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[M looking for M] Monsters vs. Hunters

Started by dominantdominic, November 15, 2018, 09:21:21 PM

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Monster Vs. Hunters

Hey there!

I'm looking to work out a roleplay with a pretty adaptable concept, and if anyone reading this is interested, please just shoot me a message and we can work something out!

I'll start off with the three general hard rules of the roleplay, and we can go from there. For starters, I'm looking to play as the [/b]Dominant Partner[/b] and secondly, I want one of us to play a human character, and the other to play a monster/ monsters. Finally, I'd like there to be a considerable Non-Consensual/ Dubiously Consensual element. These are the three hard rules, and while they aren't totally nonnegotiable, I'd really like to stick to this sort of thing. Keeping that in mind, I have a few prompt ideas to get people's creative juices flowing!


Variant 1 - The Incompetent Hunter - You would play as the Hunter, and I would play as the Monster.

A hunter grows up in a small village, and has so far lead a rather calm and ordinary life, simply hunting small game and generally living peacefully. However, in recent years, a monster has moved in near to the village, and is starting to cause problems... townsfolk going missing, people scared to leave their homes at night. This is where the hunter steps in, whether it be out of cocky bravery, or a timid necessity, he plans to live up to his name as a hunter and take down the beast... unfortunately, things aren't going to go smoothly for him.

If you cannot make up your mind on just one monster to face, this can be turned into more of an adventure, where you are subjected to increasingly intimidating beasts and get taken advantage of by each and every one.

Variant 2 - The Studly Hunter - I would play as the Hunter, and you would play as the Monster.

This Variant is identical to the first, but with one key difference. The Hunter is vastly more competent, and with a bit of a struggle, can take down any beast. Of course, this hunter is a little more lewd-minded than most, and after he has captured a beast, he isn't content with simply slaying it, he has other, far more lascivious things in mind. This monster terrorised his village, and now he plans on terrorising the monster.

As with the previous variant, if you are open to playing multiple different monsters, I am willing to make this more of an adventure where the hunter goes on a variety of monster "slaying" quests.

Variant 3 - The Captive - You would play as the Captive, I would play as the Captor.

This Varient is more reliant on a bondage/ slavery angle, and will involve more training and humiliation as a pose to just sex (although sex will still be a feature.). Either a beast tamer captures and trains a monster, or a monster captures and enslaves a human. I am open to either option.

If you are willing to play as multiple monsters, I would enjoy making this more of a longer-standing thing where I as the beast tamer take on several different beasts along my journey.

Varient 4 - The Test Subject - I am available to play as either role quite comfortably.

This Varient is the most disconnected of the group, as the focus is more on one character. A human is captured (perhaps by scientists, or perhaps by aliens?) And is subjected to several different experiments, these involve transformation, bondage, milkings and other intrusive experiments. Perhaps involving the Man turning into a Monster or Monsters over the course of the transformative experiments.

This one admittedly doesn't fit the formula as well as the others, but it's been on my mind for a while now, and so I figured I may as well include it if anybody is interested.


As for specific monsters I enjoy playing, I'm very open! But I have a preference for humanoid masculine creatures; Saturs, Incubi, Centaurs, Minotaurs etc.

I'm also perfectly capable of playing stranger creatures, Lovecraftian, Tentacles, Ooze-men etc.