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Started by Blonde, November 15, 2018, 04:40:38 PM

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Given the recent passing of an absolute legend I have been honouring him by having a bit of a Marvel marathon. As such it has really rekindled my desire to do a Marvel story. Below are the pairings I am really craving right now and in what setting.

Before I get to the pairings just some basic info.

* Story over smut is a must! I am not looking for a cyber fest, and do not like insta-smut. I prefer to build up towards the act, allow the characters to build up their relationships, create tension and have them literally bursting with need for the other person. The sex fits into the story, not the other way around.
* I do not want to include any manner of D/s in any story. I cannot play as a submissive, it makes me feel uncomfortable and is rather cringe-worthy for me. So please do not expect any manner of 'begging to orgasm' stuff from me.
* Please do not use unnecessary dialogue to fill up a post.
* I do my best to reply once a day, but sometimes it may be a tad longer.
* On site thread rp's only.


Thor x Valkyrie (more a comic version than MCU) in Infinity War or Ragnarok setting
Thor x Wanda Maximoff in Age of Ultron or Infinity War setting
Thor x Female Quicksilver in Age of Ultron or Infinity War setting

Steve Rogers x Natasha Rominoff in any setting
Steve Rogers x Wanda Maximoff in Infinity War or Civil war setting

As you can tell I am leaning more towards something involving Infinity War. I am not opposed to doing something out of the film timelines though.
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