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August 12, 2022, 09:53:45 pm

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Author Topic: Humanoids [M lf F, Monster]  (Read 671 times)

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Humanoids [M lf F, Monster]
« on: November 11, 2018, 08:22:59 pm »
Nobody knows exactly where they came from, maybe they were mutants from the pollution of humanity or maybe they've always been around. Maybe this is Man's Hubris coming back to roost, maybe they're just a path of Evolution that was always there but never really discovered just from sheer dumb luck. Never officially, anyway.

1954, The Amazon. A scientific expedition takes a turn when Kay Lawrence, the group's ichthyologist and the only female in the group, is kidnapped by what was described by the group as a Humanoid Fish creature. The group did manage to rescue Kay and wound the creature, and at the time she claimed the creature had only shown her it's nest, but later she admitted that she had lied about what had happen to preserve her career as a scientist. The creature had actually repeatedly raped her.

According to her private papers recovered after she died she had became pregnant from the rapes, gave birth to a set of male triplets, and tried to raise them in secret but they started to mutate and had all escaped out to Sea.

1980, Northern California. Kay Lawrence's sons reappear, fully grown and driven into a rampage. Settling near the fishing community of Noyo, the three Humanoids used shockingly complex tactics to terrorize the town. Collectively the three Fish-Men killed or wounded over 180 people, including raping and impregnating at least 40 local women before they were finally killed and the situation brought under control. In this case the resulting offspring were obvious Humanoids from birth and would burst from the wombs of their mothers, killing them in the process, if allowed to come to full term. While tragic, this did mean the situation was overall easier to contain.

Interestingly, analysis of the Aquatic Humanoids and the resulting offspring would reveal the presence of an illegal fish growth hormone used by a local fish-farm. The hyperaggression and violence shown by the Humanoids and their spawn in Noyo was actually atypical and induced by outside chemical contamination in the local water supply and in the diets of the local woman.

Which would explain Dr. Susan Drake's behavior. She had responded to Noyo, and admitting to one point having been cornered by a Humanoid but claimed she managed to fight off the creature and escape. Dr. Susan Drake wasn't native to Noyo and had a habit of drinking only bottled water, and according to her medical records she did give birth to a pair of fraternal twins in San Francisco General 9 months later, a boy and a girl. There was a theory that she'd actually been raped by a Humanoid, but not being contaminated by the fish growth hormone her twins would of been of the original, less aggressive form of the Humanoids. The twins do later vanish under mysterious circumstances...

In the Present, the Ocean Beach Resort. There's no confirmed sightings but there are rumors of a decidedly male Fish-Man that watches female sunbathers and swimmers from a distance, nicknamed the Ocean Beach Resort Gill-Man.

And according to the rumor the Ocean Beach Resort Gill-Man is starting to become more aggressive...

Hello. An idea that's smut-heavy but also a tribute to cheesy sexploitation horror movies of old. The basic concept being that "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" and "Humanoids from the Deep" actually happened and the creatures of both movies were of the same species (if mutated by a contaminant in the later case), and one of the latest generation of the creatures has gone into heat near a beach resort. Can be as hard or as light of NC as partner desires, obviously. PM/Post if you're interested and want to discuss it.
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