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November 30, 2020, 08:16:59 PM

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Author Topic: Ace's Request MxM Dom needed  (Read 436 times)

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Offline Ace CrusifarTopic starter

Ace's Request MxM Dom needed
« on: November 14, 2018, 02:52:29 PM »
Ahoy There!

Hi, I'm Ace and this is my request for RPs. Lol, sorry, not much I can think of saying... So I'll get to the point and show some plots on my mind. Will add more later on depending on my cravings. I like using anime or art as they are easier and comfortable for me, but I am also willing to use RL pics for face claims if possible.

Without further ado....


The Living Ship
Genres: Light BDSM, Romance, Fantasy

There are tales of ships having magical essences stored within the wood, making them alive. If they trust their captain, they will sail to the end with them. If they don't, rejection could cost both the lives of the crew and the ship itself. Although they are only believed to be tales, those ships exist only to near extinction. MC is a pirate crew member, a doctor, new to such a ship. It sailed strong and fierce, bringing fear to many that encounter it. Unfortunately, the captain was ill and nearing death. In order to secure his crew's safety and not lose his precious ship, he must find a suitable heir.

They would sail to a magical ocean only these kinds of ships can handle as the waters are dangerous and sink many a ship that cross it. Someone gave it the name Bermuda Triangle. It's true name was the Veranda. It was the home of the living ships.

MC was only doing his normal routine in tending to the health of his captain when one night he was visited by a man that wasn't a part of the crew. He warned of the captain would soon die before disappearing. As predicted, the crew lost their captain and they fought on who shall be captain. MC wanted nothing to do about it, but it was already fated that he would govern this ship, as it was the ship himself (YC) that came to him and forced him. The ship may be in control, but cannot sail without a captain of the right qualities.

Note: YC will be the ship, the ability to make himself into human form and go after MC and control every aspect of the ship. The plot is also entirely open for discussion.

My Teacher is a Dragon
Genres: Modern Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Maybe BDSM

This old dragon (MC) had been searching for something priceless, getting nowhere near to finding it after several hundred years. It was only in the modern age of man at the peak of their technology and intelligence that a clue of it had come to fruition. The Frozen Tear of Purity. With that, MC could fulfill his wish to save his kind from extinction. As far as he knew, he was the last. It makes it a lonely existence. Though the clue was a confusing one. It was said to only appear when a pure creature born of light is given the claw of time. A riddle he could not understand.

MC takes the form of a human in order to find the answer. Many humans are said to be born pure and only when they become adults is when they are no longer pure. Sadly he didn't understand that either. What made man pure then impure made no sense.

Thus he is disguised as a teacher where the majority of young humans gather at once. That is where he meets YC and is constantly annoyed by the boy. He constantly throws jokes, pokes fun at other's notable differences such as MC's blue hair, and tends to be a nuisance. It was all fun in games for him and his friends. Until one day he catches MC out on a rainy day transforming himself into a dragon. Instead of calling authorities or posting a video of it on social media, he uses his secret as any means of exploiting his teacher. Maybe high scores on the test or even simply having his way with him.

Note: This can go in many ways, I'd very much like to discuss the plot further.

Love 2 Hate
Genres: Comedy, Angst, Some Violence, Romance, Slice of Life

MC and YC are roommates in college, and rather being buddy buddy or quietly going about each others' business, they absolutely hate each other's guts. They can't agree on anything. MC tends to be a more lazy geek while YC is a determined student wanting to get somewhere in life. Why can't they get along? Well, they both have short tempers. In their school years, MC had been bullied whereas YC was a bully. The roles reversed after high school.

Note: Basically a bully x bullied. Plot open.