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April 18, 2019, 09:26:08 AM

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Author Topic: Erotic Ultimate Werewolf RP  (Read 182 times)

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Erotic Ultimate Werewolf RP
« on: November 12, 2018, 02:49:57 AM »
"It was the crack of dawn and the tiny village, isolated from the rest of the world, was preparing to start its day. The farmers were ready for their hard but rewarding work, young men and women were vying for each others attention, and the elders looked on at the beautiful town they had helped create in their youth. But then......people started to notice something was off. People started to ask " wait.....where's Billy?" At first, they thought "oh Billy is off at the lake, or with a girl, or is trying to skip out on his duties". They were very verywrong. They found Billy, or what was left of him, and in a single moment the town was shaken to its core. Then one man, old and weary said "I've seen this before and I hoped to never see this again........there are werewolves among us!!!"

Hellllllloooooo everybody!!! I am so thrilled to meet you all. I am ILoveStories (or ILS for short), and I can't wait to do some cool collaborative storytelling.

So, I have had an idea percolating in the back of my mind. I have always loved Ultimate Werewolf, but I have always felt it would be so much more interesting if the players weren't just roles from a games mechanic standpoint, but if they were also roles from a character standpoint. A story based Ultimate Werewolf game!

So, you may be wondering a couple of things like...
1). Wait, I don't know what Ultimate Werewolf is? How do you play?
2). How does one play that online?
and 3). What is going to elevate this from just a game to a full storytelling experience?

Great questions!! So first, for those of you who don't know what Ultimate Werewolf is, fear not! I'm going to explain that right below (and for those who already know, you can skip to section 2)

1. How to play Ultimate Wearwolf
Ultimate Werewolf is a game of social interaction where people are divided into two groups, villagers and werewolves. The goal of each team is to kill members of the other. Killings are done in two ways; nighttime killings and daytime killings

In the nighttime, team werewolf get to decide amongst themselves, in secret, which villager they would like to kill.

In the daytime, the villagers wake up to find that one of their own has been eaten!! Everybody (including the wolves, who are disguised as villagers) gathers at Townsquare to try and figure out who are the werewolves among them. It is decided that in order to hunt down the werewolves, they will vote to kill one person per day, in the hopes they will end up killing the wolves. At the end of the daytime, a vote is cast on who to kill, and whoever gets the most votes, dies.

We then rotate between night and day until one of two things happen. 1) All the wolves are killed and the villagers win! Or 2) The Wolves become the majority and thus win!

In short, the idea is: At night the wolves kill a villager player, and each day the villagers will try to figure out who is a wolf (and thus who they should kill) and the wolves try to plant seeds of deception. Pretty simple. There are some other roles that let villagers have special powers, but we'll cross that road once we get a playgroup together.

2. How do we play that online?
It translates pretty well actually. The first thing that would happen is I would randomly assign roles to each player and let them know via message if they are a villager or a wolf.

Then, during the night, the wolf players decided who they want to kill in their own private chat (or message board, whatever is easier) and will let me know via message who that is.

Then, during the day all the players will discuss, deduce, and trick each other in the main message board for the game, so they can vote on who to kill at the end of the day.  Usually in online Ultimate Werewolf, the day phase takes literally 24 hours (ours may be longer to get more storytelling in, but more on that in section 3). During the day, at any time, you may cast your vote on who you think should be killed. You will do so by typing the person's name and the word vote bolded and in brackets like so [vote:ILoveStories]

You may change your vote at any time during the day. But at the end of the day, the votes will be tallied and whoever has the most votes is killed. If any player has a question specifically for me (rules clarifications etc.) you can shoot me a private message.

3. What is going to elevate this from game to game/storytelling experience?
Ahhhhh the fun part! So there are two main things that I think we can do to really elevate the Ultimate werewolf experience.

1) I will help as a sort of DM figure to set mood and tone for the events that happen in the game (In a similar way I have done at the beginning of this post...but that's just a taste!). And I hope to be able to play off of what you guys are able to come up with. I love being able to find out what excites a group about a particular story and run with it!

2) All the players will come up with their own unique characters so that we all have a stronger emotional attachment to those who perish in our game/story. I love the idea of having a werewolf game where the people involved aren't nameless and faceless. They have personalities, histories, relationships etc.

We can even work it out that some players can work their backstories in together, which can be really juicy. Could you imagine if you are playing, and this person is say, your lover....and then they turn out to be a werewolf!! The stakes are so much higher!!

Now, with this all said, this will require some adjustments to the typical Ultimate Werewolf experience. I see two main changes that have to take place.

1) The day sections should probably be longer than just 24 hours. After all, we want to live in the juicy world building and story-telling potential. If we are constantly shifting things, we don't get a chance to establish relationships and story beats. We can work out the specifics once we have a play-group, but my impulse is to say a day section can last 3 days for our purposes.

2) One thing that always bums me out about Ultimate Werewolf is that once you're're just out. And that's no fun (particularly for those killed so early). So I propose that those who die can still contribute to our storytelling. Perhaps they take on a new character, and while the new character should never affect the "game" itself (that is to say, it would be unfair for them to weigh in on werewolf matters because if they were killed by werewolves previously we can say "oh, we know they are telling the truth for certain!") they can still contribute to non-werewolf related stories in our small town. Plus, they can still talk werewolves (just as long as they don't try to contribute to  "solving" the game.)

But, if you guys have any better ideas on how to include players that have been eliminated, I would love to hear it! I love collaboration and any thoughts you all have on how to make this work in the best way it can, would be deeply appreciated.

One final note, since this site allows us to make things a bit more adult, I would like to encourage an erotic edge to the storytelling here. Just because I think the erotic is such an interesting storytelling tool that this site lets us use. I think we'd be foolish not to take advantage of it. Who hooks up with who in the middle of this whole werewolf thing, I'm dying to find out!

So if you are interested, let me know below. Either way, it's a pleasure to meet you all. Have a wonderful day!