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February 27, 2021, 06:35:05 am

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Author Topic: Something a Little Different: GalDruid’s Non-Human RP Ideas  (Read 831 times)

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Something a Little Different: GalDruid’s Non-Human RP Ideas
« on: November 09, 2018, 01:42:20 pm »
Thanks for looking!

I've been debating posting this for a while, and finally decided to just go ahead and get over myself and put it up. Lately I've been looking to expand my writing horizons a little bit. A few images on some of E's art threads dedicated to nonhuman characters have caught my attention as of late, so I finally decided to put up a request thread revolving around exactly that. I'm looking for writers that are willing to play some of these roles along with a human or similarly nonhuman character of my own. As with all my stories, the gender of the person behind the screen is irrelevant, if you're willing to write a female (or feminine in situations where binary genders don't apply) character, I'd love to write with you!

When it comes to what I'm looking for, I'm still new to this, and tend to prefer more characters that still have relatively human bodies over things like 'taurs or ferals. Characters such as Nekos, kitsune, and a variety of monster characters hold more appeal for me over, say, the character design of Zootopia. (Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie, but a smut filled RP in it wouldn't be for me).

Examples of characters that would appeal to me
Big yes on this last one.
Characters that would be a harder sell for me

I'm arranging these ideas from the most plot heavy to the most smut heavy, and trying to keep them at least a little vague, because I like to leave room for my partners to have input as well.

Plot Focused Ideas...

The Second World - Post apocalyptic

Hundreds of years have passed since nuclear war nearly ripped the world in half. The effects of the war were long lasting, and only in the last few centuries was there even a hope to rebuild. The fallout had a permanent impact on the human race, who over the years had taken on more animalstic features. Society has rebuilt to essentially the dark ages, with small pockets of civilization spread across a wasteland reclaimed by nature. While most of the world relies on dark ages technology, every once in a while, something from the old world may get unearthed, and often, it upsets the balance of power in the new world when it does.

This is more a setting idea than a specific story, but I'd love to play a wanderer in such a world, and would love to build a story with someone in it. Perhaps out characters are just out there trying to survive together, or they're on a journey for their home city, or trying to keep a dangerous piece of old world tech from falling into the wrong hands, such an an oppressive empire made up of the remaining 'pureblood' humans. I'm open to lots of ideas here!

The Final Frontier -Sci-fi space fun

Would love to do something set in space, either with a mix of human, anthro, and other characters, or completely ditch the humans. I'm leaving this one a bit open for discussion since, just like in space, there's infinite directions we could go with it. Feel free to PM me so we can get to planning!

Talespin! I'm not looking to play the specific canon or any canon characters here, but I've always love the world of Disney's Talespin cartoon growing up. For those not familiar, as I remember it from my youth, Talespin takes place along a chain of tropical islands in a semi-modern setting, in which private couriers are the main way of getting goods and services around, relying on cargo planes, zeppelins, and other aircraft as these couriers. I'd love to play a courier much like Baloo from the series, dodging dangerous air pirates while delivering packages across the islands. We could play this as dark and serious as we like, or with a more humorous aspect, or even something smutty, depending on the types of packages our characters are running. It could be as serious as getting something important to the right people while dodging the totalitarian government and pirates, or a series of lower stakes deliveries in an effort to keep the business afloat. I'm super open to characters and ideas here!

The Tribute - Fantasy, Human X Monster

MC is a human knight or emissary, sent on a mission to appease a powerful dragon in the hopes of making an alliance with it to strengthen the kingdom. He approaches the dragon's den bearing gifts from the kingdom. He's under strict instruction to do what's needed to keep the kingdom on the dragon's good side and not offend her. He's caught by surprise when the dragon seems to believe that he is part of the tribute! (for this RP, I'm looking for the dragon to have more of a human or hybrid form for purposes of smut...)

Smut-focused ideas

We're not so bad - Fantasy, possible dub-con
MC has been trained his whole life by an order of paladin who took him in as a child. He's always been taught to hate monsters and to extinguish their evil wherever it's found, for the sake of humanity. As part of his final trial for true initiation, he's sent to a den of monsters to slay them. It's there that he discovers not all monsters are the vicious killing machines he was lead to believe. In fact, these monsters are quite loving...

You'll learn to love Me (Again!) - Fantasy or Urban Fantasy

YC is a young witch or woman. In one way or another, possibly a spell gone wrong, or a corrupted wish, they've been granted the power to change their form at will! However, they quickly discover their wish came at a price- they are unable to turn back into their human form, or maintain the same shape for more than a few hours (maybe 24 or less?). MC is their long term boyfriend or spouse. While they're in a loving relationship, MC is finding physical intimacy hard without YC's original form. They decide to try to learn to love sex again, one form at a time, until he's comfortable with whatever shape YC might take.

The Caretaker - MC is a collage-age young adult who'se scored a summer job taking care of an eccentric millionaire's menagerie of creatures. It sounds easy enough, keep them well groomed, happy, and fed. At least until he arrives for his first day on the job. He discovers the menagerie is far more exotic than he first expected, and he may have misunderstood what his new employer meant about keeping their appetites sated. Worst of all, it's mating season, and they're in heat.

This could go a few other ways as well; it could be the menagerie is actually a safe have for monster girls, and run by one as well, or if we wanted to take it into a longer story than just a string of smut, perhaps my character could eventually come to help the characters escape, depending on the setting. As with all my ideas, I'm open to your input!

Your ideas! Having something you want to run by me? Please feel free to PM me with ideas or links to your threads! The worst I can do is say no, after all!
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Re: Wanting to try something new; seeking anthros, dragons, non humans!
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2018, 12:30:31 pm »
11/12: added 2 new ideas