy being humiliated. Call it a kink, or a fetish, but I just wanna try out the role. But anyway, plot ideas!

The two that come to mind for me are as followed:

MC is a young 19-20 year old kid who seemingly has had a bit of a bad background. He's quite shy, awkward around people, keeps to himself, doesn't seem to talk to people. He does, however, have a fun little hobby. Watching women through windows. Yep, a peeping tom he is, however, he goes to the wrong house one night. YC's house to be exact.

As the usual plot goes, YC is getting out the shower, is quite naked, looks very hot and sexy for MC as he's watching through a window, but he makes a noise loud enough for YC to hear. He gets caught, tries to run, but YC catches him before he gets away. Begging for mercy, YC decides his punishment is going to be a bit more severe. She'll humiliate him for how he acted.

MC is given a collar, renamed, and is treated more as a dog than a human. If he tries to run or fight back, she'll have him put to jail, and MC complies to the tee. How the relationship goes from there can be they do actually form one, with YC caring more about her pet once she gets to know him more, or she tries to break him down mentally and do a Stockholm syndrome type ordeal. Have MC rely on her, that without her, MC is going nowhere in life.

Now, if you think that idea is a bit extreme, you ain't seen nothing yet with idea two: Kidnapping.

Proper kidnapping. MC is injured for whatever reason, (I was thinking soldier, but it can change to something else,) and YC finds him and takes him in to heal the poor guy up. MC is thankful for the help, but as time goes on and his injuries get better, he can't help but feel a bit trapped by YC. He's constantly feeling sick, and his door is always locked. When he tries to escape, YC catches him in the act, and decides to punish him.

Haaaaard. She basically tortures him, both physically and mentally, having him undergo extreme isolation, starvation, tools to hurt him badly, all to make him beg, maybe even some experimentation with drugs to have his mind break faster. Once he seems like nothing but a mindless husk, YC finally lets him out, and helps rebuild him mentally and physically. MC becomes a new person, in identity and name. He relies on her, and in some twisted sense, she is his mother, and she will take care of her child.

Misery taken to even more extremes!

Those are the big two I came up with, but I'm happy to hear other ideas, discuss editing details, and whatever else you can think of while reading this. Hope to hear from people soon, thanks for reading!

Offline Wade AmoreTopic starter

Re: Yes, Ma'am.... (M seeking Femdom)
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2018, 06:07:22 pm »
Still given a good look and open search for people to give this a shot.