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October 26, 2020, 01:35:16 PM

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Author Topic: Icelandic's Very Specific Curiosities ~ Current Curiosity? Race Play! (FxF/Futa)  (Read 1250 times)

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So, this thread will be dedicated to very specific curiosities and cravings regarding a specific topic, which might change as time goes on. The current topic however? 

~~~ RACE PLAY ~~~

Yes indeed! I have a few parings and plots involving racial themes that I would love to explore! Many of which would involve cultural/religious differences, as well as racism and intolerance in general. So please keep that in mind if any of those topics make you uncomfortable, I understand if it does. :)

Aside from that, my O/O's can be found in my signature, and we can go over any other kinks that you or I might want to add. Also please do note that this thread is pretty bare-bones as of right now, but I will definitely fix that as time goes on, and as interests change~ Oh, and finally, I only RP via Threads and PMs.

But without further delay, the parings and plots!


Teacher - Student: A troubled student growing up in an abusive and racist family takes her frustrations out on one particular minority student. When her minority teacher catches word of this, she decided to 'council' the troublesome student. (This could be a non/dubcon story, or maybe one of confused feelings and forbidden romance!)

Goth - Hood: One student is that weird goth chick that people tend to avoid as they find her 'creepy', and the other is the new student from 'the hood' that people avoid simply because they are afraid of her. So, can I make it any more obvious?

Roommate - Roommate: YC and MC could not be more different, as my character is a highly conservative foreign exchange student from Eastern Europe. But, as fate would have it, she was paired in with YC in their college dorms. Out of that, an awkward and hesitant love is born from MC.

Queen - Slave: One certain queen from a far away land has a taste for the exotic. So rather then taking her pick from her local subjects, she imports her concubines from all over the globe. She does have a taste for the exotic after all.

Researcher - Tribal Woman: A team of researchers and explorers set off into unknown lands and stumbles upon an isolated society, cut off from the rest of the world. How will these explorers react to this backwards society? That is for us to decide.

Tourist - Groper: Being a bit lite in the head, a tourist travels to the wrong side of town. So in order to quickly get back to her hotel, she takes the train, only to find that the passenger behind her is a bit handsy.

Bully - Victim: The classic bully - victim plot, but with an added racial element to it, one that we can definitely discuss.

So, I think that is it for now, but please do PM me if you find anything interesting on here! I look forward to hearing from you! :D
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Added one new plot. :)

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Added another new plot! :D

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Just a monthly bump! :)

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Added the 'Tourist - Groper' and 'Bully - Victim' plots. :)

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