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March 07, 2021, 12:00:45 pm

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Author Topic: Re: Seeking: Quick, sexy, story-driven RPs! (FxM) (FxF)  (Read 997 times)

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Re: Seeking: Quick, sexy, story-driven RPs! (FxM) (FxF)
« on: November 17, 2018, 10:49:27 am »
Story 1)

Vampires (Really hitting the originality goldmine here, right?) have risen to power, claiming control of entire countries. Humans have become commodities and possessions, and not just for their blood. On the rare occasion that a vampire and human have children together, the result could be a powerful psychic hybrid. Each generation of psychic, if they have children with a vampire, is typically more powerful and dangerous. Depending on the level of story investment, there could also be a running thread about the alliance of psychics, whether they want to remain subservient to the Vampires (Pampered, but still enslaved), or help the humans regain control.

Ideal pairing: Vampire trainer x Human spy/rebel.

When the human agreed to the undercover mission, she thought she knew what she was getting into. Beatings and training. Sex, even. Fucked by an undead creature who thought she was just another unruly wildling. But what she didn't expect was that she'd come to enjoy it. Crave the vampire's touch. Was there more to being their pet? Or would she bring them down, as planned?

Story 2)

It's the apocalypse! Think The Walking Dead, but with fewer walking corpses and a lot more paranoia.

Demons have pushed through into Earth. While they still can't take physical form, they can possess humans. No one knows how or why people get possessed, only that those who do are driven to become monsters. Violent, cruel, and manipulative. World governments fall as tens of millions become afflicted, leaving only small, scattered groups. Many people are afraid to form any connections. Since no one knows how people become possessed, and the possessed aren't always overtly obvious. So surviving completely alone seems safer.

Surviving alone has its drawbacks. Loneliness, isolation, and baser human needs all mount in the time alone. So when survivors meet, will it be in moments of passion? Or something a little darker?

Story 3)

Magic and technology have coexisted for thousands of years. Elves drive cars and make excellent pilots, humans cast spells and enjoy glyphs and incantations. Humans, faeries, elves, psychics - the world is filled with different levels of mystic abilities and origins.

So the slow death of magic is a shock to billions. With more magically-inclined species facing extinction and some religious zealots positing this as the natural state of the world, there's not much time to find a solution. Be the hero and find a way to save the world!

Or be the villain, and take advantage of the desperate and weak.


More plots to come! Also very interested in hearing new ideas.


I am also open to fan RPs. Some options are:
The Walking Dead
The Marvel Cinematic
Harry Potter (AS A UNIVERSITY - Adult OC characters only)
The Dresden Files (CRAVING!!!!)

Here is a very brief breakdown of some of my favorite characters:

Wren Hallewell
Age: 29
Temperament/personality: Insecure/Shy
Species: Human/Psychic (Healer)
Bodyshape: Plus size/Curvy (Hourglass)
Faceclaim: Jennie Runk

Tiltilla Lovell
Age: 22
Temperament/personality: Stubborn/Intelligent
Species: Human/Psychic (Memory channeling and telekinesis) OR Faerie
Body shape: Athletic (Pear)
Faceclaim: Taysha Fuller?
Note: Lila's daughter

Lila Cly (Lovell, if older)
Age: Mid-twenties OR early forties
Temperament/personality: Empathetic/Actionable
Species: Human/Psychic (Precognition and telekinesis) OR Faerie
Body shape: Thin (Pear)
Faceclaim: n/a
Note: Tilt's mother. If Tilt's in the story as an adult, Lila would be in her forties. If Lila is in her twenties or thirties, Tilt either hasn't been born or is too young to be played romantically.


Length preference:
I would prefer for shorter RPs. Writing very long winded posts tends to be where I am comfortable, but I don't think that I have the time for it. So, it'd be nice if the RP stayed between 3-10 paragraphs, and maybe on the lower side of that.

I love writing about sex, but would rather not have a sex-driven RP unless it has a very strong concept.

If you are looking for occasional sex, these are my turn ons and offs.

Dom/sub (I prefer to sub)
Orgasm Denial

Please do not ask for:
Incest of any kind
Bathroom play
Abuse stories
50 Shades of Grey
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Offline TiltTopic starter

Re: Seeking: Story driven, steamy RPs! Craving: Dresden Files (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2018, 06:47:18 pm »
What I am really craving right now is a Dresden-style RP.

Essentially it involves one of my characters, Tilt, being the niece of Gentleman Johnny Marcone...

And I am guessing that brought a flinch and thoughts of her being a Mary-Sue, but let me explain!

I've actually played Tilt for a number of years, before ever reading The Dresden Files. In her original narrative, as a psychic, she was a part of a line of arms dealers. Her father became something of a family embarrassment due to his substance abuse, eventually falling from grace and rebuilding himself and his family in a different line of work. Tilt's uncle, though, continued the business as a cut throat and somewhat morally compromised CEO. He'd work to reform the image of an arms dealer, but really wasn't much better than generations before him. His one soft spot being family and children. The funny thing being, he wasn't even my character. He was a friend's character, who had also never read Dresden.

Which was just such a close fit with Marcone that I couldn't help but imagine her in that world.

Particularly, I had a craving to play her as a victim of a very poorly thought out hit. Someone who thought they could grab her as leverage, to draw Marcone out. She manages to escape, but not unscathed, before the start of the RP. This puts her in a hard position. If she goes to the police, Marcone will find out. And if her uncle finds out, there will be hell to pay. She knows that everyone even tangentially involved would die, which she doesn't want. She doesn't want a massacre to be on her shoulders. But she can't just let it go, these are people who tried to kidnap her and may have even killed her. She isn't safe until they're put away.

So, she finds a private detective. In my original idea, most likely Dresden. She'd lie about her name and hide her relation to Marcone, both to keep Marcone from knowing and because she knows Dresden/OC detective wouldn't trust her if the truth came out, and would try to help hunt down the people responsible.

Most likely I'd play her as a wizard/witch.

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Re: Seeking: Sexy, story driven RPs! Craving: Dresden (FxM, FxF) (
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2018, 09:23:52 am »
I am also very open to listening to new ideas. :)

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Re: Seeking: Sexy, story driven RPs! (fxm) (fxf)
« Reply #3 on: June 28, 2019, 04:32:40 pm »
I'm currently looking for one, maybe two, light RPs. I'd love to stick to around 3-4 paragraphs in length and I'm more than willing to hear new ideas. :)

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Re: Seeking: Quick, sexy, story-driven RPs! (FxM) (FxF)
« Reply #4 on: July 11, 2020, 12:05:04 am »